Diets can be too restricting and busy schedules may keep us from the gym.

Is there a way one can drop a few pounds without torturous diets of hours sweating away at a machine?

Are there ways to lose weight and actually keep it off?

Losing weight does not have to be hard.

It can be the result of little everyday things incorporated into your lifestyle that won’t leave you feeling deprived of the things you love.

Take a look at 10 tips to help you lose weight without exercising.

1. Learn how to cook.

When you understand how food is prepared, and you know the nutritious value of whatever you cook, you are more likely to make better, healthier choices.

Improving your cooking skills also equips you with knowledge on how to prepare meals with a variety of healthy ingredients and healthy food leads to weight loss.

If you do not feel confident about your skills, there are plenty of channels on YouTube that teaches you how to make healthier alternatives to your favorite junk food.

It also help you learn how to make quick healthy meals for you and your family.

Also, check out the food channels on your television.

2. Throw out sugary and carbonated drinks.

Sodas and everything with added sugar is a huge setback for anyone that is trying to lose weight.

On top of all the large number of calories they have, it does not make you full and you will have to eat more calories in order to stop feeling hungry.

Thus, making you consume more calories than the body needs.

Fruit juices have high sugar content too and are not any better.

So you might be wondering what to drink instead.

Water, tea, coffee are some of the other alternative beverages.

Some people may not really like water but there are plenty of ways to jazz it up and make it more palatable.

Add some fresh lime or ginger or mint.

Berries and lemons or cucumber are great options too and they contain very few calories.

3. Buy organic food.

A study has shown that the pesticides on plants are endocrine disruptors meaning that they get in the way of how the hormones in our bodies process food.

They can thus slow down one’s metabolism leading to weight gain.

4. Get enough sleep


People who do not get enough sleep mess up their hormones and it leads to weight gain.

Also, people who stay up longer tend to snack at night and that is when one’s body is less active.

The extra calories are not good for your waistline.

When we are asleep our bodies rejuvenate and heal and this process is vital for keeping our bodies healthy and aids in weight loss.

5. Snack on something healthy.

Snacking is not a bad idea if you keep it in moderation and healthy.

The mention of the word healthy might be a total put off but do not be quick to judge something you haven’t tried.

Switch up those cheese crackers for carrot sticks or almonds.

Try soy milk instead of full cream milk, indulge in a vegetable smoothie.

We all have weak spots, and there are different snacks that help curb different cravings.

Yes even for those with a sweet tooth.

There is always a healthier alternative to try.

It will all be worth it when you start to fit in those pants you last tried on 3 years ago.

6. Have an active lifestyle.

Is the gym not your idea of a good time, do all those skinny people laboring away at the treadmills only serve to irritate or discourage you rather than motivate or inspire you?

Then do not go there.

There are other alternatives to the gym that keep you healthy.

Walk your dog, take your kids to the park and throw around a Frisbee.

All these simple things increase blood flow around your body hence increasing your metabolism and helping you lose weight in the long run.

7. Don’t skimp out on protein.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body.

They also aid in ensuring that the enzymes responsible for your metabolism are working properly.

They also give you enough energy to be more active which aids in weight loss.

Foods rich in protein also help you feel full for a longer time and also help control cravings.

Studies in obesity show that people who had eggs for breakfast instead of whole grain meals had fewer calories for lunch and even dinner compared to their counterparts who opted for a breakfast rich in grain.

8. Drink water.


Taking water, especially before you eat makes you feel full faster and therefore helping you drop some pounds.

Water is also loaded with minerals that improve your overall health.

It aids in digestion so you will not feel as bloated and improves circulation which improves metabolic processes in our bodies.

Water really is life.

9. Reduce food portions.

Need help with this?

Just get a smaller plate.

Bigger plates fool us into thinking that the food we have served is little.

Therefore we end up eating more than is necessary.

Even better, you can get a portion control plate.

This is a plate that is marked to show you how much portions you should put for the different food groups.

If you have trouble controlling your portions, this would be the best option for you.

