7 Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

7 Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

7 Best Cardio Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

When we talk about losing weight and exercise to burn fat, cardio is the first thing that everyone thinks of. Doing cardio on a regular basis not only helps us lose weight and keep obesity and its related problems at bay, but it also facilitates a healthy lifestyle, increases our lung capacity and substantially improves our cardiovascular system.

But we talk about cardio and everybody thinks about running , when there are thousands of different activities that fulfill the same function and that can even be much more beneficial than going for a run. That is why we bring you the following 7 best cardio workouts to lose weight fast, so that you have to choose the one you like the most and adapt to your needs.

How to do cardio to lose weight


There are a number of aspects that you should keep in mind when doing cardio to lose weight. Often it is not so important the time that you dedicate to the exercise but the quality of this, with the tips that we will give you then you will be able to maximize all your work, obtaining much better results in less time.

Work with intensity peaks

One of the ways to do cardio to lose weight is to include high intensity peaks in your exercise. What does this mean? Well, if, for example, you start running, you should not do the whole race with the same rhythm. If you play with intensity peaks and breaks, you will be able to activate the metabolism much more, making it continue to burn fat even after you have left the exercise.

It is not about reaching the maximum, but increasing the load up to 70% or 80% of your maximum capacity, accelerating the pace or training in an inclined area. This is what we call HIIT training , a very effective method that in recent times is gaining many followers.

Here is a list of cardio exercises at home or in the cardio gym that are very effective! Ready?

1. Running / Treadmill:

Running outdoors or with a treadmill are very popular cardiovascular activities.

Usage tips:

Be careful to lean forward slightly when running and not standing straight, you may develop back pain fairly quickly.

In addition, this cardio training exercise really requires investing in good running shoes.

Benefits of jogging:

• Running outside does not require any particular equipment , except for good and adapted sneakers
• The running will make you spend about 800 calories / hour (this will depend on your pace of course). This good expense is due in particular to the fact that you have slenderness when you run that you do not find out about the other cardio exercises at home mentioned.
• Such a cardio exercise at home will strengthen your cartilage, strengthen your ligaments and prevent osteoporosis by strengthening your bones.
• Obviously in terms of your health, a cardio-running training will reduce blood pressure; improve your heart system, your vision (reducing the risk of cataracts).
• On a treadmill, this cardio exercise at home offers you different types of interesting programs and the BIG Advantage is that you can really manage your heart rate if you have to prepare for a performance.
• Doing this cardio exercise on treadmills will be less traumatic for your tendons and joints.


• Practical side if you use a carpet. Although some mats can now fold.
• You MUST ABSOLUTELY have good running sneakers to practice this cardio workout.
• Unlike the elliptical trainer, it does not overwork the upper part (apart from solicitation of the abs).

2. The elliptical bike:

The elliptical trainer is one of the most effective cardio equipment for exercising. You can find it in gyms or cardio sports clubs, or get one at home.

This cardio-training device allows you to work the lower and upper limbs of your body. The pedals allow you to work your lower limbs and mobile wrists, will allow you to work your upper limbs.

• Usage tips:

When riding an elliptical trainer, step on the lowest pedal and make sure both feet are positioned on both pedals. To avoid possible accidents such as falling, keep your foot on the pedals and have a straight and fixed posture.

Know that you can change the speed of execution and resistance of the device.

Advantages of the elliptical bike:

The elliptical trainer has several advantages especially if you want to lose weight.

• First of all, it is a very nice fitness equipment and easy to handle.
• The elliptical trainer will make you spend about 700-800 Calories / hour. Of course this will depend on your intensity of effort and weight.
• It can be used by beginners, but also by people already experienced (because the difficulties are adjustable: possibility of adjustment of the brake).
• It is not dangerous for joints and shocks are very rare. It is also a very good practice if you have osteoarthritis.
• It allows to work 80% of the muscles of our body such as the thighs, gluts, calves, heart, arms, shoulders, abdominals and back. Of course, on some muscles like the pecs, the solicitation is weak.
• By having almost all the muscles in your body work, the elliptical trainer helps you to burn calories and also minimizes cardiovascular disease.
• Thanks to its on-board computer, this cardio exercise at home can only be fun and motivating.


• Its price is a bit high if you are looking for quality.
• Exercise can become monotonous, but it can be solved by punctuating your exercises with music.
• Finally, the elliptical bike needs space if you want a bike at home.
• If you abuse exercise, it can cause lower back pain.

So if you need to tone your whole body with cardio from home, it’s a good alternative!

3. The Rower:

The rower is another effective cardio device to lose weight and burn fat. Like the elliptical trainer, the rower also works 80% of the muscle groups in your body.

With the rower, you have a pretty complete training.

• Usage tips:

If you are using the rower for the first time, ask your coach or coach for a demonstration.
Stand with your back straight and avoid leaning too far forward when you bring your wrists back after the draw.

To begin, push on the legs and then pull with your arms until your shoulder blades are tight.

