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8 Post-Gym Hygiene Habits You Should Never Skip

We go to the gym to sweat off the toxic chemicals in our bodies and try to achieve the form that we so desire. Every gym establishment has its own in-house existing rules. These rules are meant to ensure the guests enjoy their time there because working out is not such a fun endeavor. 

In case you have no idea, the most important part of going to the gym is right after the work-out session. For that reason alone this article will point out 8 post-gym hygiene habits you should never skip.

The eight tips are as followed:

1. Check out A Gym First Before Committing

A gym is a place you might go to become healthy and so it makes sense to seriously look at several options before choosing one. It is okay if you don’t choose the right gym for you right away because you can always cancel a subscription and move on to the next offer. 

Hygiene is the first item on the list of gym criterion. First, research online and make sure to visit the physical location personally. If hygiene is wanting, do not think twice and go find another one. 

It is better to choose a spotlessly clean gym that is expensive than to go to a cheaper and unhygienic place; that will eventually lead you to spend more on medical bills. 

2. Be Selfish

Remember that most gyms are visited by different people with various problems. One of the problems can be a communicable illness. The act of kindness in this situation might be one that you will later regret. 

When you share a sweaty towel is the same as purposefully smearing some else’s face with germs. When you refuse to share, it might rub others the wrong way but find comfort in knowing that you have saved both of you a trip to the hospital in the near future. 

It is fine to share gym equipment but when it comes to personal effects, keep them to yourself unless it is an emergency and someone’s life depends on it. Even in this situation trade carefully by observing hygiene protocols.

3. Always Carry Wet Shoes

A flip flop is an example of a wet shoe, something that you wear on your feet when you take a bath. It is recommended to head into a shower as soon as possible after a workout session. 

A gym workout is meant to make you sweat and then a shower cleans off the sweat from your skin. A shower is more efficient than a bath in a tub. This is because the water in the tub will become contaminated and the person taking a bath will carry some of the dirt with them as they arise from the tub. At the same time, a shower is more time efficient than a bathtub.

Wet shoes protect your feet from the diverse microbes lurking about on the gym shower floor. After making sure you have the proper showering shoes then jump into it.

4. Shower Right Away

As soon as you end the workout session think about hitting the waters and get rid of all that sweat. Taking a shower is essential because after the working out pressures your body, the water relaxes it. 

This can be compared to a metal rod, it expands when hot and gets back to shape when cool water is poured onto it. Many people prefer cold water after an intensive workout session and you should too. It makes you feel more relaxed as compared to hot water. However, this is all personal preference because the main goal is to get rid of the sweat. It is unhygienic. 

5. Clean Equipment

Sanitary wipes have become a cliche but make a habit of always having one wherever you go. The level of disease attach today is not as aggressive as it was sometime back. Back then people didn’t care much about hygiene and they easily got away with it. 

Today, a simple cold can result in life-threatening illness, the environmental pollution levels of our urban habitats are not helping the situation. A sanitary wipe is a first and basic defense against infections. 

Gym equipment is handled by many people and not many people stop to think about the hygiene of equipment handlebars in regards to how many people have used it before. The simple act of wiping the seat, the bars is more important than weight lifting. 

Of course at first other people will put you down for it but eventually, they will secretly admire you for the habit. In no time you will notice everyone in the whole gym walking around subconsciously with sanitary wipes.

6. Use Alternative Cleaning Agents

It is common for a gym to run out of soap and sometimes water. It becomes ironical when you bring your own soap and water but most gyms have policies against this improvisation.

In any case, always have an extra sanitizer that does not require water. Hand sanitizers are the most common among the non-water cleaning agents. This comes in handy when there is a water shortage or you are in a hurry and the water sinks are occupied. 

There are many cleaning solutions that are a more effective alternative to traditional soap and water. Some of the solutions contain antibacterial properties that ensure a near hundred percent protection from germs.

7. Clean Your Kit

Our gym clothes absorb a huge percentage of the sweat that we secrete. Therefore it is important to thoroughly clean your clothes after every workout gym session.

Using dirty clothes and towels from the last gym session is a sure way to attract infections. Clean gym clothes uplift our moods, essentially clean items contribute to our happiness.

8. Clean Hands

Always clean your hands, this cannot be emphasized more. Our hands can reach all parts of our bodies which means they can transfer germs to any parts of our bodies.

Healthy people are more conscious about how clean their hands are more than anything. People should especially be concerned about how clean their hands are after a gym workout session.

Wiping your hands with a cloth does not count as cleaning your hands. 

In conclusion

One more habit that is not mentioned above is to follow rules. All gym walls have some sort of warning or text on how people should conduct themselves. Cultivate a habit of following rules because this is the only key to mastering the other eight post-gym hygiene habits.

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