10. Eat light meals in the evenings.

At night, you are not going to use that much energy.

Eating a light meal or salad in the evening gives your body enough time to digest everything that you had during the day without the strain of processing new food.

You will sleep more peacefully and we have already discussed the benefits of a good rest.

Try this method and your body will thank you for it.

This list does not exhaustively mention all the ways you can lose weight without much exercise.

Everyone has a method that they find easier for them than another.

Do not be afraid to experiment until you find a system that best suits you.

8 Yoga Poses for Plus-Sized Women

8 Yoga Poses for Plus-Sized Women

8 Yoga Poses for Plus-Sized Women

For most plus-sized women, doing yoga is certainly not a walk-in-the-park, as it demands lots of determination and hard work to achieve the desired results. Some yoga poses can prove to be an uphill task to carry out simply due to lack of flexibility, especially for beginners. To help you out, here are the best 8 yoga poses for plus-sized women you should try out. Read on!

1. Standing Forward Half Pose

Before carrying out any other yoga pose, this one should be your starting point. Apart from stretching out your hamstrings, this pose also effectively warms you up for any other exercise of the day. With that being said, start by standing on both your feet at hip-width before slowly bending forward from the hips (not the waist). Next, try to reach for the floor while keeping your back straight. However, simply use a yoga block if reaching the floor becomes difficult. With a bit of time and extra practice, you’ll find yourself to be a master of this pose. In fact, you won’t even need the yoga block anymore.

2. Mountain Pose

For any beginner who has balance worries, added support – probably from a wall, can always come in handy. In fact, mountain pose is popularly known among most yogis to be the best beginner wall position, and is also perfect for improving steadiness and aligning posture. 
Start by standing with both your back and buttocks touching the wall. Just in front of you, choose a single still point to focus on, and then gently ease your triceps and shoulders back against the wall. With your elbows bent (preferably 90 degrees) steadily lift your arms up and flat against the wall. Finally, try squeezing your yoga block between your legs.

3. Downward Dog


It’s impossible to talk of any yoga routine without mentioning downward dog. Apart from being pretty easy to be carried out by overweight beginners, this pose is also great for strengthening the arms, shoulder, and legs. In fact, you’ll feel the effects almost instantly.

Begin by folding yourself forward and placing both hands on the ground. After this, steadily jump your feet back while ensuring your hips are in the air. Doing this should immediately make an upside down V-shape. Proceed to try and shift most of the weight back into your heals in order to reduce any wrist discomfort. This will also straighten both your arms and legs, which is the total body stretch we are looking for. 

For additional hamstring and calve stretch, alternate lifting both heals off the ground. You can carry out this pose for at least a minute while focusing on your breathing.

4. Cobra Pose

This is simply one of the best exercises you can do to stretch your back and shoulders. To begin with, lie down flat facing the floor on your belly, with both your legs stretched out. Proceed to gently press up your upper back and shoulders using your hands to ensure that both your legs and hips remain on the ground. While breathing throughout, slowly go up and down. Keep in mind that you have to breathe inward while going up and outward while going down.

5. Tree Pose

For something more challenging and much harder, tree pose is definitely a great one. However, tree pose will immensely improve your overall body balance. Quickly moving forward, begin by putting your hands together (at your heart) and your feet should be shoulder-width apart. Although you can carry out this pose with your arms stretched out up in the air, keeping them at your heart will greatly help you maintain balance.

Bend one of your knees, and using your hand, prop up one of your foot on the other standing leg. Always lean against something stable until you can find your own balance. You can now proceed to lift your hands straight up to the sky for an extra challenge. For even more challenging balance, try closing your eyes. Always remember to tighten your core muscles and keep your back straight, as this will greatly help you maintain stability.

6. Cat/Cow Pose


Commonly paired together, this great combination effectively improves your spine’s flexibility, while at the same time properly stretching your torso. Begin by standing on both your hands and knees. Make sure your hands and wrists are directly under the shoulders, whereas the knees are directly under the hips. 