The advantages of the rower:

• The rower is an ideal tool to lose weight and get in shape by burning calories. This cardio exercise allows expenditure between 500 and 700 Calories / hour according to your rhythm.
• It activates almost every muscle in your body such as the shoulders, arms, back, chest, abdominals, thighs, calves, front and back of the legs and finally your heart.
• He requires a lot of muscle group. Almost as much as the elliptical bike.
• Like the elliptical trainer, the rower reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.
• No worries for your joints with the rower.

4. The Stepper:

The stepper allows you to work especially the lower limbs of your body such as glutes and quads.

• Usage tips:

As for other devices, having a straight posture is always a requirement in the use of the device. Also make sure your feet are flat on the pedals.
It is smarter to begin the exercise gradually and to go slowly to avoid the risk of accident. When you feel that training becomes easier, you can increase the level of your exercise.

Advantages of the stepper:

• The stepper inclines especially in the work of the lower limbs and it helps to tone and strengthen your glutes. The stepper makes the following muscles work: the glutes, the ischion-jambs, the quadriceps, the calves and the heart.
• Since the stepper has a smaller size (the mini stepper), it does not require much space for its use. Very convenient!
• Despite the small stepper movement, which is other than climbing stairs, it will still make you spend more or less 500 calories per hour of practice.
• Very interesting to practice a cardio exercise at home in front of your TV for example.

Disadvantages of the stepper:

• Hard enough to keep up the pace when first used.
• Do not develop your stamina tremendously.

5. The stationary bike

The stationary bike is also a home-made cardio exercise that will allow you to lose fat tissue lose weight. Unlike the elliptical, the static bike is in a sitting position; there is also a semi-recumbent model with a backrest.

• Usage tips:

Before using this cardio equipment, consult a doctor especially if you have had knee problems. This advice is also meant for those who have not practiced cardio for a long time. The knee is the most affected joint when cycling.

Before starting your cardio exercise with a bike, take 3 to 5 minutes to warm up. During these few minutes, pedal slowly then increase more and more your speed. Similarly, at the end of your cardio session, repeat for 3 to 5 minutes and pedal slowly; this is to avoid possible muscle soreness after your workout.

Benefits of the stationary bike:

• The use of the static bike requires no learning; it is made for all categories of people who want to stay in shape.
• This type of bike contains different resistance and level programs allowing you to increase your endurance work and / or your muscle work, well complete.
• Cycling allows a calorie expenditure of about 400 to 500 calories.
• Among other cardiovascular equipment, the exercise bike is the cheapest on the market.
• The device by adoption of households. Indeed, there are small bike that adapts perfectly to the apartments and ideal for your cardio and fat in front of your TV.

Disadvantages of the device:

• By staying in a seated position for a long time, static cycling can cause lower back pain. If you have this problem, opt for the semi-recumbent model.
• Cycling can cause tendinitis problems in the knees. A bad position of your feet, inappropriate shoes, a saddle too high and here you are with an injury after a few weeks. Plan!
• Notice: Personally I do not like cycling, but it’s really personal. It is more preferable for you to choose a movement that solicits your entire body and its caloric expenditure is average.
• However, do not deny that cycling is a very good cardiovascular exercise that will help you develop your stamina.

• By staying in a seated position for a long time, static cycling can cause lower back pain. If you have this problem, opt for the semi-recumbent model.
• Cycling can cause tendinitis problems in the knees. A bad position of your feet, inappropriate shoes, a saddle too high and here you are with an injury after a few weeks. Plan!
• Notice: Personally I do not like cycling, but it’s really personal. It is more preferable for you to choose a movement that solicits your entire body and its caloric expenditure is average.
• However, do not deny that cycling is a very good cardiovascular exercise that will help you develop your stamina.

6. Swing:

This cardiovascular exercise is another of the most common. And it is perfect for working the muscles of the gluteus and quadriceps. It also increases your pulsations to the maximum.

It consists in taking a weight with one or two hands at the height of our shoulders and in passing it under the legs (which should be slightly separated). The movements must be constant and keeping the back as straight as possible at all times.

It is a complicated movement to perform at the beginning, since it is not a habitual movement to which our body is accustomed, but it is certainly one of the most effective.

7. Sprint


Once our muscles are warmed you can propose to do a sprint of 15 seconds with 45 seconds of rest. An exercise that you can perform between five or ten rounds, a minute per interval.

This is one of the most effective exercises to burn body fat. And is that several studies have confirmed that the intervals in the race are much more effective to get burn fat at a steady rate and faster.

As you become more expert in this exercise you can increase your sprint at intervals of 30 seconds of smooth trot, with 20 seconds of running, 10 seconds of sprint … And of course then do not forget your rest!

How to do your cardio training program?

If you do not know what to do and which cardio exercise at home or cardio program in the room to choose, it’s very simple!

