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7 Home Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity

Nobody wants to be fat and it also diminishes your self-confidence. Not only that, but obesity is one of the leading causes of death all over the world. Complications due to excess weight can lead to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancers. Of course, with the busy lives that we have today, going to the gym for two to three hours is not practical, especially after a demanding day at work. Still, there are some things that you can do to keep your weight down and, if ever, trim off excess fat one pound at a time.

With that, here are our 7 home remedies for weight loss and obesity.

Drinking Water


Water does not contain any calories, can help in removing toxins from the body, and it also helps in suppressing the appetite. Most of the time, hunger pangs that are help can be satisfied simply by drinking a glass of water. Plain water is also recommended as compared to sugary drinks like juices, sodas, or energy drinks as these contain lots of sugar or alternatives that are just as fattening.

You can spritz up your water intake by adding lemon for every liter, or you can drink it with green or black tea. Doing these will also double the benefits as they help in speeding up the metabolism.

Staying Active

You do not need to go to the gym in order to lose weight, but you do need to move around a bit. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of light activity a day, although extending it to 45 minutes to an hour will definitely help you shed more pounds. This can be done easily at home by walking the dog, cleaning up around the house, climbing up and down the stairs, or even moving furniture around.

Most smartphones now have built-in pedometers that can monitor your activity. Aim for 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day in order to see results.

Cook Your Own Meals

Opt to cook at home rather than to get take out or dine at fast food joints. Not only do restaurants and other food establishments serve large portions of food, but most of them are also filled with products that can hinder your weight loss goals. Cook meals that minimize the use of sugar, flour, salt, and unhealthy oils like butter and vegetable oil.

Instead, use olive or coconut oil, unprocessed meats, and other foods that are as close to the original source as possible. The less sodium, sugars, and additives in your food, the less toll it would have on your body. Cooking with cinnamon, chili peppers, fiber-rich foods like oats, and vegetables as they help in fat burning and digestion as well.

Watch What You Eat

Preparing healthy meals are all well and good, but watching just how much you eat is just as important.

Daily portions of carbs, proteins, and fats are necessary in order to control your weight. As a general rule, one cup of carbs such as rice and pasta, half a fist’s worth of proteins, and one tablespoon of fat is optimal along with a fist’s worth of fruits and vegetables.

Also, try to limit snacking by avoiding high-fat foods like fries and those with lots of sugars and additives like corn or potato chips. Carrot sticks, a handful of nuts, or yogurt can be great snack alternatives. Lastly, chew your food slowly before swallowing as this will better aid in digestion.

Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a type of diet lifestyle that is fast gaining popularity. If done correctly, it can slash your calorie intake by about a third. Intermittent fasting means that a person will not eat for a specific amount period of time, either for 16 hours a day, or 2 full days a week. This type of fasting is easily sustainable as compared to other diets that restrict the type of foods that you eat, and it has been proven to increase your body’s fat burning abilities as well as other short and long term health benefits.

Do Yoga


Yoga and other similar activities such as Pilates are non-invasive, relaxing, and can burn tons of fat within a short amount of time. Yoga is great for those that are not yet in good physical shape, and it also requires very little equipment and room space. Thirty minutes of yoga three times a week can help in improving your general health by burning calories and improving your range of motion. Similarly important is its positive impact on your mental health.

Get Enough Sleep

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. Get enough sleep to help your body recuperate from the daily stresses of life. Six to eight hours are recommended to qualify for a good sleep, although excessive sleeping may also negatively affect the body. Having the right amount of sleep every day helps you regulate your body’s hormones which have effects on your appetite. And yes, this includes weekends and holidays, too, so try to make it a daily ritual to sleep and wake at the right times.

With these 7 home remedies for weight loss and obesity, you can be on your way to improve your physical fitness by slowly shedding away those excess pounds. Of course, you can speed up the pace of your weight loss by going to the gym and doing a combination of cardio and resistance training. However, it is important to check if your body is up to an immediate change of routine. Check with your doctor if he can provide you with a fitness program that you can do comfortably and safely.

Being in shape is a requirement in order to live a long and comfortable life. Being fit means that you are less susceptible to many life-threatening diseases, and you would feel and look much better, too. Make it a point to slowly change your lifestyle so that you will be able to reap the benefits of a fit and healthy body.

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