10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

There is nothing that beats the difficulty of trying to lose weight.

It’s even harder for people who face obesity challenges.

When you start the process, (losing weight is actually a process), it always seems like you’re losing weight pretty fast in the beginning.

However, it gets to a stage where the weight seems not to be falling off anymore.

This is a stage that is called a weight loss plateau.

It’s a pretty frustrating stage and to get out of it, you need really good strategies and proper planning.

The following are 10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau.


1. Perform regular and more intense exercises




According to science, the bodies metabolic rate reduces as you shed off weight.

As the body weight reduces together with the metabolic rate, it becomes really difficult to cut off more weight from the body.

High-intensity exercise sessions have been proven to shield the body against having a metabolic slowdown.

Some of these exercises are aerobics.

When the metabolic rates are kept high, fats are burned and therefore more weight is lost from the body.

Regular training also helps in muscle mass retention which directly influences the way your body burns calories.

Resistance training has been proven to be the number one exercise for the weight loss journey.

Therefore, by coming up with a proper exercise plan you can easily overcome a weight loss plateau.

2. Reduce the intake of carbs


Low carb diets are the most recommended diets for weight loss.

Based on research and science, it has been proven that people who prefer taking low carb diets or rather people who consume just a few grams of carbs in a day lose more compared to those who take the ordinary weight loss nutrition diets.

Low carb diet plans induce the feeling of fullness as well as reduce the hunger feeling.

This temps your body to produce ketones which significantly reduces appetite.

This leads to increased weight loss and within no time you’ll have run way past your weight loss plateau.

3. Increase protein intake


If your weight has come to a sudden stall, adding up on the number of proteins you take especially in mornings can help.

Proteins boost the metabolism rate higher than either fats or even carbs.

When metabolism is increased, fats are burned at quite a high rate (up to 30% increased rate) which definitely will fasten weight loss.

Proteins also stimulate the release of PYY hormones which gives you a full feeling that reduces appetite.

This greatly contributes to overcoming the weight loss plateau.

4. Be a good stress manager


Stress has been observed to halt the process of weight loss.

Having stress also tempts some people into emotional eating which promotes obesity.

This definitely means you can never get out of the weight loss plateau just in case you’re a victim.

It would be better if you enrolled in a proper stress management platform to help yourself manage the stress.

When stressed, always try muscle relaxation or deep breathing sessions.

You will be surprised by how many kilos you will lose just by being a good stress manager.


5. Intermittent Fasting


This is one of the most applied tips to push past a weight loss plateau.

By fasting, we don’t really mean that you starve yourself in the name of losing weight.

It simply means going for reasonable hours without taking a meal.

This, therefore, means you have to rotate around a meal-fasting circle.

Normally, the fasting period is about 16-48 hours.

This reduces calories intake which fastens weight loss.

It’s so efficient that within 3 weeks, your waist will start shrinking.

Wouldn’t that be good news?


6. Stay away from alcohol




Alcohol is very detrimental to weight loss plans and efforts.

Although an average one sitting drink of alcohol contains just a mere 100 calories, this can never justify its significance to weight loss.

We all know that alcohol impairs our judgment.

When you get drunk, you will most likely make a very poor food choice.

This will clearly be bringing you back to square one of your plan.

Alcohol also subdues the fat burning process which is the reason why most alcohol addicts have very big and flabby bellies.

This, of course, doesn’t look very good.

If you notice your weight loss has stalled, you better avoid the bottle or rather take controlled amounts.


7. Drink lots of coffee and water


This traditional beverage contains enormous amounts of caffeine that multiplies the body metabolism rates with up to 13%.

This may work perfectly in reversing a stall in weight loss. 

Drinking clean water can also help solve this problem.

This would work best if the water is taken some thirty minutes or so before having the meal.

It is written that on consuming half a liter of water before a meal boosts the metabolism rate of the body by around 25% for up to 1.5 hours.

This leads to increased rates of weight loss.


8. Get enough sleep daily



Sleep promotes emotional, physical and most importantly mental health.

