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9 Reasons the Keto Diet is NOT For You

The Ketogenic Diet popularly known as Keto diet is known to be one of the best ways to lose excess fats from the body. It has proven to work out for most people, but this doesn’t mean that it is meant for everyone. Before beginning the Keto diet, you should consult either your nutritional doctor or health practitioner on whether you are fit to be on a keto diet or not.

This will save you the impending health disaster waiting to happen as soon as you embark on the diet. Below are some of the 9 reasons that signify that keto diet is not for you.

1. If you are a pregnant mother

Pregnant mothers are often required to have enough calories both for their sake and the sake of their babies. This means that you cannot be on keto simply because the main aim of the diet is to reduce your calorie intake so that your body may undergo ketosis. You should make sure that you avoid the diet and continue your calorie intake. A normal weight woman is required to consume about 1,800 calories, and yet a ketogenic diet requires you to consume only 20g to 25g. This is little than the stipulated amount. It may thus end up causing problems with your pregnancy.

2. In case you have an eating disorder


When dealing with a ketogenic diet, one of the most important factors is to maintain your food quantities. This means that you will be on a strict diet which includes cutting out too many carbs as well as eating a specific amount of proteins. Your fat intake should also be monitored closely so that you don’t end up eating excess or fewer fats. The worst part about the keto diet if you have eating disorders is that you may end up eating more than you should thus increasing your weight or you may eat less than required and stop ketosis.

3. Once you discover you don’t eat meat.

If you know you don’t consume meat either because you are a vegetarian or a vegan, then you should not attempt keto diet. This is because you will have a problem along the way. Most foods in the ketogenic diet contain meat. This means that you will have to consume a lot of both red and white meat to survive ketosis and reduce weight. If you start excluding meat from your ketogenic diet, then you will be cutting off a huge part of the most important macronutrients needed for ketosis. This will start having an impact on your health after a while.

4. If you have a high insulin level in your body.

Every human body has two very vital hormones. This is the insulin hormone and the glucose hormone. It is important that you maintain their levels without compromise. This is why if you realize you have high insulin in your body, you should stay away from the Keto diet. A ketogenic diet will worsen your condition since it often raises the levels of insulin by minimizing that of glucose. High level of insulin often leads to obesity and other health diseases that can turn severe.

5. Once you discover you have low fats.

Having adequate fat in your body is very important for a number of processes. High fat rate, on the other hand, tends to increase your chances of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. You should thus make sure that you have the right amount of fats in your body before you begin your keto diet. Make sure you consult your medical doctor about your body’s fat rate and if it is low, keep off the keto diet.

6. Those who are used to high-intensity workout.


Exercising while on the keto diet is highly recommended. This is because you not only get to lose your weight but also shape your body. What is not recommended is getting involved in a high-intensity workout which requires too much energy. This will require you to let go of the diet for your body to be able to adjust and function optimally. 

7. Menstruating women.

The last thing your body needs while on a keto diet is stressful conditions. This is because they tend to cause either hormone imbalance or trigger a certain health problem. Menstruating women are categorized to be undergoing a stressful and normal biological process meaning that they are not required to be on a keto diet at any point of the process.

8. Individuals who have insomnia or sleeping problems.

One of the main requirements for your body to undergo ketosis is adequate rest which is mostly characterized by sleeping. This makes the body to work optimally while burning the excess fats. This means that if you have sleeping disorders, you will not be able to have enough rest during ketosis. This will end up reducing your chances of having safe ketosis and burning fats at a good rate. You should thus keep off the keto diet.

9. If you are breastfeeding.

Just like Pregnant women, lactating mothers also require all nutrients in the body for them to undergo a safe lactation period. Remember that the nutrients will be transferred to the baby via the milk and so if there are no adequate carbohydrates the baby might not have enough strength required to function optimally. A lactating mother should thus ensure that she maintains eating a balanced diet that doesn’t lack any nutrients especially any of the macros. Since the keto diet lacks carbohydrates, she should not have it.


As much as the ketogenic diet is one of the most effective ways of losing weight that is not harsh but natural, not everyone is cut out for it. The above groups of people have been known to be at risk if they undertake a keto diet. This is because their bodies are either undergoing a process that cannot handle the keto diet or are just generally don’t have the required components to allow them to initiate ketosis successfully. You are thus advised to check up with your medical doctor or fitness practitioners before you start a keto diet.

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