While inhaling drop your stomach downwards towards the mat, while slowly lifting both your neck and chin to ensure you’re gazing at the ceiling. Be careful however to avoid straining your neck. When exhaling, try pulling your belly button towards the spine, while at the same time rounding your back also to the ceiling direction. Also, look downward without bringing the chin to the chest.

7. Chair Neck Stretch

When it comes to stretching out both your back muscles and spine, as well as working out your shoulders and neck, nothing comes close to neck stretches. In fact, you can even do it while sitting on a hard-backed chair. 
That said, find a chair to sit on, and bend both your right ear and right shoulder towards each other. As you lean, proceed to stretch your right arm downwards to the ground, and hold it there for a few seconds. At a regular pace, try to breathe deeply and then repeat the same in the left side while moving your chin toward your chest.

8. Camel Pose

For stretching out both your back and chest as well as eliminating back pain, this pose is simply magical. Start on your knees, with both your legs hip-width apart. Proceed to bend backward slightly and using your right hand, grab your ankle. After this, comfortably arch your back because the more you do this, the more you stretch your chest. Hold this pose and take a few breaths before returning to your starting position. You can repeat this procedure for a few more times.

Final Word

You see! Yoga can be pretty simple and straightforward, isn’t it? Implementing these 8 plus-size poses in your daily/weekly yoga routine is not only simple, but will also greatly improve your physical strength, flexibility, sleep, as well as calm your inner thoughts. However, never try to force a position if you feel that something hurts. Instead, modify it and exercise a bit of patience. Also, it’s crucial to consult your doctor before enrolling any exercise routine.

10 Best and Worst Foods for Type II Diabetes

10 Best and Worst Foods for Type II Diabetes

10 Best and Worst Foods for Type II Diabetes

Diabetes can be an incredibly debilitating disease, but there are certain things that you can do to help control your diabetes (aside from insulin). One thing is to focus more on what you are putting in your mouth. 100 million people suffer from diabetes in the US alone, but there is still a huge lack of knowledge about the disease and what people can do to help themselves. This article aims to help educate you on the ten best and worst foods for type II diabetes.

1. Flax Seeds and French Fries

Flax seeds are one of the best foods to eat in order to control your diabetes. In fact, they are often called a diabetes super food. Simply consume one teaspoon a day and you will begin to notice a remarkable difference. They help to manage your blood sugar levels and keep blood glucose stable. This means that diabetics who regularly consume them will have less spikes throughout the day. Try adding them to your morning smoothie, or mixing them through a salad.

French fries, on the other hand, are definitely not a good idea for diabetics. Anything that’s super greasy or fried is not a great idea for someone who struggle with diabetes. These can cause rapid weight gain, which will then cause your blood sugar to be all over the place.

2. Cinnamon and Cereals

Cinnamon is another food that can work wonders for your health with just one teaspoon per day. It lowers serum glucose, and also helps to lower blood sugar after large meals. Try mixing it into your oatmeal, or stirring it through your coffee instead of sugar.

Many kinds of cereals contain a lot of added sugar. This, of course, will raise your blood sugar levels. It would definitely pay to start paying attention to the ingredients list on the back of your cereal box and choosing more natural options.

3. Tomatoes and Tea

Tomatoes are another food that have been dubbed a diabetes super food. They are high in vitamin C and vitamin A, are full of potassium, and contain powerful antioxidants. Throw a few of them on the tray with your roast chicken, or cook and blend them up into a tangy dressing for a salad.

Tea has many healing powers, but big brands can often trick us into consuming things that we don’t realize are mixed in. Regular tea bags that you boil at home are absolutely fine, but you do need to watch out for the bottled tea that you buy premade.

4. Yogurt and yogurt


Yoghurt can be a tricky food to navigate when you have diabetes. Plain, unsweetened Greek yoghurt can really help you to control your diabetes. It can slow and even prevent dangerous spikes in blood sugar. High calcium diets have even been found to reduce the risk of developing diabetes to begin with.