When the body doesn’t get enough sleep, it gains significant amounts of weight.

This is brought by alteration of hormone levels that chase away appetite.

The metabolic rate is also lowered which eventually brings about weight gain.

To overcome a weight loss plateau, get around hours of sleep in a day.


9. Distribute protein intake wisely throughout the day


For proteins, it’s not only the amount you take in the morning or the amount that you’ll have taken by the end of the day counts.

When you consume ample proteins throughout your day, metabolism is boosted which contributes to hastened weight loss.

If it’s possible, make sure you have proteins in almost every meal you take.


10. Be as active/busy as you can


By being active, it doesn’t mean that you have to work out.

Petty activities such as fidgeting can be of great help.

You would not believe it if I said fidgeting while standing would increase your metabolic rate to close to 94% compared to the same assuming a sitting position.

This increases rates of weight loss. I know this sounds really petty but it would be an important step of pushing past a weight loss plateau.




If you talk to everyone who is trying to lose weight, most of them will tell you that they have experienced weight stall in their journey.

A weight plateau can be very demotivating and in fact, if you’re not strong enough, you might just give up.

Luckily, I have prepared the above outline of 10 Tips to Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau just for you.

Try them out and remember not to give up!



7 Unexpected Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

7 Unexpected Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

It is possible to shed pounds only when the calories burnt is more than the calories consumed.

One needs a deficit of 3500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a calorie deficit of 500 calories every day for achieving the target of losing 1 pound of weight every week.

Although it might appear to be easy, it is not so in real life.

Here are 7 unexpected reasons why you’re not losing weight in spite of trying to do so.

1. Lack of adequate sleep


The quantity, as well as the quality of sleep one gets in his or her daily life plays an important role in weight reduction.

At present, the majority of the folks out there do not get adequate slumber.

While there is an increase in the obesity and overweight problems at present, a proper night’s sleep is slowly declining.

There is a relationship between weight reduction and the amount of sleep one gets, although the exact mechanism is not clear to date.

However, it is believed that lack of sleep results in diminished energy levels during the day and consumption of more foods as well.

2. Stress

It is impossible to prevent stress in our lives although we might want to.

Apart from interfering with our lifestyle, stress can also hamper our weight reduction efforts to a great extent.

Our body releases cortisol in response to stress and anxiety.

As a result, we might suffer from an increase in our appetite and deposition of unwanted fat in our abdominal areas too.

We also tend to consume more food items in response to stress which can likewise result in weight gain.

However, there are several ways to combat this issue including going for a stroll in the morning or evening, taking some time off from your hectic daily life, taking a warm shower, and so on.

3. Your workout regime

It is very difficult to lose weight if you do not exercise on a regular basis.

Although it is possible to shed pounds by dieting, you are going to hit a plateau at some particular point in the future.

Although there is no need to devote a considerable amount of time at the fitness center, a reasonable workout regime will help to get the job done successfully.

You need not perform too many strenuous workouts, and instead, try to perform something you like and what you will be able to continue for the long-term.

This implies that you need to stay away from activities which you dislike and create a program that you really enjoy.

It is important to have the motivation to be active regularly, and not just for one week or so.

4. Sticking to a fad diet

At present, you’ll come across many fad diets which are not based on any scientific evidence, and they will not help you to lose weight whatsoever.

Individuals are creating these types of weight reduction diets only to generate a considerable amount of money which will not provide the desired results.

Most of these diets are quite restrictive in nature and can also lead to health conditions.

Although you’ll come across several fad diets which will deliver the goods, most of them are not effective.

Moreover, it can be quite difficult to maintain these diets and most individuals tend to regain any lost weight within a short span of time once they stop the diet.

You need to consume lesser calories and it is important for your diet to be balanced as well as varied in nature.

For this, you can curtail your consumption of sugary food items as well as unhealthy fats including trans fats.

5. Sugary beverages

Consumption of too much sugary beverages can prevent weight reduction in the long run.

As per some studies, it has been shown that weight gain is influenced considerably by the amount of sugar present in our diet.

However, an excessive amount of sugar can be consumed by means of the sugary drinks out there.

