8 Ways to Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar- [Burn Unwanted Fat]

8 Ways to Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar- [Burn Unwanted Fat]

Lose Weight with Apple Cider Vinegar

The use of apple cider vinegar to lose weight is increasingly becoming popular. This type of vinegar is made by crushing the apples, squeezing the juices out of them and finally fermenting their sugar until alcohol is produced. This alcohol is then fermented further into vinegar. The entire process takes between three to four weeks before the vinegar is ready for consumption.

Below are the ways in which you can this vinegar for weight loss:

1. Balances the Body’s Level of Blood Sugar

The vinegar’s ability to balance out sugar levels in the body is among the most credible indication that it can actually help one lose weight. One of the keys to
attaining better health is by ensuring that your sugar levels are balanced and this can be achieved by taking apple cider vinegar.

2. Acts as an Appetite Suppressant

Apple Cider Vinegar helps one to feel full therefore the amount of food consumed will be less. It can be taken with a meal or before food. Studies have shown
that when people who had consumed a carbohydrate were given ACV, they felt fuller after consuming the meal. Additionally, their blood sugars were lower.
The increase in satiety without increasing the number of calories as is the case with consuming ACV is among best ways of losing weight.

3. Reduces Body Fat


Research has shown that by just adding ACV to your diet, it helps reduce fat in your body. Animal studies indicate that when rats and
mice were administered with ACV there was a reduction in triglycerides, body fat, cholesterol levels and fat in the liver. It is good to note that human studies
also indicate that animals are not the only ones that benefit from apple cider vinegar. When people who are overweight were given vinegar on a daily basis for a
period of twelve weeks, it was reported that they experienced a reduction in belly fat, weight loss, waist circumference and lower blood triglycerides. Those
who consumed one tablespoon every day were reported to lose 2.6 pounds while those who drunk two tablespoons lost 3.7 pounds.

4. It is A Probiotic for Gut Health

This vinegar is a drink rich in probiotic and by regularly consuming it, you can be able to achieve a better gut, better digestion, and weight loss. The gut of
human beings is a multifaceted system that wields an unlimited deal of control over the health of the entire body as it holds approximately 80% of our body’s
immune system.

5. Promotes Better Sleep for Hormone Regulation


For better sleep, you can have ACV in warm water with a bit of honey to taste.Though this has not been tested to show how it works exactly, many people
testify that it helps them get to sleep faster and for a longer period.You may ask how better sleep will help you lose weight; well there is proven analysis and
research that shows that better periods of sleep helps in the reduction of fat. When you are deprived of sleep the leptin hormone which suppresses appetite will be lowered while ghrelin which stimulates the feelings of hunger will be heightened.

By drinking ACV vinegar, our stress levels are reduced which in turn assists with weight loss. The hormone that controls our stress levels which is known as
cortisol is regulated as we sleep therefore those who go to sleep late or don’t get a good night’s sleep are more likely to experience more stress. When all is said
and done apple cider vinegar is among the drinks you can use to achieve a good night’s sleep and reduce stress levels.

6. Prevents Fat Accumulation

Its consumption can help stimulate your body’s metabolism in such a way that it is able to burn fat much faster.It has been determined by scientists that through
the consumption of acetic acid which is contained in apple cider vinegar, it is able to help in the blockage of fat accumulation in the body. Therefore in this
respect, it has two advantages i.e. it assists your body burn fat quickly and blocks the build-up of fat.

7. Detoxifies the Body


In one way or the other, we all walk around with a number of pollutants that we get from our diet or the environment. The best thing is that this vinegar can be
used to remove these toxins from your body through a number of nutrients. The apple cider vinegar holds onto these toxins and forces them down the tract of
your digestive system.Detoxifying your body through apple cider vinegar rids it of chemicals, heavy metals, deadly elements and pollutants by so doing you are
able to improve the health of your body and do away with obesity, digestive problems, fatigue and autoimmune disease. Use this vinegar today to free your
body from all the accumulated toxins.

8. Improves Metabolism

Metabolism is the word used to describe the chemical reactions that take place in your body. All these reactions help ensure that your body is alive and
functioning at its optimum. Metabolic rate is sometimes used in place of metabolism. The higher your metabolism is the more calories you will be able to burn.
When you have a high metabolism, you will be able to be more active and generally feel better. Studies have shown that an increase in acetic acid increases the
AMPK enzyme which intensifies the amount of fat burned in the body and lowers the production of sugar and fat in the liver. This is a major way through which
the body loses weight fast.