• As a first step, think about which of these 7 cardio exercises you prefer.
• If you are a beginner, practice endurance sessions at the start. That is to say, you maintain a light rhythm for 10 minutes to 30 minutes! 
Everyone can do it. My mother started running, she was doing 10 minutes of very light jogging
• If you already have a good physical condition or if you increase your stamina, more you can get closer to a HIIT activity on the various cardiovascular exercises proposed in the article.

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers

Obesity has become a growing challenge for most people in recent years. The burden is even heavier for teenagers who often have to cope with the teasing, bullying and emotional torture from their peers. It can lead to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. In a desperate attempt to deal with the problem, most teenagers may fall prey to fad diet tips, over-hyped pills that never work and unhealthy weight loss strategies such as self-starvation. Luckily, this article outlines 8 healthy tips on how to lose weight fast for teens.

1.Drink a lot of water


Water makes up 50 to 60% of our bodies. Apart from helping you deal with weight loss, drinking lots of water can also help boost your immune system, keep your skin healthy and improve your metabolism. Avoid drinks such as sodas and processed juices since they add a lot of calories into your system. If you don’t like the taste of plain water, you can try fruit and vegetable juices. However, such drinks are usually devoid of fiber and should not be used as a substitute for eating whole vegetables and fruits.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Teenage life can be quite fun and adventurous. But with so many parties and events that often extend overnight, teenagers tend to compromise on a good night sleep, which should be at least 8 hours a night. If you ever want to lose weight, getting enough good sleep is not an option but an absolute necessity. Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and weight gain. Find an appropriate sleeping schedule and stick to it. Also, avoid sleeping with the TV on since the light will disrupt your sleeping pattern.

3. Differentiate between hunger and boredom

Eating gives us a lot of pleasure, and teenagers tend to overeat when they’re feeling stressed, lonely or bored. Stress eating is a sure way to gain excess weight. If you’re not sure whether you’re genuinely hungry, take a glass of ice cold water when the cravings kick in. They should disappear within 30 minutes if you weren’t really hungry. You can also try chewing sugar-free gum to dull the cravings.

4. Cut down on carbs

Excess carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored in the body. If you want to lose weight fast, you may want to cut down on the amount of carbs intake. However, you shouldn’t make the mistake of eliminating carbohydrates from your diet completely. Your body still requires enough energy to perform daily functions. Lack of enough carbs may lead to fatigue and slow brain function.

5. Keep off junk and processed foods


Unhealthy eating is one of the greatest hindrances to teenage weight loss. Eating french fries, pizzas, cakes, burgers and other foods rich in fats and saturated sugars is counterproductive if you want to lose weight fast. Such foods also contain high levels of cholesterol. Apart from obesity, eating fast foods can expose you to risks of heart disease.

If you have to eat snacks, opt for healthy options instead. You can make eating vegetables tasty and interesting by adding peanut butter or hummus. Other options may include popcorn without the added butter or salt and Greek yogurt (you can drink it plain or add berries or honey).

6. Exercise regularly

Sedentary lifestyles have immensely contributed to obesity in teenagers. People will choose to drive instead of walking or cycling even over short distances. They will pick the elevator over a short flight of stairs any day. The surest tip on how to lose weight fast for teens is exercise. Exercise or any form or physical activity is important for mind and body fitness. If you don’t fancy going to the gym, you can try simple home exercises such as dips, squats, and crunches. 

You can also exercise while still having fun by engaging in sports and hobbies. Because of their competitive nature, sports enable us to endure more than we would normally do. Some fun sporting activities may include downhill skiing, soccer, and basketball. You can also try other fun activities such as swimming, yoga and even dancing. 

7. Avoid fad diets

If you want to lose weight fast, it is easier to get carried away by the wave of fad diets. However, they are not a good idea if you’re hoping to lose weight in the long term. The adolescent phase is a very integral stage in your body growth; you need all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy. Most of these fad diets are nutritionally deficient and can pose a lot of health risks. Although you may lose weight on the short term, you will gain most of it back after the diet.

8. Healthy dieting

Unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind when most teenagers hear the word dieting is starvation. But it is by no means a healthy way of losing weight. You should focus on consuming a balanced diet and eating smaller portions instead. Eating food rich in fiber and protein will help keep hunger at bay and cut back on calorie consumption. 

Fruits and vegetable are also an excellent source for vitamins and essential minerals. Always go for whole grains and avoid fatty meals. Plant-based foods are always a good option since they are unlikely to make you gain weight. These include rice, sweet potatoes, legumes, beans, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables.

In summary

Excess weight gain is a growing problem among teenagers. It can lead to a host of issues such as lack of self-confidence and depression. Teenagers often fall victim to scam products and tricks that promise the world but actually deliver nothing. Some of these tips are often counterproductive. However, there is a solution for teenagers interested in losing weight the healthy way.

The tips mentioned above provide healthy advice on how to lose weight fast for teens. But there are many reasons that can contribute to weight gain among teenagers including genes, body type, level of activity, medical history, etc. It is important to seek advice from a doctor first before you can commit to any weight loss plan or diet.