These beverages, as opposed to the different types of high-calorie food items, will not satisfy your hunger and will also provide an inadequate amount of vitality to our system.

As a result, it will be easier to ingest too many sugary beverages without being aware of it.

6. Consumption of alcohol


Consuming an excessive amount of alcohol will also prevent weight reduction.

Being a high-calorie drink, every ounce of beer consists of approximately 154 calories while a glass of red wine consists of 126 calories on an average.

Consumption of four beers in a single evening can enhance the daily calorie intake of our system by as many as 614 calories.

However, studies have revealed the fact that there will be an insignificant increase of body weight in case alcoholic drinks are consumed in light quantities and not on a regular basis.

On most occasions, it is not crucial to avoid alcoholic beverages entirely for losing weight and it is possible to lose weight while consuming two or three alcoholic beverages every week.

7. Your immediate surroundings

At times it is impossible for you to control the things happening around you.

You might be surrounded by temptations while working, for example, junk food items, vending machines, doughnuts, and so forth.

The same might be true while you are at your residence.

For this, make it a point to surround yourself with stuff which will encourage you to stay healthy.

This might imply investing some cash on home workout equipment, controlling the television set several nights every week to perform a workout video, and so on.

Also, try to create an environment which encourages you to make healthy food choices.

At times, simply walking into the kitchen and seeing a bowl of fresh fruit might be adequate to remind you of what you are attempting to accomplish.


After going through these 7 unexpected reasons why you’re not losing weight, it must be evident to you by now how to stay fit and reduce weight at the same time.

Losing weight is quite difficult; however, there are no shortcuts to it and it simply requires your persistence as well as patience to see the desired results.

Bear in mind that you’ll be able to shed pounds successfully by maintaining a calorie deficit by means of healthy dieting, working out regularly and having adequate sleep as well.

The 10 Most Overweight Cities in the U.S

The 10 Most Overweight Cities in the U.S

The 10 Most Overweight Cities in the U.S

The United States of America has the highest percentage of obese people in the entire world. The effects of this problem do not just impact individuals on a personal level but also the society at large. In 2005, a report was released that showed that a whopping 190 billion dollars were spent on tackling obesity and its related illnesses. By 2017, the number had almost doubled to 206 billion per year. This money is mostly spent on medical care and prescription drugs for the people affected by obesity.

The effects also spread to the society affecting it economically because obesity leads to low productivity and also a lot of absenteeism from work when people have to call in sick to treat obesity-related complications. The cost of absenteeism alone is estimated at about 8.5 billion a year. Now factor in the cost of higher health insurance premiums by employers, lower wages due to absenteeism and lower household income because of medical bills and the economy is hit by a blow so huge it is estimated to get to $580 billion a year by 2030 if this problem is not mitigated fast.

As if that is not enough, obesity is also taking its toll on the security of the country because many young people do not attain the standards required to join the armed forces because they are too heavy.

Over the years, the need to combat this epidemic led to a study that showed the cities in the country with the highest number of obese people. They were judged on the number of obese people, the consumption of fruit and vegetables and how active the adults were. In no particular order, here are the cities that have continuously made it to the list of places with the largest percentages of overweight people in The US over the years since the study started.

1. Columbia South Carolina

To solve the obesity challenges in South Carolina, several sectors have to be addressed right from the type of food served to children in schools to reevaluate the number of hours adults spend at their desks at work. This is because the problem is spread over a wide demographic of children, adults, and race with 41.7% of the African Americans obese compared to only 28.9% of the white population.

2. Baton Rouge Louisiana

The cuisine in this part of Louisiana is mostly Creole. Sugary treats are the norm and we already know that sugar is bad news. This is in evidence in this state. The government should play an active part in tackling this epidemic by subsidizing healthy food so that it is not cheaper to buy the processed food that has almost no nutritional value.

3. San Antonio Texas

The obese population in San Antonio has led to reduced productivity and an increase in health care expenditures and employers are not happy about the increased costs of running their companies.