Making the first step towards a healthy lifestyle can sometimes be the most difficult but once you take the first leap of faith, every other step becomes much
easier and gets us closer to achieving our set target. If your goal is losing the extra weight then apple cider vinegar could be just the thing for you and once you
start to recognize the small changes in your body, you will have more zeal to work out and lose even more weight.

Easiest Ways to Lose Weight Fast- [By Simply Walking]

Easiest Ways to Lose Weight Fast- [By Simply Walking]

Lose Weight Fast By Simply Walking

Did you know that walking is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stop weight gain? In fact, you can also lose weight fast by walking, although that is not very obvious from a person’s perspective.

When you walk, you are making use of your legs, arms, and abdomen to move forward. It is a coordinated effort of the main limbs and the abdominal muscles
to produce a force that causes movement. For muscles to act, energy is needed. That is the fundamental principle of walking: use energy.

However, many people see walking simply by moving to places that cars and buses cannot reach. Once they can board a bus or get into a car, they will gladly
do so and have a comfortable trip to their destination. When asked if walking is a type of exercise that helps you lose weight, these people will immediately say

Do You Hate Running?


If you hate running or you just can not find the time to run, then walking is your best alternative. Surely walking will not burn as many fats as running, but
when it comes to the mental battle, walking is less tortuous. Otherwise, why do not people run all the time on the streets just to get around?

A good way to start is to reduce the use of transportation. If your destination is only 4 or 5 stops away, you can consider walking instead of taking the bus. Not
only will you save money, but you will also lose fats along the way. A quick walk, a faster walking pace, can lead to a higher metabolism rate, which causes
you to lose more weight. It is up to you to decide the pace of your walk, so find one that is comfortable.

Burn More Calories

Losing weight is simply a matter of burning more calories than you eat. After planning a healthy diet, it’s time to exercise. This means 30 minutes a day of
dedicated aerobic exercise, seven days a week. Things like jogging, swimming or walking. Yes, you can lose weight fast by walking, it is a form of low impact
exercise that you can use to achieve your goal. Just keep in mind some things, and it can be great. Walking to lose weight fast can be done easily. And if you do it
right, it will not hurt too much either!

Pace Yourself

Ideally, an excellent start would be to walk for only thirty minutes a day, seven days a week. It is much better than the three or five-day plan that many people
recommend. But let’s be honest, how many people are going to be able to jump directly and do that? Start with three or five days a week, and leveling up may
be the right thing to do, especially if you have not worked physically for quite some time. However, keep in mind that three to five days a week of only thirty
minutes each time is not enough. Your body needs work every day. That means every day, and if the only way you can exercise, and be tolerable every day for
the rest of your life is by walking, just do it.

More can always be added. Another activity, especially outside of activity, for thirty minutes a day, seven days a week is simple. After you have parked your
vehicle as far as possible from the store or office, then walk. Do not take a walk, but WALK, quickly, and start your heart rate. Go up the stairs and enjoy a
banana instead of eating a cream cheese bagel while you take the elevator. During the fall, choose to rake the leaves instead of using a leaf blower. Exercise is
muscle power. Play tag games, or chase with your children, if you have them. Not only your body will love it, so will your children.

Walk For 30 Minutes


Once you have become accustomed to walking to lose weight thirty minutes a day, make some adjustments by adding intervals. The intervals are simply small
buds of higher activity placed in the normal routine. Start by running, for example, from thirty to forty-five seconds every ten minutes of walking. Slowly
expand this to approximately one minute every five minutes. You could walk for almost four minutes, run for a minute and keep repeating the pattern until you
finish your thirty minutes. Remember, running is not jogging, it’s a sprint, so it’s faster. But, if necessary, you can do it with a jog at the beginning and finally
achieve the intended target.