The tricky part comes in when you need to choose the right yogurt. Make sure that the yogurt you are buying says that it is plain and unsweetened. You can always add healthy flavoring at home, but buying flavored yoghurts can expose you to a lot more sugar than is healthy.

5. Beans and Biscuits

Beans are yet another diabetes superfood. It is suggested that you add beans to your meals a few times a week in order to reap the benefits. They contain a soluble fiber which improves gut health and helps to reduce insulin resistance. Try making a yummy bean burger, or add them to a curry.

Neither British nor American biscuits are good for your health. British biscuits, especially store-bought ones, are full of sugar. American biscuits are full of carbohydrates and fat, so it’s best to steer away from both kinds.

6. Spinach and Soda

As spinach is so rich in fiber, it is a really great food for diabetics to eat. The high fiber content means that it digests slower than other foods, which means that it doesn’t make your blood sugar go up as quickly. The soluble fiber also reduces the blood glucose levels and helps to control your diabetes. Try blending some frozen spinach into your smoothie bowls, or mixing it into a stew.

Soda is probably a fairly self-explanatory one. Most sodas contain more sugar than someone who doesn’t have diabetes should consume in a
day. Clearly this means that it is definitely not a good idea when you’re a diabetic.

7. Lentils and Lollypops

Just like spinach, lentils help to lower blood glucose with their soluble fiber. As well as this, they contain complex carbohydrates, which help to control your blood glucose, cholesterol levels, and appetite. Try making a yummy lentil pie or soup.

The issue with lollypops is, once again, quite obvious. Just like all other types of candy, they are far too high in sugar for diabetics. Try getting your sugar fix through small amounts of natural sugar in fruit.

8. Nuts and Noodles

Many nuts, especially walnuts and almonds, are great for diabetes. This is because they help to reduce high cholesterol. Nuts are great as every day snacks, and can also be sprinkled over a whole range of other foods.

Eating regular noodles is perfectly fine, but studies show that frequent consumption of instant noodles can lead to a higher risk of diabetes.

9. Grapefruit and Gluten Free Cake

Grapefruit helps to reduce blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity. Try regularly drinking grapefruit juice, or freezing them in slices for a nice, cold snack.

Gluten free treats are often far denser than your usual treats. This is because the gluten protein is not there to provide elasticity. This means that they have more carbohydrates and are therefore worse for your diabetes.

10. Wild Salmon and White Bread


Salmon, like many other fishes, is great for people with diabetes. It contains omega-3, which helps to lower blood fats. Fry some salmon up in a pan, or make it into some yummy fish cakes.

White breads contain refined, white flour. This doesn’t contain any fiber, which causes blood sugar to rise. Your best bet is to stick to brown breads.

This is just a short list of foods that can help and hinder your diabetic journey. With a quick google you can find many more and really start to improve your life by relieving many of your symptoms.

How to Use Whey Protein For Weight Loss

How to Use Whey Protein For Weight Loss

How to Use Whey Protein For Weight Loss

Keeping a check on your weight is something that goes beyond the need to look good. Healthwise, it is an advisable thing to do. In the quest to lose weight, there are many products that one may come across to help in this journey. Although largely exercising is the main method that one can lose weight through, our day to day activities may not allow us much time to catch up with the gym. It is, therefore, necessary that we work on our diets to make the ultimate goal of weight loss come true. Whey protein can help with weight loss in the following ways.

1. It reduces your appetite


One of the most prominent reasons why whey protein is used by a lot of people looking to lose weight is because of its effect on one’s appetite. Once consumed either as a milkshake or in any other form that it may be available to you, this protein has the effect of making you cut down on your appetite bit by bit. 

Appetite is the number one reason for excessive weight gain in most people. Once the urge to eat comes, its only a few people that can compose themselves and be able to fight it. A change in appetite, however, is effective in helping someone lose weight. With reduced appetite, the intake of food reduces. The effect of this may not be felt immediately, but with time, the body adjusts to consuming less food and the weight loss journey kicks in full gear. 