4. McAllen Texas

It is said that everything is big in Texas and unfortunately some people might have taken this a bit too literary because the state has the highest number of obese adults in the nation and 2nd highest number of population of people living with diabetes and unless they decide to do away with the reputation for the highest number of inactive adults then these percentages are only bound to get higher.

5. Lafayette Louisiana

With a population of 131,686, 16% are smokers, 33% are obese, 21% do not engage in much physical activity and 18% are binge drinkers. This is a city that does not care much for its health.

6. Little Rock Arkansas

On top of a large number of the population being obese, the city also ranks highest on the list of the highest number of adults that do not lead an active lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables are also not popular in these parts. They have a long way to go.

7. Memphis Tennessee

The abundance of mouth-watering southern comfort food in Memphis has not been much of a blessing to the city of jazz because the obesity rates have gone up. There is a need for the population to be educated on the harmful side effects of obesity because at the moment it ranks second in the city with the highest number of overweight people in the country.

8. Jackson Mississippi

Jackson has topped the list of cities with the most overweight people for a few years. It has a list of most people with high blood pressure and also most people with less than one serving of fruits and vegetables per day. Jackson has a long way to go before her inhabitants can achieve optimal health.

9. Shreveport Louisiana

With the 3rd highest number of obese residents and 2nd highest with bad cholesterol and high blood pressure, Shreveport is a ticking time bomb. The state has to get involved in these matters. Educate the population on the adverse effects of being overweight, encourage parents to let their children go outside and play more and subsidizing gym memberships. Preventative programs can also be put in place to arrest this pandemic. Teach the people that paying for the gym is cheaper than paying for heart surgery.

10. Mobile Alabama

A large percentage of the citizens are dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease which made this southern city score quite poorly in the area of Health Consequences of the study.

The southern states have the most number of people suffering from weight-related complications. In order for the local governments to reduce the risks of weight-related illnesses among these populations, the programs implemented should focus on improving their socio-economic conditions, making healthy food options cheaper and more accessible and also providing nutritional information and knowledge to the people.

Without taking all these aspects into consideration, there might be little success in reduction of the health complications and its impact on the costs of health care and the low productivity brought on by absenteeism of the overweight people.


Please, staying healthy is your obligation. With whatever you are eating and sometimes hit the road for some jogging or just for a mere walk as this will help to burn the calories hence no unhealthy weight increase/obesity.

7 Smart Steps to Weight Loss That Are Backed by Science

7 Smart Steps to Weight Loss That Are Backed by Science

Nowadays many people are looking for the ideal figure, either for aesthetics or for health, but regardless of their cause, all are eager to know the ideal method of losing weight.

As many of you already know, there are plenty of options, but unfortunately, not all fit our needs and capabilities, that is why today we will provide the seven smart steps to lose weight that are backed by science.

1. Drinking water


This is the most basic method to lose the weight proven by science.

First, drinking water is available to all people who have a minimum of economic stability and, on the other hand, to follow this diet is incredibly simple.

This method is based on keeping your metabolism working properly by drinking water.

Our body will easily eliminate waste and toxins, and as a result, it will be able to maintain its temperature.

Otherwise, if we are dehydrated, our body will not have the ability to eliminate waste or maintain its normal temperature.

So it will not burn the stored fat, since it will be used as a substitute to maintain the balance and consequently, we will not lose weight.

Now, this method does not only consist of drinking water in an uncontrolled way, since there are ideal moments for it.

It is advisable to drink a glass of warm water when you wake up in the mornings.

It is also suggested to drink a glass of water at room temperature before each meal and, if you are a person who likes to exercise, it is recommended to drink half a glass of water before your routine.

During sports routines, you should drink sips approximately every 15 minutes and, at the end of it, a glass of water.

Finally, before going to bed, drink a glass of water to keep your metabolism active even when sleeping.

2. Maintain a low carb diet

This method to lose weight is based on eliminating all foods that have a high carbohydrate index.

By decreasing these, you will lower your insulin levels, which is a hormone that stores fat.

By changing your diet, you will undoubtedly lose weight by denying this system of retention.