Walking to lose weight fast and easily is definitely healthy. It’s also a fun way to meet neighbors, see things you miss when you’re driving, and a great way to get around
the neighborhood. If you get bored, ask a friend, relative or spouse to join you. Involve the entire neighborhood and make it a family event.
There are other simple alternatives that you have heard before but should start now. Park your car a few distances away so you can cover the rest of the walking
distance. Do not take elevators or escalators, use stairs. In addition, you can reduce your phone bills while losing weight by walking to the person you want to
talk to instead of calling.

Diets to Lose Weight


Skipping meals will not help you lose weight fast. It is essential that you have three meals a day. What you can do is that instead of having three large meals a day, you can have six small meals a day. Follow a low-calorie diet by including vegetables and fruits in your daily meals. Also, avoid hot drinks such as coffee,
which has a high sugar content with whipped cream and whole milk.

Eat Homemade Meals

When you are on a mission to lose weight fast, do not eat foods that are often high in calories. Prepare your own low-calorie meal at home and take it to work or
wherever you go.

Through regular exercise and some healthy practices, you can successfully lose weight fast and regain shape.By walking every day, you can burn off excess body

11 Ways To Lose Weight Faster Now-[ Burn Stubborn Body Fat]

11 Ways To Lose Weight Faster Now-[ Burn Stubborn Body Fat]

Lose Weight Faster- 11 Tips

Do you want to lose weight faster? If yes, then you are at the right place. It is always better to lose weight in natural ways than that of the conventional methods available on the market. For an effective weight and prevention of weight gain in future, you need to follow a diet and do regular exercises. Besides these, you also have to follow some essential tips to accelerate your weight loss process. Here are some of the scientifically backed and proven methods for losing weight faster:

1. Chew Thoroughly Before Swallowing

One of the most important things that you have to remember while eating is to chew your foods thoroughly. Your brain needs some time to process that you are eating. When you chew your food slowly and thoroughly, your food intake also gets decreased. This is because it can increase your fullness easily and hence you eat smaller portions. So, it your food slowly. According to many studies and researches, it has been noticed that fast eaters are likely to gain more weight than that of slow eaters.

2. Eat Sufficient Amount Of Protein


Proteins are the building blocks of your body. It can help you to increase the lean muscle mass instead of fats. Also, protein has a great impact on your appetite. It can increase the fullness as well as reduce your hunger. Since it contains only a few calories, you can lose weight faster. Make sure that you are opting for a protein-rich breakfast in the morning. Boiled eggs along with some fruits or oats are perfect for a filling breakfast.

3. Cut Off Processed Food & High-Calorie Foods

It is very important to completely cut off high-calorie and processed foods from your diet. These are the unhealthy foods which can increase your hunger and cravings. Thus, you end up eating more and gaining a lot of weight. Keep all the unhealthy foods out of your sight. Cut off burger, cheese, sausages, processed noodles and other unhealthy options from your diet completely. All these high-calorie foods can lead to overweight or obesity.

4. Include Fiber-Rich Foods In Your Diet


One of the most effective ways to lose weight faster is by eating fiber-rich foods. Eating such foods can make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Foods rich in fiber, especially viscous fiber, can be quite helpful for your weight loss. Thus, it can reduce your food intake by increasing the fullness. Viscous fibers, when it comes into contact with water, form a gel. This gel can slow down you’re the process absorbing nutrient. Thus, your stomach remains full for a longer time. Asparagus, sprouts, flax seeds and oats are an example of viscous fiber.

5. Drink Sufficient Amount Of Water

Drinking plenty of water is very important. Make sure to drink water before you start eating your meals. Water helps you to feel fuller and eat less which can induce weight loss in a good way. According to a study, adults who drink about half a liter of water just half an hour before the meal eat a smaller portion of foods than usual. This is because water can reduce your hunger to a certain extent helping you to lose weight.

6. Eat Smaller Portions


If you are eating two meals a day but in a larger portion, then you are doing it wrong. You need to serve yourself with smaller portions. Large portions make you to eat more and eventually you gain more weight due to that. But if you eat four meals a day in smaller portions full of healthy foods, then you will eat less and intake less calorie. Thus, it will help you to lose weight too.

7. Sleep Well

Often in the busy and hectic schedule, people get careless when it comes to sleep. But sleep is the most important part of your daily activities. If you do not get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, then it can disrupt your leptin and ghrelin hormones that are responsible for regulating appetite. This may increase your cravings and hunger to a great extent. Thus, you eat more foods.
Thus, you need to get proper sleep at night. Also, stress can have a powerful impact on your weight and appetite. Avoid taking too much stress.

