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Healthy Smoothie Recipes

In case you are bored after eating some old salads for a long time, we will have a look at some 12 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes that look and taste amazing. You should comprehend that just because some drink has been labeled as a healthy smoothie, it does not actually imply that it is healthy. Various healthy smoothies have been loaded with fruits, juices & sweeteners and they do not help you in any way. We, therefore, sipped around in order to discover the best smoothie recipes.

These recipes usually pack some leafy greens, fruits & protein powder in order to provide you with fiber, iron & potassium. You are going cope up with hunger & also feel satisfied as you nourish the body with some anti-inflammatory ingredients. What you should have in order to begin is just a blender, where you get mixing & after that raise a glass towards good health.

To attain a good flavor and a nutrient-rich smoothie, avoid taking up some space with ice. You should rather use some frozen fruits or a portion of your fruit & keep that in your freezer for an instant access. It is also viable to add an extra kick with some powder proteins & vitamin mixes.Below are some of these recipes:

1. Spinach Orange Smoothie


Do you enjoy starting your day with some orange juice? This healthy smoothie recipe is creamy & thick and it utilizes fresh juice straight from your fruit. The citrus flavors might similarly offer you with an energy boost. You should, therefore, attempt to blend the recipe before you can head out of the door. Tip: Cut up your banana & later freeze it a night before. Avoid using ice.

Recipe: Spinach Orange Smoothie

2. Orange Kale Protein Juice


As you are aware, life is not easy. Why then should you be confronted with choosing between protein shake & juice? Having thirty grams of protein, pulverized kale & a fresh orange, it is possible to have all these with each smooth sip.

Recipe: Orange Kale Protein Juice

3. Blueberry Mint Smoothie


You should not be fooled by its purple color. The violet mixture is full of some delicious nutrients which are going to make the other healthy smoothies too green. The additional kick of flavor and color accompanies a full cup of some antioxidant-full blueberries, nutrient powerhouses which are an important vitamins source like vitamins K & C, fiber & manganese.

Recipe: Blueberry Mint Smoothie

4. Tofu Fruit Smoothies

This is just a perfect dairy-free alternative. The tofu is going to create some silky & filling drink having much protein. In case you are not a white grape juice fan, attempt utilizing pomegranate juice instead.

Recipe: Tofu Fruit Smoothies

5. Keto Smoothie Recipe

The ketogenic diet usually divides experts: some do agree that it’s the shortcut to having a brain that is fat-fueled, others do warn about its dangers. In case you have opted to involve yourself in that diet just ensure that you do not vilify foods in order to feast just on cheese – you should include the cherries also. This recipe explains how.

Recipe: Keto Smoothie Recipe

6. Apple and Oats Smoothie


If it becomes much hot for the oatmeal but you want to get some whole grains still, try with this emerald shake which has got a good amount of the raw rolled oats. Ensure to sprinkle on the homemade granola in case you want some additional crunch.

Recipe: Apple and Oats Smoothie

7. Ginger-Orange Smoothie


All you require are 5 ingredients for this healthy smoothie. Make sure that you blend the spinach & romaine initially after that ensure to add bananas, oranges & ginger. You are going to fill up on some ingredients that are rich in fiber in order to keep yourself full & energized.

Recipe: Ginger-Orange Smoothie

8. Raspberry Blackberry Smoothie


Tart berries just like raspberries & blackberries are going to kick-start your morning. Due to the seeds, it is recommended to allow your smoothie to mix for a longer time than normal, alternatively, you can still strain it. Topping your smoothie with some granola is going to make your weekend too lovely with this brunch appetizer. Not only does this smoothie taste great but it is also great thirst quencher and great for weight loss and dieting.

Recipe: Raspberry Blackberry Smoothie

9. Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie


Berry smoothies normally have a tendency of being uber sweet and you should, therefore, attempt this awesome and vibrant smoothie. Spinach will be included in this recipe in order to mix some sugary taste, and additionally raise the fiber content. One can eat it at breakfast in order to get a fast mood boost.

Recipe: Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie

10. Kale Pina-Covado

Taste some tropics & also get some veggies. The kale blend normally gets its sweetness from the pineapple & its creaminess from the avocado half. Healthy fats such as avocados are capable of keeping you satiated & are very important when it comes to weight loss. You can share your second serving with your friend, or even keep it in your fridge for a maximum of 2 days.

Recipe: Kale Pina-Covado

11. Avocado Citrus Smoothie


Have you looked for some ideas on avocado smoothies? Relax since this avocado blend, kiwi & the creamy almond milk is going to do everything for you. It is a very nutritious combo of some good fats & the tangy citrus flavors in a single healthy smoothie recipe.

Recipe: Avocado Citrus Smoothie

12. Vanilla Matcha Protein Smoothie

Matcha powder normally is much concentrated as compared to the regular green tea, therefore it packs 10 times more of antioxidants. Though it is much less bitter as compared to the green tea, less goes a long way once including it into any recipe. For this tasteful healthy smoothie, it normally takes very well to the banana’s creamy sweetness, the vanilla & the almond milk.

Recipe: Vanilla Matcha Protein Smoothie


Smoothies are just a perfect way of starting your day and to also consume some healthy ingredients. One can drink a healthy smoothie as a breakfast, in form of a snack, or they can also enjoy it like a dessert. Smoothies usually resemble the small black food dress. This one is meant for any occasion, any attitude, & all diet restrictions. They are similarly fast, simple, & can be prepared before time.

In case you wish to increase the nutrient intake & help fat loss using the natural ingredients, ensure to indulge yourself in a healthy smoothie recipe. However, when addicted to Nutribullet: mixing fruit & ice only is not going to make you satisfied at all. On the contrary, some breakfast smoothie that is healthy is supposed to be viewed just like some other meal during the day: ensure to add a healthy macros balance.

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