An untamed appetite is born of cravings that we have most times. What the whey protein does is it helps you cut down on this craving. That mid-day snack that gets you running to the fridge at home or the vending machine at work. The whey protein has been proven through studies to help cut down cravings by at least 60% if taken regularly. This is a big win and a positive step forward for anyone looking for ways to lose weight. 

2. It Boosts Your Metabolism

One of the most effective ways of how to use whey protein for weight loss is taking it to boost your body’s rate of metabolism. Body metabolism is one of the most trusted processes that can help you lose weight. This is because, through body metabolism, the body gets to burn calories. This therefore means that an increased rate of metabolism will effectively help you burn more calories and lose weight faster in the long run.

A high protein diet also helps you to build up muscle. Muscles are very effective in boosting the body’s rate of metabolism, and that contributes positively to your weight loss efforts. Whey protein is known to be effective in helping one gain muscles without adding on a single pound to their weight. It is, therefore, a good alternative to going to the gym to lift weights to gain muscles. Additionally, the burning of calories that is induced by the intake of whey protein helps one to avoid other vigorous exercises such as running. 

3. It helps Prevent Weight Regain

The fear of most people when they embark on a weight loss program and they follow it through to the end is that they will regain the weight after some time. With regular intake of whey protein, however, this is not a worry that you are supposed to care about. The effect of whey protein on your appetite and the body rate of metabolism guards against any possible weight regain.

This helps to give you the peace of mind that you will not get back to having weight issues after you have worked so hard to lose it. Most people who lose weight regain the same after a while because of using ineffective products or through poor eating habits especially untamed appetite. With whey protein as part of your diet, however, you are guaranteed that you will not have incidences of such a fallback that will render all your efforts null. 

4. A Healthy Alternative to Supplements and Steroids

Like I had mentioned when we started, for most people, weight loss has everything to do with going to the gym and sweating. For such people, the use of steroids and supplements to help them in their muscle gain process and weight loss is always an open option. However, these products can have serious side effects if not taken under a doctor’s prescription.

These products also, being hormones, may tamper with a person’s health and immune system in the long run. As thus, it is important to avoid the use of such products or if possible, use them under clear guidance. This ensures that nothing goes wrong when they are consumed. 

A safe alternative to all this, however, is whey protein, which is a naturally occurring product. It is a by-product of cheese processing and therefore unless one has an allergy that does not allow him or her to take animal products, it is perfectly safe. Whey protein is also relatively cheaper compared to other weight loss products that may be used in the same category. 

5. It is Effective in Losing Belly Fat


Whey protein is very effective in helping you get rid of fat around your belly. Excess fats in the body and especially around the belly are the main cause of excess weight problems. Taking whey protein regularly, however, helps to get rid of this belly fat and eventually it also helps in weight loss. Aside from just the weight loss effect, losing belly fat helps you look great. The confidence boost can go a long way in helping you in your weight loss journey. 

Losing weight is easy through regular intake of nutritious food that is low on fats and carbons but has plenty of proteins. Whey protein is a great addition to any diet for someone that is looking to lose weight. This protein is recommended for its great nutritional value as well as zero side effects and the ability to prevent weight regain in the future.

8 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

8 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

8 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that eight in every ten people experiences back pain at one point in their lives. This number is a huge one and demonstrates the extent of back pain in our society. Additionally, back pains are the leading cause of disability globally. That is a saddening fact but one that shows how important it is to do exercises that improve the health of your back. Yoga is known to be effective in alleviating back pain. The following are some eight yoga postures that experts recommend to combat back pain. 

1. The Cow Pose


To start us off on our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief is the cow pose. In this pose, you will have to get down on all fours. Ensure that you align your hips and knees at the same angle and do the same for your elbows, shoulders and wrists. Allow your belly to sink down without holding it in to allow better flow of air. You will then need to centre your head, and then slowly move it up from facing down and face straight. Stay in this position while taking in deep breaths till you feel the stretch. 