8. Eliminate Sugar Containing Drinks

One of the most important steps to lose weight faster is to eliminate all types of sugary drinks. Undoubtedly soda, soft drinks, and many other conventional mocktails contain an excess amount of sugar. When you are drinking them, you are having a lot of calories. So, it is always better to stay away from such drinks as they can mess up with your health and leave a long-lasting impact.

9. Do Exercises Regularly


No matter how much you feel lazy, never give up on a workout. You have to do exercises daily. It is very important to burn your calories to stay healthy and fit. Also, exercises help you to get rid of excess fats from your body. Hence, you will be able to lose weight too. A regular morning workout of 30 to 45 minutes is considered to be perfect for losing weight. If you get lesser time to exercise, then you must spend at least 10 minutes walking on roads or up and down the stairs. Walking is also a great way to lose weight, especially stairs can do wonders.

10. Eating Water-rich Foods

Experts always suggest having water-rich foods that can reduce your overall intake of calorie. Water-rich foods include tomatoes, cucumbers, and zucchini. Also, salads and soups are rich in water and are also filling in nature. So, having salads with lots of zucchini, tomatoes and roasted chicken or egg can help you to gain good nutrients reducing the calorie intake.

11. Increase Fruits & Veggies In Your Diet

Besides the protein-rich foods like chicken and eggs, it is also important to increase your veggie and fruit intake. Roasted or boiled veggies like carrots, broccoli, and asparagus can be highly beneficial to lose weight faster. You can try out different veggie-friendly dishes like omelets and stir-fries for a change yet healthy. Also, stick to fruits strictly after the breakfast. This will help you to take a small portion of lunch.

24 Hour Fast for Weight Loss- [Should You Try It?]

24 Hour Fast for Weight Loss- [Should You Try It?]

24 Hour Fast for Weight Loss

Many people are starting to see the connection between a 24 hour fast and
weight loss and are experiencing all the benefits of losing weight in a
healthy and natural way. It’s even been said that intermittent fasting
can help you live longer, as it improves insulin resistance which is the
biggest catalyst for many health factors, including weight loss and
muscle building; anti-aging and disease prevention.

What is 24 hour fast for weight loss exactly?

The process involves you developing an eating cycle that follows an “eat, stop, eat” approach. Basically, you’re allowed to eat whatever you like for the first 24
hour period (seriously), followed by a fasting period which is supposed to cover the next 24 hours, never forgetting to get the basics like water. After that, you
This is a more natural way of eating and was probably the way cavemen would eat. Think about it – they would probably eat a huge meal when they caught an
animal one day, followed by a period of “downtime” until they could hunt again the next. In the interim, their natural defenses would prepare them for a period
of starvation, increasing their metabolism to give them the energy to look for food. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself.

How do 24 hour fast for weight loss work?

Unlike crash diets (otherwise known as fad diets), this type of fasting doesn’t require you to go without food for days on end. It just takes advantage of that
window of opportunity that comes roughly 24 hours after your last meal to help burn those calories, not to mention the money you’ll save on groceries or the
various health benefits that go along with it like lower blood pressure and, most important of all, effective weight loss.

Here are the main 24 hour fast for weight loss benefits that stand out the most:

– Detoxification


 Detoxing is one of the most important fasting benefits of all. As you fast, undergoes a self-cleaning process, when freed from constant food processing. This allows it to wipe out your body toxins accumulated during heavy lunches or quick fast-food meals. And after that, you feel just great!

– Developing Patience

Most people tend to overlook this enormous fasting benefit. Unfortunately, most of us actually lack this important quality, not only
during diets but mostly in everyday life. You see, patience comes from self-control, and this one is like a muscle: the more you train it, the stronger it gets. So,
along with other fasting benefits, you also become stronger mentally!

These fasting benefits are just the general ones. The truth is, apart from these ones, every person experiences his own benefits from the process of fasting
because every one of us is unique. And definitely, each one of us deserves to be in the shape that he or she wants to be!

Is it safe to 24 hour fast for weight loss?

