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8 Best Yoga Poses For Fast Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most challenging procedures out there. It requires patience and consistency. As you age, your metabolism starts working slower, which is why the fat-burning process becomes more complex, hence impeding your weight loss plans. 

One of the most effective methods of losing weight is Yoga. Yoga gradually changes your lifestyle and gets you on the right track. There are a couple of yoga poses, also known as asanas, that have been scientifically proven to aid and escalate the weight loss process. Some of the 8 best yoga poses for fast weight loss shall be the focus of our article.


The bow pose is done by assuming a bow shape. It strengthens muscles of the entire body and improves posture. 

How To Do It

• Lie down on a floor mat by resting your stomach as well as forehead on it while keeping your palm high from the mat.

• Now, proceed to exhale as you start bending your knees to get the desired position of bow pose.

• Close the distance in between your heels.

• Try to hold your ankles, ensuring you do so slowly but steadily.

• Now inhale and begin lifting your chest as well as thighs off the mat by taking your heels far from each other and away from your butt.

• Place your lower back in a relaxing bow pose before moving your shoulder blades down and back.

• Keep on inhaling and exhaling slowly and take the start by releasing your ankles.

Targeted Areas

The bow pose targets your back, abs, arms, shoulders, chest, legs and hips. It is an effective yoga pose that makes weight loss process fast.

2. Downward-facing Dog


The Downward-facing dog relaxes muscles by releasing stress and anxiety. It is not only good for your physique but also for your mind.

How To Do It

• Place your hands and knees on the mat in such a way that your hands are right under the shoulders.

• Open your hands by spreading fingers and then stick them tightly on the mat before applying pressure on the mat using your hands.

• Now exhale by lifting the knees from the mat while at this time, keeping your pelvis high and ensuring it does not go downward.

• Push your butt towards the wall at your back and straighten your legs without bending your knees.

• Keep your posture in a relaxing position. Essentially, do not let yourself hurt your neck.

• Complete the session with a minimum of five breaths.

Targeted Areas

Downward-facing dog yoga poses targets areas of abs, shoulders, legs, upper back, and arms.

3. Chair Pose

The chair yoga pose is a standing posture that is very effective in toning your entire body especially thighs. It is a ferocious yoga pose.

How To Do It

• Place your feet on the mat little apart and raise your hands over your head right above the shoulders, all the while ensuring that your palms face each other, and inhale.

• Exhale, and push your butt back by bending your knees, just like you are sitting in a chair.

• Keep your torso slightly over thighs.

• The position of your shoulders will down towards your back.

• Try to complete the exhale and inhale breathing session for at least five times while making the chair pose.

Targeted Areas

Chair pose targets arms, thighs, hips, butts, and abs.

4. Plank arm-leg Lift

Plank arm-leg lift is a yoga pose that strengthens the entire core of your body. It is very effective for the gyration of the core.

How To Do It

• Engage yourself in a plank position and place your hands under the shoulders.

• Involve your abs by keeping your back straight flat.

• Lift your right leg and move your left arm in front of you. As you do this, your arm should be straight and parallel to your back and shoulders.

• Keep on inhaling and exhaling.

• It would be pretty enough for beginners to complete at least three breath sessions while holding the position.

• You can also try plank arm-leg lift by placing your feet little apart.

Targeted Areas

It focuses on your butt, upper back, and abs.

5. Boat Pose

The boat pose makes your muscles strong by improving your posture and flexibility.

How To Do It

• Sit on the mat and slowly lift your legs.

• Keep on inhaling and exhaling while keeping your back straight.

• Next, lift your chest by engaging your anterior torso.

• Place your arms straight and downward with the open palm and feel the pressure. It is all about balance.

• As this is like a “ V” shape yoga posture, make sure that your lifted legs will make 45-degree angle from the ground.

• Hold up the position for five breaths and release the pose by exhaling.

Targeted Areas

It focuses your shoulders, thighs, arms, back, and abs.

6. Chair-pose-with-a-twist:

The chair-pose-with a-twist benefits the yogies who wish to improve their spinal health by just twisting.

How To Do It

• Engage in a chair pose and close your hands such that your palms meet each other (a prayer position).

• Then take them down, parallel to your chest.

• Make your upper body twisted towards your right leg. By doing so, your left elbow will be upward just above your left thigh.

• Keep your position tight and firm, do not let yourself inclined to left or right.

• Keep on inhaling and exhaling.

• Complete at least five breathe sessions.

7. Warrior Pose


The warrior pose is the most effective anti-glutes yoga pose that fights with cellulite.

How To Do It

• Engage in a downward-facing dog pose an make a slow runner position by putting the right foot forward on the mat.

• Your left heel should be in outward position.

• Move your left hip forward as though you are about to run, by keeping the right one behind.

• Move your arms up and involve your abs and feel the pressure.

• Continue the deep inhaling and exhaling.

• Repeat it by switching your legs.

• Complete at least 5 breathe sessions.

Targeted Areas

It targets back, arms, shoulders, chest, hips, abs, butts, and legs.

8. Superman Pose

The superman pose is good for all weight watchers but it is super good, who face back problems.

How To Do It

• Lay down on the mat by keeping your face and stomach down to the mat.

• Keep your palms down in front of you as you are about to swim.

• Tightly engage your abs and butts by lifting legs and arms in the upward position.

• You will feel the entire body pressure on your pelvis and belly that are placed on the mat.

• Complete at least six to seven breathing sessions.

Targeted Areas

It targets abs, arms, butts, hamstrings, chest, shoulders, and back.

Yoga transforms your body beautifully and changes you from the inside out. Yoga poses start controlling your weight by working on three important areas: 
1. Your mind
2. Your soul 
3. Your Physique
First, it soothes your mind because an overactive mind cannot concentrate. Then it relaxes your soul through meditation and then fosters great harmony of mind and soul, ultimately preparing the body to lose weight.

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