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10 Best and Worst Foods for Type II Diabetes

Diabetes can be an incredibly debilitating disease, but there are certain things that you can do to help control your diabetes (aside from insulin). One thing is to focus more on what you are putting in your mouth. 100 million people suffer from diabetes in the US alone, but there is still a huge lack of knowledge about the disease and what people can do to help themselves. This article aims to help educate you on the ten best and worst foods for type II diabetes.

1. Flax Seeds and French Fries

Flax seeds are one of the best foods to eat in order to control your diabetes. In fact, they are often called a diabetes super food. Simply consume one teaspoon a day and you will begin to notice a remarkable difference. They help to manage your blood sugar levels and keep blood glucose stable. This means that diabetics who regularly consume them will have less spikes throughout the day. Try adding them to your morning smoothie, or mixing them through a salad.

French fries, on the other hand, are definitely not a good idea for diabetics. Anything that’s super greasy or fried is not a great idea for someone who struggle with diabetes. These can cause rapid weight gain, which will then cause your blood sugar to be all over the place.

2. Cinnamon and Cereals

Cinnamon is another food that can work wonders for your health with just one teaspoon per day. It lowers serum glucose, and also helps to lower blood sugar after large meals. Try mixing it into your oatmeal, or stirring it through your coffee instead of sugar.

Many kinds of cereals contain a lot of added sugar. This, of course, will raise your blood sugar levels. It would definitely pay to start paying attention to the ingredients list on the back of your cereal box and choosing more natural options.

3. Tomatoes and Tea

Tomatoes are another food that have been dubbed a diabetes super food. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin A, are full of potassium, and contain powerful antioxidants. Throw a few of them on the tray with your roast chicken, or cook and blend them up into a tangy dressing for a salad.

Tea has many healing powers, but big brands can often trick us into consuming things that we don’t realize are mixed in. Regular tea bags that you boil at home are absolutely fine, but you do need to watch out for the bottled tea that you buy premade.

4. Yogurt and yogurt


Yoghurt can be a tricky food to navigate when you have diabetes. Plain, unsweetened Greek yoghurt can really help you to control your diabetes. It can slow and even prevent dangerous spikes in blood sugar. High calcium diets have even been found to reduce the risk of developing diabetes to begin with.

The tricky part comes in when you need to choose the right yogurt. Make sure that the yogurt you are buying says that it is plain and unsweetened. You can always add healthy flavoring at home, but buying flavored yoghurts can expose you to a lot more sugar than is healthy.

5. Beans and Biscuits

Beans are yet another diabetes superfood. It is suggested that you add beans to your meals a few times a week in order to reap the benefits. They contain a soluble fiber which improves gut health and helps to reduce insulin resistance. Try making a yummy bean burger, or add them to a curry.

Neither British nor American biscuits are good for your health. British biscuits, especially store-bought ones, are full of sugar. American biscuits are full of carbohydrates and fat, so it’s best to steer away from both kinds.

6. Spinach and Soda

As spinach is so rich in fiber, it is a really great food for diabetics to eat. The high fiber content means that it digests slower than other foods, which means that it doesn’t make your blood sugar go up as quickly. The soluble fiber also reduces the blood glucose levels and helps to control your diabetes. Try blending some frozen spinach into your smoothie bowls, or mixing it into a stew.

Soda is probably a fairly self-explanatory one. Most sodas contain more sugar than someone who doesn’t have diabetes should consume in a
day. Clearly this means that it is definitely not a good idea when you’re a diabetic.

7. Lentils and Lollypops

Just like spinach, lentils help to lower blood glucose with their soluble fiber. As well as this, they contain complex carbohydrates, which help to control your blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and appetite. Try making a yummy lentil pie or soup.

The issue with lollypops is, once again, quite obvious. Just like all other types of candy, they are far too high in sugar for diabetics. Try getting your sugar fix through small amounts of natural sugar in fruit.

8. Nuts and Noodles

Many nuts, especially walnuts and almonds, are great for diabetes. This is because they help to reduce high cholesterol. Nuts are great as every day snacks, and can also be sprinkled over a whole range of other foods.

Eating regular noodles is perfectly fine, but studies show that frequent consumption of instant noodles can lead to a higher risk of diabetes.

9. Grapefruit and Gluten Free Cake

Grapefruit helps to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. Try regularly drinking grapefruit juice, or freezing them in slices for a nice, cold snack.

Gluten free treats are often far denser than your usual treats. This is because the gluten protein is not there to provide elasticity. This means that they have more carbohydrates and are therefore worse for your diabetes.

10. Wild Salmon and White Bread


Salmon, like many other fishes, is great for people with diabetes. It contains omega-3, which helps to lower blood fats. Fry some salmon up in a pan, or make it into some yummy fish cakes.

White breads contain refined, white flour. This doesn’t contain any fiber, which causes blood sugar to rise. Your best bet is to stick to brown breads.

This is just a short list of foods that can help and hinder your diabetic journey. With a quick google you can find many more and really start to improve your life by relieving many of your symptoms.

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