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7 Powerful Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water.

Lemons are widely known to be one of the best fruits humans can consume, likewise it´s one of the most popular all around the globe. If we use a timeline, it goes back to ancient India and ancient China where this fruit was used as an ingredient of many home remedies. Even though nobody knows exactly where this tree came from; fortunately, we have preserved and spread this tree to the present days and we still have all
the benefits of this amazing fruit has to offer. However, we still have to learn some of its magical properties. Water is the universal solvent, it´s
capable of dissolving different substances and one of the most popular drinks throughout history has been lemon water. But why has this drink survived for centuries despite its sour flavor? Why people see it as a must in our daily diet? Why so many people suggest to drink it in different times of the day?

Well the truth is lemon water helps us to improve our health even just by drinking a single glass of it every day. If you do this, you will soon notice how your body´s functions improve. Here are some of the benefits you can get by drinking lemon water:

1. It boosts the immune system.

This is something you have probably heard about before. One of the most important vitamins that helps our immune system is vitamin C; lemons contain more than 41% of vitamin C. This is a gift from nature itself. Many nutritionists have claimed that 3 glasses of lemon water is
enough to provide the body with the daily amount of vitamin C it requires. In fact, one of the reasons people drink a glass of lemon water in the early morning it´s because of it; the body absorbs better vitamin C during the early morning, especially after 12 or more hours of fastening. According to Doctor Dolores Silvestre, it also helps to fight some kind of cancer and it helps to inhibit neuroinflammation. It´s also known to work against flues, colds and sore throats. 

2. It Burns Fat.


Lemons is one of the fruits that contains the highest amount of citric acid; an acid that is necessary for our body, but what does it work for? Well, citric acid is an antioxidant; it helps to burn fat. Some people drink lemon water while exercising in the morning as it helps to regulate and to get a high/fast metabolism; therefore, the fat burning process is considered to be a morning ritual for those who want to lose weight.

As citric acid works as an antioxidant, it helps to prevent aging, wrinkles and skin conditions and even to prevent Alzheimer or even Parkinson. 

3. It helps digestion.

One of the reasons we are able to process food it´s because our stomach is full of acid. Without the gastric acids, we wouldn´t be able to process all the delicious food we eat every day. 

The citric acid found in lemons is extremely useful for our body and it works just fine with the gastric acids, making the digestion process easier. Some studies have claimed that drinking lemon water after 7:00 pm may harm your stomach and cause gastric problems. As it is a diet complement the intake should be moderate

4. It helps blood pressure.

Another important element found in lemons is potassium. Without this mineral our body would work so well, because it helps the muscle tissue and transports nutrients and things we don´t need out of our body. In ancient China, warm water and lemon was used in the early mornings to treat blood pressure. It stimulates the Central Nervous System, 

5. It helps your kidneys and maintains pH balance 

Water lemon helps to prevent those painful kidney stones in those with deficit of urinary citrate. Citrate is one of the components of citric acid, and believe it or not, it makes urine less acidic. Drinking lemon water reduced the acidity in our body and make it alkaline, which is the kind of food and drinks our body needs to keep working properly. 

Water lemon also helps with dehydration, as lemon is too sour to drink it by itself, you must pour some water in it, and there you go really simple, isn´t it?

It is believed that lemon helps to improve the blood stream and it works as a depurative that means it helps to cleanse your body. 

As a natural diuretic, lemons can help you to urinate more so, it improves the renal function 

6. Improves Cardiovascular health


This one of the underrated aspects of this miraculous fruit. Heart diseases seem to be increasing every year in the United States due to our terrible diet and stressful way of life. This fruit is one of the possible answers to this terrible situation that has taken so many lives, if we just spend a little more on research and give it a chance we might find amazing results. 

Remember that his plant has antioxidants, right? Well, as antioxidants can take down the negative levels of toxins, potassium reduces mental stress and it helps to relax the heart muscles. That´s why it´s never a bad idea to drink a glass of water lemon every day.

7. It´s an antibacterial Agent.

One of the benefits you can obtain if you drink lemon water every day is that you will start healing faster over an influenza and fevers. It also helps against bacterial infections in the throat and it also promotes oral health. 

Many people don´t know this but, whenever you want your gum to stop bleeding or if you want to get rid of bad breath, drinking lemon water is the perfect solution.

So, we have used water lemon for centuries and we have given to it many uses. It seems to be that this fruit may also be considered an important medicine, despite the fact it is not as strong as what we may call a “real medicine”, it has an important role in our daily diet and
in our health. It keeps us hydrated, cleanses our body, contains important amounts of vitamin C, helps us to heal infections in our throat, help us to
improve our skin and our hair conditions, it is delicious, and hopefully, sooner or later, it might help us to fight heart diseases.

It doesn´t really matter if you drink it in the morning or in the afternoon; as long you as you drink it wisely every day, you will surely see the benefits and be thankful about it. 

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