How to Use Golden Milk for Weight Loss

How to Use Golden Milk for Weight Loss

How to Use Golden Milk for Weight Loss

Golden Milk is a mixed drink whose main ingredient is turmeric. This spice is known in particular for its health-promoting properties. The turmeric in this drink possesses great fat burning properties and will increase your metabolism ; At the same time, these characteristics are enhanced by other ingredients such as warm spices: cinnamon and ginger. So in addition to losing weight, giving you energy, they will also keep you relaxed and without stress.

Benefits and how to prepare it

Golden milk has turmeric as an active ingredient, which is rich in nutrients and health properties . This spice comes from the root of a plant of the ginger family and others. It can be considered a superfood, but this is not new because in India it is an ingredient that has been used for thousands of years. In fact, turmeric is what gives curry that special color.

Turmeric contains curcumin, polyphelones that act in more than 150 therapeutic activities , in addition to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. The effects of curcumin are similar to those of cortisone , but the advantage is that it does not produce adverse or secondary reactions.

It is also considered as a natural antibiotic, able to prevent infections, improve circulation and fluidify mucus, so it is recommended especially for people suffering from constant colds, colds or weakness, among others.
Turmeric helps in:

Metabolic problems. Turmeric stimulates the metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant. In addition, the bile is activated and thus also improves the fat burning in the body.

Anyone who regularly incorporates turmeric into their diet will thus lower high blood pressure and lipid levels in the blood.

So you can lose weight with golden milk. Because in addition to the diet-friendly turmeric there are other ingredients, such as ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil and black pepper, that get your metabolism going. In addition, the golden milk has only about 100 calories. Of course, you should eat with a high vegetable and fruit content (preferably as much as possible raw) and integrate daily exercise in your everyday life. This is certainly not new to you. However, the golden milk can help you to lose weight.

This drink can help combat problems and ailments associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis, among other joint and muscle pain. It can also act as an analgesic, to lessen headaches and other ailments caused by stress.

The consumption of golden milk can also reverse the onset of Alzheimer’s disease as symptoms develop. It could also help prevent the cognitive decline that is associated with old age.

Other important benefits to take into account

• It has antioxidant, antiseptic and analgesic benefits.
• Strengthens the immune system and helps prevent diseases.
• It acts as a natural anticancer.
• It helps control cholesterol levels and prevents problems of arterial obstruction.
• It is good for digestive health.
• Acts as a purifying and detoxifying liver.
• It helps regulate metabolism and contributes to weight loss.
• It is good for reducing high blood pressure.
• Ideal for brain health and good memory.
• It acts positively on different skin problems.
• Help with neurological disorders.
• Reduces triglycerides .

This recipe also includes the benefits of pepper, which has an active ingredient called piperine , which facilitates the absorption of the rest of the active ingredients contained in the recipe, especially curcumin from turmeric.

Golden milk is also consumed as a beauty tonic, as it is relaxing, invigorating and helps prevent premature aging. It is recommended especially for hair health, as it helps prevent hair loss, fights dandruff and irritations on the scalp.

On the other hand, you can also consume it before going to sleep, since it helps to get a good night’s sleep.

From activating the metabolism to strengthening the defenses. In fact, golden milk is considered one of the healthiest drinks because it provides numerous arguments to be included in a healthy and balanced diet, although it is true that its taste can be slightly spicy. What are the benefits of drinking a glass of golden milk?

• It helps strengthen the immune system (low defenses make us more vulnerable to certain diseases).
• It helps to keep cholesterol levels balanced.
• Regulates triglyceride levels .
• It favors the digestion.
• It regulates metabolism and promotes weight loss.
• It has a detoxifying and purifying effect of the liver.
• It helps regulate high blood pressure.
• Strengthens memory.
• It calms the cough and relieves the catarrhal symptoms.

How to prepare it

We can prepare the golden milk at home by following a simple recipe. First you have to prepare the turmeric paste. To do this, add half a cup of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of black pepper in boiling water. Mix well until you get a fine paste. Once ready, we reserve it. In a cup of vegetable milk (soy, rice milk …) add a tablespoon of the pasta and let it boil for a couple of minutes. After this time, remove from heat and let stand a few minutes before drinking. To sweeten its flavor a bit, we can add a splash of honey.

To prepare the golden milk we will take into account two simple steps, which will result in this healthy drink with multiple benefits for health.

Step 1. Prepare the turmeric paste


• Turmeric powder (30 g).
• teaspoon ground pepper (2.5 g).
• Filtered water (125 ml).


Put all the ingredients to heat in a small bowl to cook and stir well so that they are fully integrated. It should be done over medium heat , so it is necessary to stir frequently until obtaining a thick paste. Then let the mixture cool, pour it into a jar and store it in the refrigerator.

Step 2. Prepare the golden milk


• Almond milk (250 ml). We can also prepare it with hemp milk or coconut milk. You can use cow’s milk, but only if you are not lactose intolerant.
• Coconut oil (5 ml).
• ¼ teaspoon or more of turmeric paste (1.25 g).
• Honey.