The biggest two issues people have, or think they have when going on an intermittent fasting program are energy issues and hunger issues. If you decide to
postpone or cancel your breakfast and have experienced in the past those times when you have, you may remember how that lack of food led to low energy levels. They can only imagine how hungry and miserable they’ll be until that first meal of the day. And that may be the case for a while.

But we humans are both stuck in a routine, but if we can break those habits we are also very adaptable. This means that if you can get past those painful times
when our bodies break from past routines until it can adopt a new routine, there is a good chance you will be greatly rewarded. This short period of time will not
cause any harm to a healthy person, but if a person has blood sugar regulation issues, hypoglycemia or diabetic issues they should certainly consult with their
dietician or doctor. But for a healthy person, it actually takes our bodies about 84 hours of fasting before our glucose levels fall to dangerous levels.

How to effectively 24 hour fast for weight loss

Don’t make your fast too long or too short

An ideal fast length for weight-loss and health benefits is between 16 and 24 hours depending on age, experience and exact goals. Any less than this won’t
really give you the results you want (remember you are already fasting for 10-12 hours overnight) and any longer than this is simply unnecessary and can be
harder to adapt to.

Drink a lot of water when fasting

This type of weight loss will, on the other hand, assist you to detoxify your body and let it function more efficiently. In order to help this process, you should
increase your water intake. The best way to do this has a glass/bottle of water with you at all times so that you can sip regularly.

Break your fast with a healthy meal


The first thing you eat after a fat should be a healthy meal. Apart from the obvious benefits of eating healthy food, this also leaves less space for eating junk.
Given that you might only have 8 hours to eat your daily food, filling up on the good stuff first is always a good option.

Time your food around your workouts

It goes without saying that working out should be part of any healthy eating plan. The centerpiece of your training efforts should be weight-training or
bodyweight training. Try to eat most of your food in the period immediately after your workout. In this way, your body will be more likely to use these calories
to rebuild and repair rather than be stocked as fat.

Don’t sweat the details

One of the real benefits of this method of fasting for weight loss is that it is not necessary to count calories or grams of macronutrients. This can be a pain and makes diets difficult to stick to. Follow principles and the details will take care of themselves for 24 hour fast for weight loss.

15 Healthiest Foods in The World- [That Burns Fat]

15 Healthiest Foods in The World- [That Burns Fat]

15 Healthiest Foods in The World

Cutting weight involves not only workouts but also eating the healthiest foods. There exist foods that help shed those extra pounds due to the natural substances and nutrients they contain. Here are 15 healthiest foods in the world for weight loss:

1. Wild Salmon


Salmon contains high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids which cause the shrinkage of fat cells by reducing inflammation. It also boosts the rate of metabolism by
activating the processes of the thyroid gland.

2. Bone Broth

Packed rich with vital amino acids, bone broth helps to promote muscle growth. As a result, your body will have less fat deposits. It also helps to cut weight by
enhancing metabolism. The higher the rate of metabolism in your body, the more the fat burned. Over time, your weight reduces. While today’s diet contains no
provision for bone broth, you can do a favor to your health by boiling beef bone and making the broth a part of your daily meals.

3. The Juice of Tomatoes

In a study whose results were published in the British Journal of Nutrition, tomato juice was found to help overweight women shed extra fat. The researchers
attributed this to the ability of the juice to lower the levels of adiponectin, a protein that’s concerned with breaking down of fat. Tomato juice also fights
inflammation, causing fat cells to shrink. It makes the juice one of the healthiest foods you can gulp down your throat.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar


It helps you shed extra fat by reducing your cravings for sugar. When taken just before a meal, apple cider vinegar helps to bring about satiety on fewer
amounts of food. It will also flush out the many toxins that may have invaded your body and acts as a purely natural way to give your body a detox. Add about
two tablespoons of it to a glass of pure water to dilute it before drinking.

5. Rooibos Tea


Although rooibos tea is more of a herbal drink than food, its weight loss properties cannot go unnoticed. It helps to speed up metabolism, leading to more fat
being burned. The fat burning capability comes from the many flavonoids and phytochemicals it contains. Used daily, it helps your body shed fat in addition to
energizing you.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper causes an increase in the rate of your body’s metabolism, leading to faster burning of deposited fat. You become leaner and healthier. For
effective fat-burning meals, just sprinkle small amounts of cayenne on your meals and enjoy tasty food that will help you shed those extra pounds.

