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10 Tasty Foods for Faster Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t about committing yourself to eating boring foods. Research shows that it’s the people who stick to eating tasty but healthy foods who stand a
better chance of managing their weight. While not every food that’s tasty is healthy, there’s a good number of delicious foods that help to keep weight under
control. These foods are always available, yet you may have been overlooking them all the time you have been dieting. Here is a list of 10 tasty foods that help
you lose weight.

1. Eggs

Eggs, being rich in proteins, help to increase the bulk of your body muscles instead of stacking up on fat. The result is that your weight is kept under control,
and your body shape improves. The minerals contained in eggs such as zinc and the amino acids also help you lose weight by helping to increase the
metabolism rate. Eggs are also rich in calcium, a mineral that helps to quicken the rate of metabolism.

Eggs are not only delicious but easy to obtain. They can also stay for long without going bad, making them worth having in the house. You can eat them boiled,
scrambled or fried. However, avoid taking too many eggs on a regular basis and combine them with other foods.

2. Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes satiate you on less and make you remain feeling full for long. After a meal containing these tasty tubers, you won’t be needing to stack on
calories until many hours later. The yellow variety of sweet potatoes contains adequate amounts of beta-carotene, a form of vitamin A that further betters your health.

You can eat sweet potatoes as fries, boiled or baked. Mashed sweet potatoes added to soup also make for a tasty meal. Eating them in the morning as part of
your breakfast keeps you full for the most of the day preventing you from engaging in unhealthy snacking.

3. Avocado


Although avocado contains oil, it’s the healthy monounsaturated type of fat. Research shows that the fat in avocado helps to make you full on fewer calories
helping you to fight cravings for unhealthy snacks. This tasty fruit has been shown to reduce belly fat in particular. The fiber contained in this fruit also brings
about satiation for long periods of time and prevents cravings that could cause you to eat in between meals.

You can eat avocado sliced, or you can make it a substitute for butter and margarine in your meals especially breakfasts. It makes for healthy eating.

4. Chicken


Chicken contains quality protein that helps your body to become leaner by enhancing the growth of muscles. It also contains minerals like zinc which help to
increase the rate at which stored fat is broken down to release energy. Another mineral present in chicken is calcium which helps to increase the rate at which
stored fat is broken down by the body to give energy.

Eating a serving or two of child chicken every week keeps a check on your weight while ensuring you treat yourself to a delicious meal.

5. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter makes you feel satiated on less food, prompting you to stop eating and risking to increase your weight. The butter is rich in healthy
monounsaturated fats ensuring that you healthily lose weight. Peanut butter also contains proteins that help you to lose weight by promoting muscle growth.

6. Chia Seeds

These seeds are one of the tasty foods for weight loss. They are rich in fiber and healthy fats that help to bring satiation without having to eat too much. The
satiation prevents cravings and results in better weight management.

One good thing about chia seeds is that you can them to almost any food to give you a delicious meal.

7. Salmon


Fish, and especially salmon, are a great food to alternate with chicken for weight loss. Salmon is not only rich in proteins that promote muscle growth and
shedding of fat, but they also contain Omega 3 fatty acids that make fat cells to shrink.

Experts recommend one or two serving of salmon every week. You can have it at any time of the day and alongside almost any meal.

8. Bananas

Bananas are a healthy food with many health benefits. Among them is the satiating fiber that helps you to feel full on less, and for long. In terms of calories,
bananas are safe to eat since they contain fewer calories compared to other starch-containing foods. This wonder fruit and vegetable also contains a whole lot of
minerals that aid weight loss. Of notable amount is potassium, a mineral that helps your body to recover after a workout.

9. Yogurt


Yogurt is another tasty food that helps your body in many ways. It contains proteins that help to bulk out muscles and prevent a buildup of fat. The protein in
yogurt also helps to provide satiation from a small meal. With a full stomach, you’re unlikely to overeat. Yogurt also contains probiotics that help to improve
gut health for better digestion and increased metabolism. Being a dairy product, this tasty food contains high levels of calcium. Calcium helps with speeding up
metabolism in your body, burning body fat.

You can take plain yogurt or have it mixed with other foods. For yogurt to help you lose weight, you would need to avoid the sweetened type that contains
many calories.

10. Wholegrain Bread

Compared to white bread, wholegrain bread helps keep your weight in check. It contains fibre that keeps you satiated for less and for longer. It prevents you
from having sugar cravings that may cause you to snack before main meals. Wholegrain bread also contains fewer calories and is unlikely to lead to weight gain
if eaten in moderation.

Have whole bread alongside fruit for a breakfast that’s not only delicious but for weight control. Avoid too much of it though, and it could cause the opposite.

With these tasty foods for weight loss, you will shed weight in addition to enjoying your meals. You won’t lack the motivation to a diet that comes with meals
that don’t give you appetite. And, because dieting should not be a form of punishment, incorporating these foods into your meals would make following your
weight loss plan easier.

When buying these tasty foods, ensure you buy the ones that are organically grown. For meat and eggs always go for organic. You don’t want to achieve on one
front only to lose in another. Consuming foods from safely grown crops and safely reared animals helps you manage weight the healthy way.

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