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Proven Weight Loss Tips

With today’s way of life, weight has become a problem for many people and that is why we included these weight loss tips. Factors like lousy eating behaviors and not exercising have contributed to many people gaining weight. People will sit all day in the office or front of a computer, and when they are through with the day’s work, they are left little or no time to exercise. Some will be tired, and the other means they find convenient for relaxing is sitting down and watching a movie. The cycle repeats itself daily and to make the matter worse, most of the foods they will be consuming are processed which contributes significantly to weight gain.

People are therefore looking for ways to lose that extra weight where most of them go for those diet pills that are all over the market which promise to offer excellent results. Contrary to the expectations of many, they end up spending huge sums of money on these pills and will not get any positive results.
If you are searching for means to lose that extra weight, search no more. There some ways that can help you get a healthy body in a natural way without costing you a lot. Below are 13 weight loss tips proven by Scientific Studies for a healthy lifestyle.

1. Drinking plenty of water

Water is life and can help maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that if you drink water particularly before meals, it can boost your metabolism by around 30 percent for 1-2 hours. This can help you in eating fewer calories and even burning more calories which can be useful for losing weight.

2. Avoiding Added Sugar


Added sugar is the number enemy nowadays for people seeking to lose weight. People are consuming too much of it which increase the risk of becoming obese and getting lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes type 2, among others. If you are keen on burning fat with these weight loss tips, you have to cut down the amount of added sugar you are consuming. Ensure you carefully read product labels since money has corrupted many where most manufacturers will call a food healthy, but it is loaded with lots of sugar.

3. Taking Spicy Foods


Spicy foods are rich in a compound called Capsaicin which can help in boosting your metabolism and reducing appetite. Overeating is a significant cause of gaining weight and eating spicy foods can help you to feel full until the next meal.

4. Never skip breakfast and simplify it.

Even if you do not have enough time, never skip breakfast. Taking breakfast will stimulate thermogenesis process which can boost your metabolism which makes you feel full throughout the day and cut the urge of taking snacks in between meals. This can be a boost to your efforts of losing weight. You should ensure your breakfast has high protein content which can have a low concentration of postprandial ghrelin compared to one with high carbs. This will also make you feel full for longer time.

5. Taking Green Tea


Green tea contains catechins, potent antioxidants which work synergistically with caffeine to facilitate burning of fat. This can help you in shedding off extra fat and plays an important role in weight loss, hence, the reason it was added to these weight loss tips.

6. Take more Fruits and Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are nutritious foods which contain high fiber content, few calories, and plenty of water. This gives them a low energy density, easy to chew and will keep you feeling full for longer. This makes them an excellent solution those seeking to lose weight.

7. Get enough sleep

Just like healthy eating and exercising plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy weight, sleep is also critical though many think little of it. Having enough sleep can help your brain avoid unhealthy behaviors like taking sugar foods and high-fat foods. This will help you burn fat, making this one the most important weight loss tips out there.

8. Eat whole foods

Whole foods are naturally filling which can help you in achieving your dream of losing weight. They take time to be processed which explains why you will feel full throughout the day. Besides being great for weight loss, they can keep you energized for a long time.

9. Keep track/ monitor your progress


If you want to achieve your dream of losing weight, then monitor your progress. This will make you stay motivated when you notice you have started getting positive changes. On the other hand, if you note you have are progressing, you will put more efforts to achieve your goal. There are many apps out there that can help you to monitor your progress.

10. Practice Aerobic Exercise

One of the best exercises that can help you to burn calories fast is cardio. The exercise can help you to lose fat around the belly or other fat that can accumulate on your organs.

11. Choose a diet you can adapt to for long

There are many programs in the market that promises to help you lose weight within weeks. However, what many people note is that they regain their weight after stopping using the programs. You should there opt for a diet that you can stick to for a long time to avoid doing zero work. Choose a diet that can suit you best regarding your lifestyle, budget, and personal preference to increase your chances of getting positive results.

12. Weightlifting


While striving to lose weight, most people experience the ill effect of losing muscles and slow metabolism. However, you can counter this by doing some resistance activity, and weight lifting fits best. It will maintain your metabolism high and help you retain your muscles.

13. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

Taking refined carbs can make you obese which is not what you are looking for. They can raise your blood sugar fast which can result in feeling hungry hence constant eating. This can make you gain weight. If you have to take carbs, go the ones that have their fiber content.


Losing weight requires effort and determination. If you are the weak hearted, you can give up along the way. However, if you persist, you will get a rewarding experience, and you will have a great body. The above 13 weight loss tips proven by Scientific Studies can help you stay a healthy and happier life. The good this is that they are practical which you can implement on your own.

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