7. Chicken

Unbelievably, chicken is one of the healthiest foods that help burn body fat. It contains protein that makes your body develop muscle tissue at the expense of fat
deposits. The protein in chicken also helps to prevent muscle wasting. Incorporating chicken into your meals also means you will eat less because it causes
satiation on little food. On top of this, you will not feel hunger pangs until long after, helping to prevent frequent snacking which would lead to adding more weight. The best chicken to eat for fat burning is organic chicken.

8. Coconut Oil


While coconut is a source of fat, the fat is natural, safe, and quite healthy. Coconut oil helps your body burn fat by increasing the activity of the thyroid gland.
The thyroid gland is concerned with metabolism. The more active the gland is, the more fat that your body burns. Using coconut oil to cook your foods
ensures body fat is burned to give you a leaner body.

9. Whey Protein

Whey protein increases your body’s muscle tone, helping to drive away fat. It also energizes you so you can feel motivated to get on with your fat-burning
workouts. You can take whey protein by adding it to your smoothie for a healthy breakfast, or you can take it as a supplement. It provides a healthy way to
boost your energy levels while not stacking the amounts of stored fat.

10. Chia Seeds


By reducing cravings for sugar, chia seeds help you eat less of the foods that increase weight. The seeds also help to increase your energy levels so you can
carry out your workouts for long without exhaustion. As a result, you burn more body fat. Chia seeds also help to slow down digestion. Eating the seeds means
minimized absorption of nutrients, especially carbohydrates. The slow stream of digested food into the bloodstream causes your body to turn to the body’s
stored fat for energy.

11. The Beef of Grass-fed Animals

Contrary to what you may have heard concerning beef, the food can help you to shed body fat. The fat-burning capability stems from the dense amounts of
proteins contained in it. The proteins help to bring about satiety from consuming food that doesn’t have many calories that would cause weight gain. The protein
found in grass-fed beef also helps to promote the growth of muscles instead of fat being deposited. The reason to eat grass-fed beef only is that it contains fewer
amounts of fat.

12. Matcha Green Tea


The drink helps to lower body fat amounts in addition to lowering the levels of cholesterol. After a rigorous workout, the tea helps to repair damaged tissue so
you can continue exercising. Regularly drinking matcha tea will keep your weight down over time.

13. Vegetables

Vegetables are among the healthiest foods that can be taken in any quantity without posing a health risk. They cause satiation on less food, helping you to avoid
overeating. They also contain various vitamins and minerals that work together to increase metabolism. Having plenty of them accompanying your meals helps
to burn fat through increased metabolism and satiety on less food.

14. Grapefruit

The grapefruit is not only packed dense with vitamins, it also helps to burn fat in the body. It contains certain enzymes that help your body in the breaking down
of sugar to release energy. The action speeds up metabolism, and stored energy is used at a faster rate. Grapefruit will also cause satiation on fewer calories,
further helping the processes of burning body fat to release energy. You can have a grapefruit or two alongside your regular meals, especially breakfast. Or you
can squeeze its juice in a glass of pure water to enjoy its great taste and fat-burning properties.

15. Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are rich in probiotics, with kefir and yogurt topping the list when it comes to the health benefits of fermented foods. Probiotics promote gut
health. An unhealthy gut as a result of an overgrowth of bacteria causes cravings for sugar-containing foods, leading to weight gain. By regularly eating kefir
and yogurt, you won’t feel the urge to snack on carbs, and the fat-burning process becomes more effective.
With these world’s healthiest foods that promote the burning of fat, you’re assured of a healthy body that’s leaner. Making them a regular part of your meals
helps to bring results sooner.

12 Quick and Easy Healthy Meals- [Foods You Will Love]

12 Quick and Easy Healthy Meals- [Foods You Will Love]

12 Healthy Meals

Having healthy meals added to your diet is always a great start to weight loss. No matter which age group you belong to, the one most amazing thing you desire is a healthy body with no fat accumulated across your belly or other body
parts. You want a perfect figure and a fresh glowing skin. But don’t know how to get it? Well, that is not a difficult task if you start following some of the very
easy, fast and effective tips to stay healthy. Figure out your healthy meals timings, keep track of water intake every day and the routine on which you are doing

If you can make a routine on this, then definitely you can stop yourself from eating all that junk which is ready to eat but not ready to digest in your body as fast
as you might think. That junk hearty burger and your delicious nuggets with extra fries and beverages has tongued your happiness, but what about your stomach?

