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There is nothing that beats the difficulty of trying to lose weight.

It’s even harder for people who face obesity challenges.

When you start the process, (losing weight is actually a process), it always seems like you’re losing weight pretty fast in the beginning.

However, it gets to a stage where the weight seems not to be falling off anymore.

This is a stage that is called a weight loss plateau.

It’s a pretty frustrating stage and to get out of it, you need really good strategies and proper planning.

The following are 10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau.


1. Perform regular and more intense exercises




According to science, the bodies metabolic rate reduces as you shed off weight.

As the body weight reduces together with the metabolic rate, it becomes really difficult to cut off more weight from the body.

High-intensity exercise sessions have been proven to shield the body against having a metabolic slowdown.

Some of these exercises are aerobics.

When the metabolic rates are kept high, fats are burned and therefore more weight is lost from the body.

Regular training also helps in muscle mass retention which directly influences the way your body burns calories.

Resistance training has been proven to be the number one exercise for the weight loss journey.

Therefore, by coming up with a proper exercise plan you can easily overcome a weight loss plateau.

2. Reduce the intake of carbs


Low carb diets are the most recommended diets for weight loss.

Based on research and science, it has been proven that people who prefer taking low carb diets or rather people who consume just a few grams of carbs in a day lose more compared to those who take the ordinary weight loss nutrition diets.

Low carb diet plans induce the feeling of fullness as well as reduce the hunger feeling.

This temps your body to produce ketones which significantly reduces appetite.

This leads to increased weight loss and within no time you’ll have run way past your weight loss plateau.

3. Increase protein intake


If your weight has come to a sudden stall, adding up on the number of proteins you take especially in mornings can help.

Proteins boost the metabolism rate higher than either fats or even carbs.

When metabolism is increased, fats are burned at quite a high rate (up to 30% increased rate) which definitely will fasten weight loss.

Proteins also stimulate the release of PYY hormones which gives you a full feeling that reduces appetite.

This greatly contributes to overcoming the weight loss plateau.

4. Be a good stress manager


Stress has been observed to halt the process of weight loss.

Having stress also tempts some people into emotional eating which promotes obesity.

This definitely means you can never get out of the weight loss plateau just in case you’re a victim.

It would be better if you enrolled in a proper stress management platform to help yourself manage the stress.

When stressed, always try muscle relaxation or deep breathing sessions.

You will be surprised by how many kilos you will lose just by being a good stress manager.


5. Intermittent Fasting


This is one of the most applied tips to push past a weight loss plateau.

By fasting, we don’t really mean that you starve yourself in the name of losing weight.

It simply means going for reasonable hours without taking a meal.

This, therefore, means you have to rotate around a meal-fasting circle.

Normally, the fasting period is about 16-48 hours.

This reduces calories intake which fastens weight loss.

It’s so efficient that within 3 weeks, your waist will start shrinking.

Wouldn’t that be good news?


6. Stay away from alcohol




Alcohol is very detrimental to weight loss plans and efforts.

Although an average one sitting drink of alcohol contains just a mere 100 calories, this can never justify its significance to weight loss.

We all know that alcohol impairs our judgment.

When you get drunk, you will most likely make a very poor food choice.

This will clearly be bringing you back to square one of your plan.

Alcohol also subdues the fat burning process which is the reason why most alcohol addicts have very big and flabby bellies.

This, of course, doesn’t look very good.

If you notice your weight loss has stalled, you better avoid the bottle or rather take controlled amounts.


7. Drink lots of coffee and water


This traditional beverage contains enormous amounts of caffeine that multiplies the body metabolism rates with up to 13%.

This may work perfectly in reversing a stall in weight loss. 

Drinking clean water can also help solve this problem.

This would work best if the water is taken some thirty minutes or so before having the meal.

It is written that on consuming half a liter of water before a meal boosts the metabolism rate of the body by around 25% for up to 1.5 hours.

This leads to increased rates of weight loss.


8. Get enough sleep daily



Sleep promotes emotional, physical and most importantly mental health.

When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it gains significant amounts of weight.

This is brought by alteration of hormone levels that chase away appetite.

The metabolic rate is also lowered which eventually brings about weight gain.

To overcome a weight loss plateau, get around hours of sleep in a day.


9. Distribute protein intake wisely throughout the day


For proteins, it’s not only the amount you take in the morning or the amount that you’ll have taken by the end of the day counts.

When you consume ample proteins throughout your day, metabolism is boosted which contributes to hastened weight loss.

If it’s possible, make sure you have proteins in almost every meal you take.


10. Be as active/busy as you can


By being active, it doesn’t mean that you have to work out.

Petty activities such as fidgeting can be of great help.

You would not believe it if I said fidgeting while standing would increase your metabolic rate to close to 94% compared to the same assuming a sitting position.

This increases rates of weight loss. I know this sounds really petty but it would be an important step of pushing past a weight loss plateau.




If you talk to everyone who is trying to lose weight, most of them will tell you that they have experienced weight stall in their journey.

A weight plateau can be very demotivating and in fact, if you’re not strong enough, you might just give up.

Luckily, I have prepared the above outline of 10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau just for you.

Try them out and remember not to give up!



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