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How to Lose Weight Fast for Teen Girls – 8 Steps

The teenage years come with a lot of self-discovery, fun, and woes. From acne, angst, raging hormones, boy trouble, weight gain, peer pressure, parties, extended curfews to academics and extracurricular and even thinking seriously about career choices. It can either be the best time of your life or the more confusing or even a mixture of it all. You are halfway between child and adult and it is always a challenge deciding which side to lean towards more.

The last thing you want to be dealing with on top of everything is your weight. But this is a time when most girls are self-conscious and it is a great time for great habits to be born.

Studies have shown that obesity has become prevalent in teenagers especially in the US and the world health organization predicts that there will be more obese children and teenagers than starving ones by 2022. In the US alone 20.6% of the teenagers are obese or overweight.

It is pertinent that you do not become part of the statistics and the older one gets, the harder it is to get rid of the weight because the metabolism slows down and also, habits are harder to break. So what can a teenage girl do to lose weight?

1. Develop a healthy relationship with food

It is said that weight loss is 80% diet and only 20% exercise. Since food is an integral part of your weight loss journey, we are going to spend quite a bit of time on this part.

· Do not skip meals.

Have a healthy breakfast. Studies have demonstrated that missing meals can be counter-productive as your body holds on to any food it gets because it is trying to prepare for starvation. This may lead you to gain the weight you were trying to keep off. Skipping meals also makes you binge the next time you eat because you are hungrier than necessary and overeating leads to weight gain. What you should do instead is have regular meals but have reasonable portions. Do not eat more than you need to.

· Ditch junk food for healthier meals.


Have a balanced diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Balance out your nutrients. Junk food tends to have empty calories and it is highly addictive. You eat lots of food that is not helping your body except making you gain excessive weight. But if you eat healthier meals, you will feel more energetic and be healthier.

· Have healthy snacks.

Do away with processed foods and choose better options like fruit or healthy nuts. These might not seem very appetizing but you will be happy that you made the choice when you start to wear smaller sizes. Know what your body needs. Eat high fiber foods like kale because they keep you fuller for longer and so you do not eat unnecessary calories. Foods rich in calcium are needed because your body is still developing and you need strong bones and teeth. Meat, eggs, and spinach are rich in iron which helps oxygen flowing through your bloodstream.

It is very important to make the right food choices if you are to have sustainable results.

2. Get enough sleep


It is so tempting to stay up late watching your favorite shows, checking social media or even studying but do not underestimate the importance of sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, you often feel tired and lethargic and can be tempted to eat so as to increase your energy levels. Sleep deprivation also increases stress levels which leads to emotional eating. Sleeping lets your body rest and repair itself and this is important in regulating hormones and can be a vital part of your weight loss process.

3. Exercise

Do not have a sedentary lifestyle. Play a sport, take walks, go play in the park, go hiking with friends or family. Do not just lock yourself up in your room on your phone or on your computer. When the body is not active, it does not use up the extra energy which is then stored as fat.

4. Drink lots of water

Make water your best friend. It helps with digestion, helps in the fat burning process in your body and also clears your skin. Water after exercising revives you. Water, before you eat, helps you feel full faster so you eat less. Water improves your metabolism. So much to love about water.

5. Lose weight the right way

Avoid weight loss fads and diets like the plague. Do not rely on weight loss pills and other magic potions that promise quick weight loss. Diets restrict your nutrient intake, and nutrients are needed for your body to grow. The pills and supplements may not work and have been known to be dangerous. Fine, you might lose the weight but it will come back just as quickly as you gained it and even more. It is better to build a system that works and will stand the test of time. That is eating the right foods and exercise.

6. Do not develop disorders

Frustration, low self-esteem, and teasing can lead to one developing habits like eating too little, bulimia or use of laxatives. Do not let it get to that. If you feel you might be developing an eating disorder please get help. There are plenty of other healthier ways to help you get rid of the weight.

7. Soda is not your friend

Cut sugary stuff out of your diet. Soda may be too good to give up but for the sake of your health, limit its intake. Replace it with unsweetened tea or water. They are better options to keep you hydrated.

8. Go easy on yourself


Set realistic goals. Love yourself at whatever weight you are at. Make sure that your reasons to lose weight are genuine and not a means to an end. Do not do it because you want to love yourself. Or want to be happy. Be happy or love yourself regardless and therefore the journey will not be frustrating.

Also, do not deprive yourself of everything you love. Have a cheat day where you get to eat your favorite junk food or ice-cream. Keep it to once a week so that it feels more like a reward for all the healthy choices you made all week long.

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