Your stomach doesn’t want that because that fast food is not only creating layers of fat over the fat but also weakening your immune system.
Eating such a non-healthy yet tasty food may be good for you occasionally but making a habit to eat it every day or in alternative days may result in severing
issues like diseases at an early age, such as blood pressure, heart disease, sugar or other fatal cardiac issues.
You want to grow old with the same potential, young looking charming attractive looks and energy as you might have now? Then gear up, bring the ultimate
diet into your routine and be ready to eat healthy stay healthy. Leave your entire previous takeaway favorite restaurant, dining out places behind. And start
spending some time with your kitchen.

Top 12 Healthy Meals:

Talking about healthy meals, the first thing that pops into the head is a bunch of green vegetables, an apple, juices and a glass of milk with it. Yes, this is right and
it will make the best combination if added some chicken or beef with low fats/ oil quantity such that the meal remains healthy and at the same time it is tasty to

Moving down the track here are some of the easy to cook, yet healthy meals:

1. Vanilla Smoothie with Additional Fruit Smug


This is a pure healthy and easy to make the smoothie for your breakfast. All you need is some vanilla extract/ ice-cream with strawberry or blackberries and
milk to make this smoothie for your breakfast feast. It would hardly take your 5 minutes to make this, but the energetic ingredients are enough to make your day
healthy. The contents of this smoothie will provide your body with vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates. This smoothie is low carb-diet so it can result in giving
your body potential along with a fine taste of the drink. You can make it a night before and keep it in your refrigerator to have early morning or take it along for

2. Green onion Egg omelet, Bacon, Toast, Avocado

Try your another healthy breakfast technique with making low-fat green onions omelet and have it with the freshly baked toast and avocado. You can add bacon
to the menu in case there is more room for a meal in your stomach. If you can feel satisfied with the healthy meals, then have it in your daily menu with some additional
green tea or fresh orange juice. Adding low oil to fry is essential as this can be a plus for people to lower their use of oily things craving. And get back to low-fat diet such that they can improve their eating habits. This food will definitely make you feel proud of your cooking abilities.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes are one of the most common and most healthy breakfast food that is made and eaten by a large group of people around the globe. The pancakes can end
your internal desires and cravings for eating something sweet in the morning. Keeping the level of sugar low in the ingredients and putting some real pure honey
on top of the pancakes can make the best combo. You can make the best-flavored pancakes by mixing banana with egg and milk to serve your friends as a snack if
they visit you on holiday mornings and get appraised by having a fine tasteful recipe in your mind. These protein-rich diet is making your muscles strong,
increasing your mobility and chances to enhance the immune system.

4. Chicken Wrapped in Pickled Salad


Ever tried to make that fantastic tuna or chicken wrap at home? Bet not. Then give it a try and make the world’s best and customized chicken wrap at home.
You are free to add in your favorite spices and sauces, make sure you are using tomatoes, cucumber and salad leaves in the menu as they are the real energy
concentrated ingredients in the dish, and pure healthy diet component. Keep the quantity of marinated chicken low, and vegetables high. Because you are
concentrating on making this one of the best healthy meals possible. Take the bread and put some sausages on its inner side, later do the filling of the salads. You can add the
pickled salad inside the wrap or eat it along. Home-made delicious salt and pepper rich healthy chicken wraps are ready.

5. Thai Corn-Chicken Soup


Get up and have one of the tastiest fresh soups. You can put a baby corn or the corn buds in this soup to make it more delicious. Corn is helpful in strengthening
your skin, making it look fresh, improving skin tone, and strengthening your hair. A lot of benefits in just one dish, plus it is stomach friendly. All these
ingredients are providing the best combination when mixed and cooked together. You can add carrot or finely chopped green chili to it to make it more
delicious. Remember to have a little vinegar and red chili sauce to make sure both your tongue and stomach are happy with you. Fresh soups can be the best
appetizer along-side the main course. But for people who want to quit junk and try to put themselves on dieting, this energy-rich soup is a blessing for them.