As for the foods that are recommended, you can easily find oats, fruits, pasta or rice in the market.

As for the right amount to consume, it is half a cup once a day, being more than enough to lose weight.

3. Exercise with dumbbells


If you want to lose weight with a traditional method, you can always return to regular exercises, but in this case, we will add the dumbbells.

They provide us with an additional effort that our body can assimilate in an incredible way since it accelerates our metabolism even hours after finishing our training.

So we will burn the fat more effectively.

Apart from that, we will tone our muscles and get a sportier image of ourselves.

The advisable thing is to do a routine that adapts to your current capacity, always being careful not to exaggerate your load, since it could be harmful to your health.

4. Consume more proteins

Contrary to the number 2 method, this time you must consume more food that gives you more protein.

With this, what we seek is to encourage the entry of amino acids, which are the key nutrients to increase muscle tissue and therefore, eliminate the excess of harmful fat from your body.

It is recommended to add protein-rich foods in each meal, but without exaggerating, as these will give you a natural growth of muscle mass that in the end, may not be the result you are looking for, so we must be careful.

As for the foods that offer us proteins, we have egg, fish, red meat, chicken and dairy products.

5. Decrease the consumption of saturated fats

Again we return with food, and this time, we should put aside the junk food, and instead consume foods containing healthy fats.

These can be found in sunflower or olive oil, avocado, fish and nuts.

Of course, you can still consume foods that contain saturated fats.

But their quantity should be very limited since the excess of it will greatly increase the cholesterol in your blood.

And as a result, not only will you gain weight, but you will also harm your health.

6. Clean your body with natural methods

This method works perfect with the topics 2, 4 and 5 since you will consume foods that will help you to purify your body of carbohydrates and fats that could increase your weight.

For this, it is recommended to consume peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and lettuce.

These separate ingredients are not the only way to consume them since you can also prepare a smoothie that will have the function of detoxifying yourself.

One of the most popular and recommended is the green smoothie, which you can prepare with a small slice of pineapple, a slice of eggplant, a slice of cucumber and a piece of radish.

After having all the ingredients we will proceed to liquefy them and the mixture will have a thick green color, hence the name.

It is recommended to drink this shake before breakfast, as it will help you to purify your digestive system and as a result, your body will use everything you eat during the day more effectively.

7. Do cardiovascular exercises


The quintessential method that all professional trainers recommend to people who want to lose weight intelligently.

This training is based on exercises that stimulate your cardiovascular system and for this; you can jog or walk about 45 minutes a day.

Another training that you can carry out is jumping the rope, as it stimulates the blood flow, effectively removing the saturated fats that are in it.

Caring for your body is your responsibility

We know that today there is much talk of promoting love for oneself and in a certain way, it is good, since we are the first to love and accept ourselves as we are.

We must not forget that overweight, beyond being a condition that any person can have, brings with it serious health problems, so that the quality of life of the affected person is considerably reduced.

That is why experts recommend losing weight when it is excessive and does not contribute anything to our health.

10 Things You Don’t Have to Do to Lose Weight

10 Things You Don’t Have to Do to Lose Weight

Gaining weight is a major problem nowadays.

Everybody with weight wants to get rid of this problem.

However, if you are trying hard and cannot see any changes in your body, you will probably be thinking that you cannot lose weight.

However, you can!

Here is a list of 10 things you don’t have to do to lose weight.

Diets can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Learn how you can lose weight by following these steps:

1. Don’t use the wrong diet

If you are willing to follow somebody else’s diet plan to lose weight, then chances are that you could be following the wrong plan.

However, the human body varies from person to person.

But when you are inspired by any individual or celebrity, it does not mean that their diet plan will fit yours.

You should choose your diet very carefully according to the requirements of your body.

Moreover, you should know the cost of your diet and how it will influence you.

Choose a diet that best fits your budget and the diet that best fits your body structure will be the best for you.

2. Don’t set unrealistic goals

Individuals who want to lose their weight are also over excited.

Because of this, they set some unrealistic goals that are almost impossible for them.

So, there can be many risks for your health in this regard.