Put all the ingredients, except honey, in a cooking pot. Heat to medium heat and constantly stir the mixture so that all the ingredients are well integrated before it starts to boil. When ready, add honey to taste and drink.

Golden milk must be taken freshly made and hot, so that it is much more comforting. Personally, I think you feel great at mid-afternoon or before going to sleep, especially on a cold night. You can adjust the level of sweetness to taste and also the amount of spices. 

You can drink this drink two or three times a day and you will notice all the benefits it can give you. You may also find it for sale already made, but here we leave the recipe to make this special drink yourself and thus be able to have it whenever you want. Now you just have to get the ingredients and start.

12 Yoga poses to kill body fat

12 Yoga poses to kill body fat


If you do not want to spend your life dreaming about losing your belly , losing your legs and burning fat , you should try some infallible yoga postures to lose weight.

This discipline that everyone associates with peace of mind, also manages to make us lose gut, eliminate extra kilos and reduce measures. It’s all about practicing correctly and planning with a good exercise routine.

Of course it can also be combined with a balanced diet, so that the change is faster and healthier. Surely you will ask how long you could see results and the truth is that in a week it would be possible, if you fulfill everything at face value.

Know the benefits of yoga to lose weight

There are different positions that are adopted when practicing yoga and that become perfect exercises to lose weight. Contrary to what we often do in the gym, which we jump and jump, doing cardio and effort in the machines or aerobics, yoga suggests passive and calm exercises .

Just for that reason, stress is released and a state of peace is reached that is much safer for the muscles and joints. Those typical impacts on the knees and tears from lifting a lot of weight do not occur with this practice.

Even to flip, get to that calm that makes you lose abdominal fat and tone the body, also calms the anxiety. If there is no anxiety, there are no pecking. If there are no pecking, there are no extra kilos. Do you see that yoga is cool?

The 12 best yoga postures to lose weight


Most of these positions are called “Asanas” and these are stretches that stimulate muscles, circulation and breathing. Although you doubt it, more than one of these poses can put you to sweat and reduce the abdomen and that small overweight that you bring over. Especially if you manage to keep them at least for 15 to 20 seconds, which is recommended. Later you could take them to a minute.

The great advantage is that these positions can be done with or without your instructor in class. If you learn them well, you can practice them quietly at home and they will be equally effective. Oh! … and free, huh?

If you are a beginner and do not have an instructor, it is not a bad idea to opt for some of those videos with slimming yoga routines. Many also include some Pilates exercises , which can also help you.

But if this does not need you, because you already have some notions of the discipline, you can guide yourself with an exercise table that includes the basic positions and follow that routine daily.

To not lose more time, here we leave you these excellent yoga positions to lose weight at home. Test them and then tell us how you went with them, okay?

1.Phalakasana (Also known as Plank or table)

It is one of the best asanas to lose weight. Strengthens the trunk completely, abdominal pectorals, even the muscles of the back. But exactly where it feels most the impact is on the gut. After a few seconds of keeping it you will notice its effect. There are variations of this same position and the intensity of the exercise depends on them.

To achieve this, you have to stretch your body upside down and extend your arms in a perpendicular position with your hands on the ground. It is thus necessary to detach the body of the floor with the feet on tip and maintain the position as much as possible.

2.The Warrior II (Virabhadrasana B)

One of the most beautiful and invigorating positions of yoga is that of the Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II. It helps to tone the arms and legs, especially the shoulders, forearms, thighs and calves.

One knee should be flexed, as much as possible, until the thigh is placed almost parallel to the ground. The other leg should be stretched back. The arms extend one towards the front and one towards the back, both parallel to the legs on each side. Breathe deeply and calmly to perfect this pose. Do not forget to alternate legs and arms. It must be so for all positions.

3.Guerrero III (Virabhadrasana C)

It is also known as Virabhadrasana III and is perfect not only to lose weight but also to tone various parts of the body. If you are looking for a firm butt, hard legs, strong arms and back, this is the ideal position.

Standing alone on one leg, the other rises perpendicularly to the back and the arms extend forward aligned with the head and the raised leg. Once again, the longer the position is held, the better. Even to strengthen its effectiveness, it is a good idea to contract the muscles of the tummy, legs and buttocks. So there will be more balance.

4.The Triangle (Trikonasana)


It does not represent enormous difficulties nor is it necessary that you fight to keep your balance but how it helps to reduce the gut! Standing, with widely spread legs, one of the feet is touched with the hand on the same side and the other is extended upwards, turning in that same direction the torso and the head.

That contortion compresses the muscles of the abdomen and that helps in several things. First to tone the muscles of the belly and second to favorably stimulate the digestive process.

5. The Upside Down Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

It is a total stretch. Arms, legs, back, hips, all parts of the body are involved and therefore can be toned more effectively with this pose. It is achieved by standing with the feet on the floor, both legs separated and both hands on the floor with the head down and hips raised.

