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Diets can be too restricting and busy schedules may keep us from the gym.

Is there a way one can drop a few pounds without torturous diets of hours sweating away at a machine?

Are there ways to lose weight and actually keep it off?

Losing weight does not have to be hard.

It can be the result of little everyday things incorporated into your lifestyle that won’t leave you feeling deprived of the things you love.

Take a look at 10 tips to help you lose weight without exercising.

1. Learn how to cook.

When you understand how food is prepared, and you know the nutritious value of whatever you cook, you are more likely to make better, healthier choices.

Improving your cooking skills also equips you with knowledge on how to prepare meals with a variety of healthy ingredients and healthy food leads to weight loss.

If you do not feel confident about your skills, there are plenty of channels on YouTube that teaches you how to make healthier alternatives to your favorite junk food.

It also help you learn how to make quick healthy meals for you and your family.

Also, check out the food channels on your television.

2. Throw out sugary and carbonated drinks.

Sodas and everything with added sugar is a huge setback for anyone that is trying to lose weight.

On top of all the large number of calories they have, it does not make you full and you will have to eat more calories in order to stop feeling hungry.

Thus, making you consume more calories than the body needs.

Fruit juices have high sugar content too and are not any better.

So you might be wondering what to drink instead.

Water, tea, coffee are some of the other alternative beverages.

Some people may not really like water but there are plenty of ways to jazz it up and make it more palatable.

Add some fresh lime or ginger or mint.

Berries and lemons or cucumber are great options too and they contain very few calories.

3. Buy organic food.

A study has shown that the pesticides on plants are endocrine disruptors meaning that they get in the way of how the hormones in our bodies process food.

They can thus slow down one’s metabolism leading to weight gain.

4. Get enough sleep


People who do not get enough sleep mess up their hormones and it leads to weight gain.

Also, people who stay up longer tend to snack at night and that is when one’s body is less active.

The extra calories are not good for your waistline.

When we are asleep our bodies rejuvenate and heal and this process is vital for keeping our bodies healthy and aids in weight loss.

5. Snack on something healthy.

Snacking is not a bad idea if you keep it in moderation and healthy.

The mention of the word healthy might be a total put off but do not be quick to judge something you haven’t tried.

Switch up those cheese crackers for carrot sticks or almonds.

Try soy milk instead of full cream milk, indulge in a vegetable smoothie.

We all have weak spots, and there are different snacks that help curb different cravings.

Yes even for those with a sweet tooth.

There is always a healthier alternative to try.

It will all be worth it when you start to fit in those pants you last tried on 3 years ago.

6. Have an active lifestyle.

Is the gym not your idea of a good time, do all those skinny people laboring away at the treadmills only serve to irritate or discourage you rather than motivate or inspire you?

Then do not go there.

There are other alternatives to the gym that keep you healthy.

Walk your dog, take your kids to the park and throw around a Frisbee.

All these simple things increase blood flow around your body hence increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight in the long run.

7. Don’t skimp out on protein.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body.

They also aid in ensuring that the enzymes responsible for your metabolism are working properly.

They also give you enough energy to be more active which aids in weight loss.

Foods rich in protein also help you feel full for a longer time and also help control cravings.

Studies in obesity show that people who had eggs for breakfast instead of whole grain meals had fewer calories for lunch and even dinner compared to their counterparts who opted for a breakfast rich in grain.

8. Drink water.


Taking water, especially before you eat makes you feel full faster and therefore helping you drop some pounds.

Water is also loaded with minerals that improve your overall health.

It aids in digestion so you will not feel as bloated and improves circulation which improves metabolic processes in our bodies.

Water really is life.

9. Reduce food portions.

Need help with this?

Just get a smaller plate.

Bigger plates fool us into thinking that the food we have served is little.

Therefore we end up eating more than is necessary.

Even better, you can get a portion control plate.

This is a plate that is marked to show you how much portions you should put for the different food groups.

If you have trouble controlling your portions, this would be the best option for you.

10. Eat light meals in the evenings.

At night, you are not going to use that much energy.

Eating a light meal or salad in the evening gives your body enough time to digest everything that you had during the day without the strain of processing new food.

You will sleep more peacefully and we have already discussed the benefits of a good rest.

Try this method and your body will thank you for it.

This list does not exhaustively mention all the ways you can lose weight without much exercise.

Everyone has a method that they find easier for them than another.

Do not be afraid to experiment until you find a system that best suits you.

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