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Yoga Poses and Stretching Exercises

Attaining flexibility is among the most commonly reported advantages of practicing some yoga poses. By flexibility though, we aren’t referring to one’s ability to do spectacular acts of contortion— although placing both feet behind the head can be a good trick, it is unlikely that it will get you to your goals. Below are 15-minute yoga stretching exercises and poses to improve flexibility for beginners:

The Standing Hamstring Stretch

• You are required to stand tall your feet being hip-width apart, the knees should be bent slightly and the arms should be by the sides.
• Breathe out bending forward at your hips, ensure to lower the head towards the floor as you keep the head, neck & the shoulders relaxed.
• Wrap the arms around the backs of your legs & hold anywhere for a period of forty-five seconds up to two minutes.
• Bend the knees & roll up once you are done.

Piriformis Stretch

Your piriformis muscle happens to be a deep and internal hip rotator that is situated on the outside of your butt. The main role that it plays is an external rotation. Since piriformis crosses your sciatic nerve, when it gets tight, it might result in some irritation of the sciatic nerve. Stretching the muscle, therefore, might prevent future sciatica, or even treat it. This serves as a great option as one of the many yoga poses.

• Sit down on the floor as your legs extend in front.
• Cross the right leg over the left one, & place the right foot flat on the floor.
• Place the right hand on the floor and behind the body.
• Place the left hand on the right quad or the left elbow on the right knee & press the right leg to your left while twisting the torso towards the right.
• In case the spinal rotation is bothering your back, just take it out & simply utilize the left hand in order to pull the right quad in & towards the left.

Lunge With Spinal Twist

This stretch is essential as one of the many yoga poses since it helps with the posture-related pains or for individuals who sit for a very long period of time. It also helps in opening the hips & improve the mobility of your thoracic (mid-back).

• Begin standing on your feet as they are together.
• Take a huge step forward using the left foot such that you get yourself in some staggered stance.
• Bend the left knee & drop into some lunge, maintaining the right leg behind you in a straight way with the toes firm on the ground. This will make you feel some kind of stretch in front of the right thigh.
• Place the right hand on the floor & twist the upper body towards the left while extending the left arm to the ceiling.
• Hold that way for thirty seconds to two minutes.
• Repeat that for the other side.

Triceps Stretch

• You are required to kneel, sit, or even stand tall as the feet spread hip-width apart as the arms extend overhead.
• Bend the right elbow & reach the right hand such that it touches your back’s top middle.
• Reach the left-hand overhead & grasp below the right elbow.
• Pull the right elbow down & towards the head.
• Switch arms & repeat.

Figure Four Stretch

This focuses on stretching the piriformis & iliopsoas muscles & the IT band. Due to this & the pose’s passive nature, it’s a perfect & a gentle means of relieving symptoms that are related to sciatica & knee pains.

• Lie on the back as your feet lay on the floor flat.
• Cross the left foot over the right quad.
• Lift the right leg from the floor. Grab onto your right leg’s back & gently pull the leg towards the chest.
• Once you feel a good and comfortable stretch, just hold there.
• Hold there for thirty seconds to two minutes.
• Switch your sides & repeat.

90/90 Stretch

This is a modification of the pigeon yoga pose and it helps with the internal rotation for one of your legs & external rotation of your other leg, therefore you will be hitting both movements of your hip all at the same time. It is a better option for individuals who have very tight hip flexors. Your front thigh rests safely on the floor in a manner which causes little stress.

• Sit as your right knee is bending at an angle of ninety degrees in front, calf perpendicularly to the body & your foot’s sole facing towards the left. Maintain the right foot flexed.
• Your leg should rest in a flat manner on the floor.
• Place the left knee on the left of the body, & bend your knee such that the foot is facing behind you. Maintain the left foot in a flexed manner.
• Keep the right butt cheek freely on the floor. Attempt moving your left cheek close to your floor. It might be impossible in case you are super tight.
• Hold there for thirty seconds to two minutes.
• Repeat for the other side.

Frog Stretch

Most people sit & cross the legs. This might lead to some tight hips & even result in some lower-back pain. The stretch usually targets the tight spots in your hips or groin & is especially critical for athletes. Yoga poses such as the frog stretch are essential before any given exercises.

• Begin with all fours.
• Slide the knees much wider than the shoulder-width apart.
• Turn the toes out & rest your feet’s inner edges flat on the ground.
• Shift the hips back towards the heels.
• Move starting with the hands to the forearms in order to attain a deeper stretch.
• Hold there for thirty seconds to two minutes.

Lunging Hip Flexor

• Kneel on the left knee. Place the right foot level on the floor keeping your knee bent.
• Lean forward as you stretch the left hip towards the floor.
• Squeeze the butt; this is going to permit you to stretch the hip flexor much more.
• Hold there for thirty seconds to two minutes.
• Switch the sides & repeat.

Yoga poses and stretches are among the best strength and flexibility gaining workouts that are available for starters. It incorporates learning how to lift the body weight & holding it for a long time. This is normally challenging for individuals who are not used to some kind of strength training, & you would be surprised to realize how fast you are going start getting stronger & noticing toning.

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