However, learn to make small goals first for your weight loss journey.

Choose your goals according to the stamina and strength of your body.

3. Don’t do a lot of cardio


If you think that working out in the gym and running on the treadmill for hours can make you lose weight then you may be wrong.

According to researches, it is not an efficient way of losing weight.

A lot of working out is not good for your mental and physical health.

Experts believe that there should be a combination of high and low-intensity exercises.

Because high-intensity exercises consume more calories from the body and make new muscles and metabolisms.

Losing weight on such a high rate can be a disadvantage.

4. Don’t use supplements and pills

There are many companies providing services for supplements nowadays.

However, supplements are not very beneficial for your health.

Supplements and pills are available for losing weight.

But according to some experts, it is not the right approach to do so.

Usage of supplements will definitely affect your kidneys and heart.

Most of the doctors strictly ban supplements to use.

Supplements usually decrease the quantity of blood in your body.

5. Don’t skip meals

Did you know that skipping meals tend to make you gain more calories than those who eat consistently?

Skipping meals has never been a good option if you want to lose your weight.

However, your body will lose muscle and metabolism, which are not good signs.

There will be a weakness in your body.

Your diet should be regular.

6. Don’t sit down all day

Usually, we say that people who work get fat quickly.

But this logic is not true.

People who sit down all day with less movement get fat.

Professionals will advise you to increase your Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT).

According to some researches, NEAT can play a vital role in decreasing your body fats.

Non-exercise activity thermologists is a term representing the movement that you do is not energetic enough that it can be called as a workout.

The burning of calories can vary from person to person.

However, the average burn of calories by non-exercise activity thermologists (NEAT) is 2000 calories per day.

7. Don’t think healthy foods can help


People of 30-60 years old think that healthy foods can reduce weight.

They start treating organic food as their first priority.

However, this approach is wrong.

Organic foods can have more calories than other foods.

Furthermore, use a food tracker to help you in your daily life.

You will be able to know the number of calories that each food has.

It will be a very effective step to your health.

8. Don’t hesitate

You can contact professionals who have years of experience in the field of weight loss.

Do not feel too isolated.

They will help solve your problems without a doubt.

So, there is no need to worry about it.

You just need time to identify your problems and explain it to them.

Just keep the reasons and causes in mind and everything will be okay.

9. Don’t underestimate your environment

For example; Hotels are one of the reasons for obesity.

Nowadays, hotels are so popular that no one can underestimate them.

Chefs are making new foods day by day.

It is the human nature that food that smells good will be eaten more quickly.

If you are worried about your weight, you should not underestimate your environmental factors.

10. Don’t take too many steps at a time

Taking too many steps at a time will be bad for your health.

Remember that losing health does not mean you are losing weight.

Both are different cases.

Furthermore, when you try to take too many steps forward, you will actually gain more weight instead of taking it off.

11 Simple Steps to Make Fat Loss Faster and Easier

11 Simple Steps to Make Fat Loss Faster and Easier

The majority of us would like to slim down so as to get rid of the excess fat from our system; however, the process of slimming down is not as simple as it might seem to be.

Apart from exercise and diet, there are many other aspects which can influence fat loss and weight reduction.

Fortunately, many simple steps can be taken to achieve this target without much problem at all.

In the following paragraphs, we have the 11 simple steps to make fat loss faster and easier.

1. Get adequate slumber


It would be possible to burn your fat much quicker by going to bed earlier or setting the alarm clock a bit later.

According to several studies, it has been revealed that there is a relationship between weight reduction and getting adequate sleep.

In one particular study, it was shown that inadequate sleep might result in modifications in our hunger hormones which can enhance our appetite and encourage the deposition of fats in the abdominal area.

It is important to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night, reduce your intake of caffeinated beverages and stay away from using electronic devices prior to going to bed.

2. Include vinegar in your diet

Vinegar is reputed for enhancing our health to a great extent.

Apart from its ability to control blood glucose levels and also enhance heart health, vinegar will also increase the burning of fat within our system.

