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Eating healthy is the first step to getting healthy.

Another step is exercising regularly.

Everyone talks about weight management, but they do not talk about what to do about stopping the cravings for food.

Our bodies are designed to give us signals to tell us the status of our bodies as we progress through our day.

How do you control those signals in this busy, over-booked world?

Below are 8 handy all natural appetite suppressants to keep you feeling your best and put you back in control of your hunger.

1. Protein

Eating more protein and healthy fats is a way of reducing hunger and satisfying that growing stomach buy keeping it feeling full for hours.

This natural suppressant is a healthy alternative for weight management.

High-protein foods include, lean meat and eggs.

For people that do not eat meat, there are also beans, peas, soy products and Greek Yogurt.

Our bodies need protein to keep our bodies moving and healthy.

Protein nourishes the muscles and increases iron levels in the body which keep our brains and bodies functioning at their best.

2. Water


Water hydrates the body and keeps our organs working properly.

It also aids in digestion and will help us feel fuller because often a person is only dehydrated not hungry.

Drinking water and staying hydrated will calm the parts of our brain that tell us we are hungry.

Drinking a large glass of water before a meal will also leave a person feeling more satisfied after eating a smaller portion of food.

Drinking water throughout your day will reduce the cravings for food as the water is replacing he empty feeling in your stomach.

3. High Fiber Foods

Eating foods high in fiber will stop a person from feeling hungry longer because high fiber foods do not break down as fast during digestion.

This means that the food will stay in your stomach longer meaning your appetite will not resurface as fast as if you were eating quick food calories.

Good sources of fiber are whole grains, beans, apples, avocados, almonds, chia seeds and vegetables.

Eating more fiber will also be a healthy weight of consuming your daily calories.

Most people need at least 50 grams of fiber per day and most people don’t even consume half that number of fiber calories.

Fiber is good for controlling your hunger and helping the flora of your gut thrive.

4. Exercise

Exercise in itself is good for a healthy balanced life, but exercising before a meal is a great way to suppress your appetite.

Your body gets flooded with hormones when you exercise, especially high intensity workouts.

The hormone for hunger is suppressed because the body is focused on the workout that it just had and anything that needs to be done such as muscle repair or providing you with that lovely, post-exercise feeling.

Exercise also helps prevent the release of ghrelin which stimulates appetite.

If you exercise regularly then ghrelin will always be suppressed.

5. Tea

There are several teas on the market that will help with appetite suppressants and there are numerous reasons why they will work in varying ways.

In particular, a tea known as Yerba Maté tea is supposed to help with appetite suppressant.

Though ingesting teas of any sort will help as well as they are made with water, a natural appetite suppressant.

Green tea is another good tea to try if you are fighting off hunger pains.

The Catechins in green tea inhibits the rise of blood sugar and insulin which means your blood sugar stays more stable and you fight off the rise of your appetite.

6. Dark Chocolate


A good piece of chocolate helps a lot of people feel better.

In you must enjoy a piece of candy, reach for that dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has natural antioxidants and has that bitter sweet taste.

The reduced amount of sugar will also keep you from experiencing a sugar crash with the higher levels of cocoa.

By eating dark chocolate ghrelin gets suppressed.

Ghrelin is a hormone produced by the stomach which stimulates appetite.

Ghrelin is also known as the hunger hormone and dark chocolate is a way of suppressing it.

7. Ginger

Adding ginger to your foods has been shown to reduce hunger and increase the feeling of fullness in person who cook regularly with it.

Ginger is used as a digestive aid.

Ginger is good for cleansing the colon and helps with an upset stomach.

By adding ginger to your food you are increasing the pH of the stomach’s acid along with increasing the activity of your digestive enzymes.

The action reduces the acidity of your stomach and reduces gastric secretions which stimulate appetite cravings.

Ginger tea is a good appetite suppressant which because it combines two other items already listed in the article; tea and water.

8. Vegetables

Eat your vegetables.

Vegetables not only provide your body with a wide range of nutrients and n minerals, but they also can help you feel good about eating them.

Vegetables are high in vitamins which help your body get what it is really craving and you aren’t aware of.

They are also full of water which helps suppress appetite and helps you feel good about making a healthy eating choice.

Some good foods for snacking on, if you must snack, are carrots.

They can be purchased as they are or you can buy them pre-cut and ready to eat.

Vegetables are fiber and as listed above, increasing your fiber intake means controlling the environment of your gut and increasing your ability to control your own hunger.

A little extra tip: reduce your stress.

High levels of stress lead to compulsive eating because of the emotions associated with such stress.

Emotional anger or sadness affects your ability to control your appetite on your own.

Stress reduction will help in other areas of your life as well as controlling your appetite.

Getting proper sleep is an amazing tool for health and wellness that beats any energy drink on the market.

Tired people don’t make good food choices and it also means your body is not operating at its top levels for whatever you need to do in it.

If you need help selecting foods for natural body balance, please contact a nutritionist.

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