6. Candle Pose (Sarvangasana)

This pose, which is done by standing on the shoulders, puts the body completely inverted. Being this way, in addition to the exercise that it represents for the body, it is possible that the organs can be balanced and stimulated.

Sarvangasana promotes digestion and helps the thyroid gland to function better. The metabolism is stimulated and also the respiratory system. The benefits of this position reach an improvement in sleep and reduce insomnia. Of course, it is our responsibility to help you lose weight.

7.The Bridge (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Several areas of the body are stimulated by making the posture of the bridge. That includes legs, glutes, abdomen, shoulders, arms and neck. The pressure on the neck activates the thyroid and therefore the metabolism and digestion, so that what you eat is well taken advantage of. That means losing gut and burning fat faster.

8. The Girada Chair (Parivrtta Utkatasana)

All the postures that twist the torso, including this one of the rotated chair help to improve the digestion and to stimulate the organs involved in it. The position of the legs almost by way of sitting, exercises the abdomen, back, thighs, calves and glutes.

The lymphatic system is also activated and, all this combined, is a perfect exercise to lose weight.

9. Pose of the Arch (Dhanurasana)

That belly that bothers you so much, is reduced very quickly practicing frequently the posture of the bow. In English it is known as the tie pose. To do it you have to place the abdomen on the floor and lift the legs and arms back. With your hands you take your ankles and hold the position, as much as possible.

With this you can strengthen your chest and back and it is also an excellent massage for the organs of the digestive system. It is clear that this favors reducing fat and weight, more quickly.

10. Greetings to the Sun (Surya Namaskara)

Although it may seem like a very simple posture, this is an ideal exercise for various parts of the body. The back, arms and buttocks are activated by doing this pose, which also stimulates the digestive tract. A correct metabolism helps reduce the anxiety to eat and favors the weight loss that is what you are looking for. Among the benefits of this Yoga posture composed of 12 steps are the loss of weight, facilitate the expulsion of toxins from the body and also helps maintain a healthy skin.

• Starting by making a salute to the sun, we stretch our arms and legs, bending our backs back, and then move on to the Padahastasana posture.
• We support one knee on the floor with the leg stretched while resting the weight of the body on the other leg flexed.
• We stretch both legs and make the full weight of the body rest on the arms outstretched and on the tip of the feet.
• From this step we flex both arms and legs and support the forehead on the floor or the yoga mat.
• We return to the previous position but this time supporting the legs on the ground and arching the back.
• From here we support the palm of the feet and the hands forming a triangle.
• We return to rest one knee on the floor and perform the first 4 steps in reverse.

The sun salutation must be done several times at the beginning of the day to provide all the necessary health benefits.

For this position it is enough to lie on the floor and lift the torso using both hands.

Of course there are many more yoga postures to lose weight. These that we have shown you, are the most effective and specific for the purpose of reducing measures and burn fat. But you can, if you are beginners, add more as you progress and change your table of exercises.

The important thing is always to combine the training routine with balanced diets, sleep well and lead a stress-free life. Always seek to relax at the end of each day. So you will see that the calm and peace of mind, coupled with low impact exercises and healthy meals, will allow you to achieve your goals in a short time.

11. Camel posture (Ushtrasana)


On your knees, bring your trunk back and touch your ankles with your hands. Inhale at the beginning of the exercise and exhale when maintaining the posture. It is perfect to tone and stretch both the abdomen and legs. Hold for 60 seconds.

* Precautions: for people with low back problems or high blood pressure, this exercise is not recommended.

12. Mountain posture (Tadasana)

The posture of the mountain is perfect to activate circulation and warm the body before the most intense yoga session.

Stand with your back straight, your chest forward and your feet slightly apart, inhale and raise your arms in a cross with your palms facing up above your head. Hold the posture for 20-30 seconds and exhale.

Some recommendations

As you can see, the yoga poses for weight loss that we propose are very simple, but there are some recommendations that you should take into account:

• Breathing: to achieve good oxygenation of the muscle and detoxify, as well as improve concentration, breathing is coordinated with movement. When you start inhale and keep exhaling. With time you will get used to it.
• Repetitions: we recommend repeating each posture 10 times and not forcing the posture if you feel pain.
• Transitions and smooth movements: in yoga, transitions and movements are smooth, it is better to do the exercises well and feel the body’s reactions. Beware of making sudden movements.
• Alignment of the back: something essential in yoga is to maintain a good alignment of the spine. The back should always be straight, and not curved.
• Scope: If you do not complete the exercise, keep your reach as far as you can. As you practice, you will notice how you take your body to positions you have never thought about, which is very rewarding.

As you can see the slimming yoga poses are very easy and will not take you long. Although at first you may not perform the asses perfectly, with time and practice you will be able to master these yoga postures to lose weight.

A 10 Min Beginner Yoga for Back Pain

A 10 Min Beginner Yoga for Back Pain

A 10 Min Beginner Yoga for Back Pain

Back pain can be due to a variety of sources, but whatever the case, it can definitely be said that it is something that you would not like to have in your life. Back pain truly diminishes the quality of day to day life, so you should be happy that there is something that you can do in your own home that can help alleviate or even remove back pain from your life.