2. The Child’s Pose

This is the most common pose among all the 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief. It is targeted at stretching the muscles of the back torso to relieve back pain. To get into this position, ease on your fours and then spread the knees apart while ensuring the big toes touch each other. Then rest your bum on your heels and allow your torso to rests on your thighs. Once you have gotten into this position, next up is to bow down and touch the ground with your forehead. Draw your hands back to be side by side with your heels. Keep in this position for a minute.

3. The Forward Fold Half Way Pose

To get into this amazing pose, inhale and lift your breastbone. Stand on your mat with your legs apart and your hands to your waist. Slowly arch forward and gently go further down till your fingertips are in contact with the mat. Once you have touched the mat, hold for a while then lift your hands and place them on your shin then lift halfway up. Hold the position for a while then exhale as you rise up slowly to stand straight.

4. The Low Plank Pose


This pose makes it into our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain for its effectiveness in strengthening all the back muscles. This helps makes the back stronger and relieves pain. This pose can be achieved by first lying down flat on your tummy. Bring your hands together in a clasp straight below your face. Lift up your body with just your toes and supporting it on your shoulders. Pull your navel back in and press your thighs tight together. Doing this pose yields the best results if continued for at least forty-five seconds.

5. The Bridge Pose

Start off by lying flat on your back on a mat. Align your hands such that they are by the side of your thighs. Lift up your knees and spread them a little almost the width of your hip. Let your hands touch your heels on either side and then slowly lift your back, hips and chest. Hold in this position for half a minute and then lower your body back to the mat. This pose is most effective for the health of the spine. It helps to stretch it out and in the process relieving you of any back pain.

6. The Seated Foward Fold

Also known as the paschimottanasana, this is a long and effective stretch of the hamstring that is meant to bring relief to any back pain you may have. It is focused on the lower back mainly. For this pose, sit straight on your mat and spread out your legs full length in front of you. Inhale and lean forward to reach your big toes. Get to your toes and grab them tight while extending the stretch. Start exhaling slowly and hold this position for another 30 seconds. Release when you feel a tingle in your hamstring.

7. The Low Cobra Pose

This pose imitates the posture of a cobra when attacking hence the name. It is among the 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief because of its effectiveness at decreasing stiffness in your back. To get into this post, lie down flat on your tummy and draw your hands back to the length of your diaphragm. Ensure the fingers are pointing to the front. Use your toes to raise your heel slightly, and then spread your legs apart a few inches. Slowly lift your chest with your hands and lift your head up and look straight ahead. Ensure your thighs are pressed down tightly on the mat and your shoulders are drawn back a little.

8. The Supine Twist Pose

Wrapping up our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief is the supine twist pose. This yoga pose is most effective for people who sit behind a desk the entire day. It is helpful in realigning the spine. To get into this pose, lie on the mat on your back and then spread out your hands to make a T. Bend your left knee and then place the left foot on your right knee. Drop the folded left knee to the right side of the body and in the process twist your spine and lower back. All this while, ensure that your shoulders remain flat on the floor. Breath in and out about eight times and then do the same on the other side of the body.

Done regularly, the above eight yoga poses will go a long way in helping you get rid of that persistent back pain you experience. However, if you are already receiving treatment for back pain, consult with your chiropractor to know whether it is safe for you to do yoga exercises.

How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

How to Lose Weight if You Weigh 200 lbs or More

It’s not easy losing weight once you reach 200lbs and above.

Men and women of all ages struggle with it.

The internet is saturated with articles about losing weight, but it’s still a huge problem for a lot of people.


But before we get into details of some of the best proven methods of getting well below 200 lbs, let’s first talk about what is perhaps the biggest problem that most people trying to lose weight have.

Quitting when things get hard


Everyone feels it, the urge to just give up, after all, you are not the first to gain weight.

“The world is full of fat people,” they tell themselves.

But everyone is not the same.

Most people will brag about how easy it was for them to lose weight, but when you try using their method nothing changes or worse, you gain instead of losing.