6. Chicken Hummus Wrap with Roasted Tomatoes

Have you ever tasted hummus or tried to make its combination with any vegetable which is mildly roasted? If no, then try this recipe, it is one quick and easy to
make the dish which will only need white grams powder and some sauces to make hummus along with a bread to wrap it and do not forget to put the roasted
tomatoes in it, this will add to the flavor of the entire dish. If you do not like tomatoes you can go with grilled meat or chicken to get your perfect food combo.

7. Vegetable Pasta

Try some Italian dish here. Get into your kitchen and look how that green pasta will feel like while eating when there is no chicken or minced meat in it. The
vegetables that will be used in making the recipe are carrots, peas, avocado, chopped tomato sauce, coriander, capsicum. All these ingredients will give a totally
eye-catching appetizing meal with a 100% healthy meals item. And the boiled pasta, thus nothing is either fired or cooked using oil and the dish can be made
tasty adding some cheese and white sauce with salt and pepper upon need. This pasta can be made yummier if the ingredients are left half cooked, such that
with each bite the taste of vegetables is revived in the mouth and the dish remains healthy to eat as well.

8. Spaghetti and Meat Balls


With changing trends in eating habits, there is a change in the choice of the people. To meet the standards the dishes have been evolving. Such that the spaghetti
and meatball is an old combination but the number of ingredients may vary from region to region. In some areas of the world, this dish is made with more saucy
spaghetti, while in other the spaghetti are left plain, whereas the meatballs are made a bit saucy and more spicy to add flavor. Whereas, healthy diet in this is a
low carbohydrate, more protein ingredients. And if you want to add more healthy minerals then put some fresh green vegetables to enhance the flavor, aroma,
and texture of your lunch.

9. Chicken Manchurian and White Rice

This is a traditional continental dish which has been evolving for years, first, it was a soupy vegetable dish with plain white rice. But now the modern form of
“Chinese rice” is a concentrated vegetable curry with fine long cubes of chicken cut and chopped according to the size of the vegetables and plain white rice.
This is one of its own kind of flavor, as the fresh vegetables like carrots and capsicum are cooked in the chopped tomato paste with little salt and black pepper
to smug the taste all over. If you have never tried this recipe before, then you surely need to give this vitamin-rich, mineral concentrated dish this weekend and
share your views with us.

10. Club Sandwich


The club sandwich is every time, every to go dish. You can have it for breakfast with low carbohydrates, you can use it in the lunchtime, and at night to save
your time and have the perfect meal with healthy items in it. Use rounded cut tomato slices and cucumber slices to add in the bottom, put an egg omelet or
sauce layer on it, then again fit in one slice of bread, and put your main menu item on the top of the second layer. May it be a chicken or beef sandwich make
sure you are using a healthy quantity of vegetables and they are fresh and more in proportion to other things. Using the white sauce can reduce the need of
adding any spices. But you can still add if you want to.

11. Stuffed Capsicum

One of the easy to cook and healthy meal in your diet is a stuffed capsicum. Again using the red and green vegetables on the table in different forms and having
a whole new tasty experience is the demand of your diet plan. Don’t forget to add a little bit of cheese or an egg in it to stick together the filling before you put
the stuffing in and heat/ bake the capsicum. This can be another breakfast option with additional mushroom, avocado, sweet potato boiled aside the main course
to have a healthy and light meal all at the same time.

12. Chicken Parmesan

The healthy chicken parmesan is an easy and time-saving dish in which you have to make the real tasty noodles with chicken breasts grilled and using cheese
along to complete the combination do not forget tomato sauce, zucchini, and breadcrumbs. Cook it like the professionals in any hotel cook and serve with some
chopped green vegetables. It can be a capsicum to enrich the taste of this dish and fill your plate with high nutrient diet.
Here are some of the mouth-watering, easy to make and handy dishes which are not only making your health better but they are surely saving you from a lot of
expenses that you have been doing and worrying about in the past few months. Hope it is not difficult to surprise your mom, girlfriend or wife now because you
can cook and stay healthy by yourself.

Are you ready to try these mouth-watering dishes? And check your cooking talents. Don’t forget to exercise along if you actually want to be a healthy person
with the good body and sharp mind. Best of luck! And share your valuable comments with us.