Here is our guide on how to do a 10 min beginner yoga for back pain.

What You Will Need

All you will need for this 10 min beginner yoga for back pain is a yoga mat placed on a hard flat surface as well as comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement. It would also be good to have a calming ambience, so light some candles and play some soothing music in the background if you like.

The Poses


These poses are designed to lengthen, loosen, and strengthen the muscles as well as those around it. Simply follow the poses described below for ten minutes and you will feel relief at the end of the session. You can do all five poses listed for two minutes each, four poses for two and a half minutes each, or in any other combination that you want, although it is recommended that you do at least three. It is also important to do relaxed and consistent breathing during the entire ten minutes, so that is something that you have to watch out for.

Safety First

Before beginning with the 10 min beginner yoga for back pain, here are some safety precautions as well. Ask your doctor first if these routines are safe for you, especially if you have issues like a herniated disc or if you are pregnant. In addition, stop immediately if you feel any pain from doing these poses. While some discomfort may be felt initially, pain that is intense in nature should not be taken lightly.

The Sphinx

Lay flat on the ground and place your elbows on the floor. Your hand, elbow, and shoulder should be at a right angle. Keep your feet together or at most about six inches apart while doing this pose. Do this for 2-3 minutes at a time, or for as long as you can.

The Sphinx helps get back the natural curve of the spine which gets bent out of shape when we slouch for long periods of time.

Downward Facing Dog

This pose helps not only your back but it also helps stretch and strengthen the hamstrings. Your hamstrings help carry the load of your back as you walk, and weak hamstrings tend to pull the lower back muscles downwards. As such, the back will try and compensate and that is what causes pain.

Imagine your body as the two sides of the rectangle when doing this pose. Your hands must be outstretched with palms flat on the ground and your arms parallel to your shoulders. Your heels must be as close to the ground as possible with your knees straight. Your feet must also be in line with your hips. Your tailbone, not your butt, must be the highest point of the triangle that you have formed with the ground, as your body must be as much as a right angle as possibly can.

Your shoulder will naturally roll outwards and upwards once the Downward Facing Dog is done properly, and you will feel the stretch in multiple areas particularly your lower back and hamstring muscles. Keep this position for at least a minute to fully feel its effects.

Viparita Karani

This is also known as the Legs Up the Wall Pose. This also helps the lower back muscles relax, and you can stay in this position for as long as you want. The Viparita Karani involves lying on the floor with your legs on a wall. All portions of your legs’ backs must be in contact with the wall with your knees straight. Visualize a clock with your head pointing at the nine and your feet pointing at the twelve position. Stretch your arms out and place them on the ground perpendicular to your body, palms pointed towards the sky.

Should this pose prove to be difficult, you can place a rolled up towel or any soft object on your tailbone to relieve the pressure.

Cat/Cow Pose


Unlike the other yoga poses mentioned above, the Cat/Cow Pose requires you to move rather than hold the position. Aim for 1 set of 8 reps, or you can also do this in between poses for a total of 3 sets.

Start the Cat/Cow Pose by getting on your hands and knees, Shoulders, elbows, knees, and feet must be on the same line on either side of the body with everything at right angles. Your body and the ground should be parallel with each other. Your arms and upper legs should be parallel as well. While inhaling, curve your spine downwards without bending your hips and raise your neck and head towards the sky. Exhale and bring your head down while trying to point your back upwards, again without bending.

Try to do each move deliberately and slowly, and time each movement with your breathing. Each inhale and exhale cycle counts as one rep.

The Cat/Cow Pose not only massages your spine, but it can also help improve organ function when done regularly.

The Snake (Sarpasana)

The Snake Pose is one of the best poses that you can do as it helps in toning and stretching the spine while also improving breathing and heart circulation. It can also help in toning the buttocks and legs. Like the Sphinx, you can hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable.

Lie flat on your back and place your hands as close to your butt as possible while keeping your elbows close to your body and your arms straight. Your legs should also be close together with the tops of your feet on the mat. Inhale and slowly lift your upper body from the ground. This includes the head, the shoulders, and chest, although with practice you can lift yourself much higher. Hold your breath and the pose for as long as you can and then exhale slowly while lowering yourself down. Perform the routine for as long as you want and or as long as you feel comfortable.

Top 8 Omega-3 Fish Oil Weight Loss Benefits For Women

Top 8 Omega-3 Fish Oil Weight Loss Benefits For Women

Top 8 Omega-3 Fish Oil Weight Loss Benefits For Women

For many women out there, losing weight is always a never ending battle. 
Most have tried all sorts of diet pills, weight loss supplements, exercise regimens, even scary eating plans all to no avail.

Luckily for these women, research have shown that consuming just 2-3 grams of Omega 3 Fish Oil will result in consistent weight loss. 