In one particular study, it was revealed that ingesting a couple of tablespoons of vinegar on a regular basis helps to reduce the weight of individuals considerably.

Consumption of vinegar will also encourage the feeling of fullness and minimize our appetite at the same time.

3. Consume more healthy fats

Studies have proved that enhancing your consumption of healthy fats can actually aid in preventing weight gain to a significant extent.

It takes some time to digest the fat which can make our stomach take more time to become empty and thus we tend to feel full for an extended period of time.

According to one study, it was found that a Mediterranean diet full of healthy fats from nuts and olive oil was related to a lower threat of weight gain unlike a typical low-fat diet out there.

However, it is important to bear in mind that healthy fats are nevertheless high in calories and therefore we need to consume them in moderate amounts.

4. Drink healthy beverages

A simple way to burn fat will be to stay away from the consumption of sugary drinks out there.

For example, sweetened beverages like fruit juice and soda are full of calories and do not offer any nutritional value at all.

Alcoholic beverages are full of calories and they tend to make you overeat in the long run by lowering your inhibitions.

It has been found by research that consumption of both alcohol and sugary beverages can lead to the accumulation of unwanted fat in and around the abdominal region.

5. Consume fiber


Soluble fiber has the ability to absorb water and it likewise travels through the digestive tract rather slowly thus enabling you to feel full for a longer period of time.

Some studies have revealed the fact that enhancing our consumption of high-fiber food items can protect us against unwanted weight gain in the long run.

6. Avoid refined carbs

It will likewise be possible to shed pounds by decreasing our consumption of refined carbohydrates.

Refined carbs are known to have a high glycemic index that can result in crashes and spikes in our blood glucose levels, thus increasing our hunger over time.

It has been confirmed by some studies that a diet full of refined carbs can encourage the deposition of belly fats in the course of time.

7. Consume coffee


Almost every fat burning supplement on the market makes use of caffeine as one of its primary ingredients.

The caffeine which is present in coffee functions as an effective central nervous system stimulant which helps to enhance the metabolic rate as well as the breakdown of the fatty acids.

Consume coffee so as to burn your fat without adding any sugar or cream and this will help to prevent any extra calorie from entering your system.

8. Increase your intake of iron

Iron happens to be an important mineral which provides us with lots of benefits.

However, lack of adequate iron within our system can affect our thyroid gland adversely.

Interestingly, this small gland is responsible for secreting hormones which help to regulate our metabolic rates.

Studies have proved the fact that the deficit of iron within our system is related to impaired functioning of the thyroid as well as a disruption in the generation of the thyroid hormones.

By fixing the deficiency of iron within our system it will be possible to reduce our body weight as well as body mass index.

9. Try intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting happens to be a specific diet pattern which encompasses cycling between periods of fasting and eating.

It has been revealed by research that intermittent fasting can help to encourage fat loss to a significant extent.

You’ll come across different types of intermittent fasting at present including cases in which you consume food items only on some specific days of the week.

In some other cases, you are allowed to eat only at some particular point during the day.

10. Do not focus on fat reduction

Instead of emphasizing on fat loss at the fitness center, make it a point to enhance your performance as best as you can.

This will prove to be more enjoyable and positive and it will also enable you to get the best out of your workouts at the gym.

Emphasize on targets like dead-lifting 1 time your body weight, pulling and pressing heavier dumbbells progressively, and so forth.

Emphasize on what your body is able to do and make an endeavor to become stronger gradually.

Perform this and fat reduction becomes a side effect.

11. Be consistent

Be consistent while performing the previous steps and you will surely get the desired results.

And it should not be very difficult given that you’re going to stick to the guidelines which are customized to your personal lifestyle as well as preferences.


After going through the above-mentioned 11 simple steps to make fat loss faster and easier, it should be simple for you to achieve your target within a short span of time.

There are many options available to you so as to shed pounds effectively and enhance your health as well.

For this, you might be required to make some minor changes in your lifestyle so as to get the desired effects.

Ensure to combine these changes with a healthy and nutritious diet plus an active lifestyle which will help to encourage the breakdown of fat slowly but surely.