You need to understand that losing weight doesn’t work the same for everyone.

Accept yourself.

It’ll be incredibly easy for anyone to break your spirit if you don’t work on your self-esteem and accept who you are.

It’ll take time – just like everything else good in life, it won’t happen overnight.

The easy way is rarely the healthy way.

Now that I have you in the right mindset let’s look at 5 ways to lose weight if you weigh 200 lbs or more.

1. Eat healthy foods

Stay away from pizza and hamburgers if you want to lose weight.

Also, not all fruits and vegetables are good for you.

Here are some tips to help you eat healthy.

• Be careful when it comes to carbs

First, you need to know what carbs are good for you and which aren’t because this will determine whether it’s helping or damaging you.

There are two types of carbs: Dietary fiber and sugars.

Your body needs fiber to effectively digest and process the foods we eat but sugars, on the other hand, you should try to avoid like a plague.

Your body converts and stores sugars into fat.

If a food, for example, has high sugars and low dietary fiber, then that’s not good for you.

Low carbs food will not only be effective in losing weight, but they are also good for your health.

Here is a list of low carbs food for your diet.

· Vegetables – Spinach, carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower.

· Fruits – blueberries, apples, pears, oranges, strawberries

· Nuts and seeds – sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, etc

• Proteins


You should only eat unprocessed meat.

Processed meat is any meat that has been preserved by salting, canning, curing, smoking, and drying.

The meat you eat should always be fresh.

If you want to preserve the meat then deep freeze it.

Processed meat is associated with a lot of chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and bowel and stomach cancer.

After you have switched over to low carbs diet your body will need another source of energy and this is where proteins come in.

Your body will switch over to effectively burn stored fats in your body, as long as you keep a low carb diet.

Here comes the tricky part.

Eating too many proteins will force your body to convert the excess to glucose and will be stored as fat.

However, eating too little will cause you to lose muscle mass.

Always maintain a moderate intake of proteins to avoid the dangers of both extremes.

2. Work on your emotions

It’s important to understand that we all have an emotional attachment to food that begins at childhood and this attachment need to be taken care of.

Feelings of depression, anxiety, and stress will make you look towards food as a source of consolation even when you are on a weight loss program.

3. Hormones are the main culprit, not calories

When it comes to gaining weight most people put most of the blame on calories and carbs and fail to realize it’s the hormones that deserve most of the blame.

For example, the hormone leptin is supposed to let your brain know that you are full and regulate body weight, but it can sometimes work against you.

For most people who are 200lbs and above it’s quite probable that your body has developed leptin resistance.

This is caused by high levels of leptin produced by fat cells that your brain just learns to ignore them.

When leptin signals fail to work, your brain encourages intake of more food and reduces energy expenditure because it thinks you are starving.

Here are some tips on how you can fix your hormones and lose weight:

Hormone – balancing diet – Eat foods that are high in fiber, good fats and low on sugars will help in balancing your hormones.

Stop drinking – alcohol causes hormone imbalance by limiting the functions of the liver and kidney.

Bulk up on vitamins and fiber – vitamin C, Magnesium Citrate, flax seeds, and high fiber foods will help in regulating your hormones.

4. Exercise the right way


You can run, jump, lift weight and visit gyms everywhere but it would still not make a difference in your weight.

At 200 lbs and above there are exercises that will cause more harm than good to your body like joint pains.

Get yourself a fitness expert to help you determine what activities are best for you at your current weight.

5. Drink lots of water

Water is what makes up most of our bodies.

And drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day will help you reduce weight.

Water is 100% calories free and it helps in suppressing cravings and appetite as well as burning calories.

A study was done on overweight children and it found a 25% increase in resting energy expenditure (calories burn) after drinking cold water.

Drinking water before a meal is also a great way to reduce appetite.

Love and support

Embarking on a weight loss journey alone is the worst thing you can do.

You need your friends and family when things get hard, and believe me, they will.

They are a crucial part of your weight loss success because trying to lose weight with no emotional support is really difficult to do.