So, here are eight crucial weight loss benefits for women which these affordable and popular Fish Oil pills can bring.

1. Increased Metabolic Rate of The Body


A person’s metabolic rate refers to how much calories are used up on a daily basis from activities such as walking, running, exercising etc . 

This means that having a high metabolic rate means burning up more calories and thus losing more weight.

Omega 3 fish oil supplements induces the thyroid gland to allow the body to use up more fat than carbohydrate as body fuel for metabolic activities.

This helps women to shed more pounds, become more active, gain muscle mass and of course, lose more weight. Thus, women who swallow Fish oil capsules are usually a lot more physically active and tend to lose weight a lot easier. 

2. Reduces The Incidence And Effects Of Internal Injuries 

Because of their physiological makeup and natural features, women are usually more prone to internal inflammations than men.

A prolonged period of internal inflammation in women causes weakening of the immune systems and increased levels of body stress, chronic pain, and depression. 

All of these negative issues can trigger increasing weight gain in women. Especially without her being aware. 

But Omega 3 Fish Oil with its natural anti-inflammatory properties regulates the body’s inflammatory pathways and processes, especially in the brain.

This inhibitive action reduces the effect of such inflammation and aids easier weight loss in women.

3. Promotes Better Glucose Distribution 

In The Body
There is a specific reason why diabetes has always linked with obesity in women.

Glucose is regarded as the human body’s fuel of choice for its metabolic activities. It is detected and distributed by insulin, an important hormone.

Obesity usually results in excess blood sugar in the body. Such individuals develop insulin resistance. 

Insulin resistance occurs when the insulin produced is no longer receptive enough to remove glucose in the blood. This results in excessive amounts of glucose in the blood, with other key body cells being deprived of this crucial body fuel.

Research has proven that consuming fish oil helps insulin to become more receptive to glucose in the bloodstream and distributes it to key body cells.

Thus the victim feels less hungry, eats less leading to lower weight, gains more energy and gradually gain muscle mass.

4. Increased High Density Lipid (HDL) Levels

High density lipids, commonly referred to as good cholesterol is essential for many of the body’s metabolic activities. In contrast, it’ bad counterpart, the Low density Lipids (LDL) is found in higher levels in obese individuals.

High amounts of LDL is responsible for many obesity –related diseases like clogged arteries, heart attacks and so on.

Omega 3 Fish oil containing DHA and EPA in adequate amounts have been found to lower the production of LDL and Promote HDL Production.

It also results in the production of subcutaneous fat in the vital organs of the body, as well as lowers the risk of obesity-triggered diseases in women.

As far this benefit is concerned, the underlying message is quite clear.
If you want to boost your positive cholesterol levels, you might want to speak with your physician about taking fish oil supplements.

5. Delays The Aging Process And Slows Down Muscular Degeneration.

There is a popular saying that a man is as old as he feels but a woman is as old as she looks. 

One amazing effect of using fish oil pills to promote gradual weight loss and build muscular mass in women is delayed aging and muscular degeneration. 

The effective anti-oxidative properties of DHA in Fish oil makes it an effective weapon to combat premature aging in women. 

It has been reported that regular but adequate fish oil intake aided longer youthfulness and an excellent skin tone in women. 

6. Raises Energy Levels And Boosts The Effects Of Exercise


For the women who complain of working out frequently but getting little or no visible resultant weight loss, taking a fish oil pill just might change that.

This is because fish oil pills increases the amount of body fat burnt per day.

The active fatty acids stimulate the thyroid gland into letting more fat to be used as fuel during extreme activities such as working out. This in turn promotes more energy production for the exercise activities.

Therefore, body fat is more effective and visible when exercise is combined with fish oil supplement intake.

Stressful workout plans such as abdominal exercises, weightlifting and long distance running become less difficult to perform.

7. Lowers Triglycerides Levels

Formation of triglycerides or lipid in the body is as a result of normal digestive processes. Lipids are stored in the body by fat cells.

Excessive triglyceride levels in the body triggered by consuming too many unhealthy food items leads to increased risk of obesity- linked diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

Omega 3 Fish oil has been proven to reduce triglyceride molecule production and storage in the fat cells of the body. This of course inhibits excess weight gain.

8. Age–Related Natural Changes 

Other natural changes reportedly prolonged by Omega3 fish oil intake in women include…

• Improves facial skin appearance and promotes good, healthy eyesight.
• Lowers the risk of osteoporosis disease
• Reduces the incidence of hair loss.
• Lowers the risk of hypertension and its attendant diseases.
• Improves the heart rate by lowering blood cholesterol levels and preventing destructive plaque formation.
• Helps to reduce stress, anxiety attacks and promotes self confidence.

Only Omega3 fish oil pills containing minimum of 750mg of EPA and DHA is regarded as quality supplements. 

Natural fish oil sources include deep sea fish like tuna, mackerel, herring, salmon, oils like canola seed oil and nuts like walnuts.

As a side note, remember to consult your personal physician extensively before going on to add fish oil supplements to your eating plans.