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Most people gain weight because of poor lifestyle and it is unfortunate that the same lifestyle can stop you from getting the time needed to hit the gym.

When we talk of lifestyle, it’s not only the foods we eat but lack of exercise is also a major contributing factor.

With a busy schedule, you will rarely find the time to do some simple exercises even at home, let alone going to the gym.

Neither do you get time to prepare a healthy meal and always end up at your favorite fast food restaurant.

If that has been your lifestyle, then today you can get some relief because you can still lose weight and stay healthy with your busy schedule.

Here are simple tips on how to make losing weight a habit when you’re always busy and have no time.

Get professional guidance

There are many professionals that can give you helpful information regarding your health and weight loss.

It can be a well-qualified dietitian or even if you do a regular visit to your doctor.

You can know if you’re overweight and under any risk of being obese.

The dietitian or nutritionist will give you appropriate advice on the best meal plan as well as how to maintain a healthy habit.

You can also get advice about the best exercises that suit you for faster weight loss. 


Many overweight people tend to eat alone.

They cook on their own, and they have no time to share a meal with friends or even relatives especially if they live alone.

It’s not bad to be a loner, but when it comes to losing weight, you need some motivation, and you can get this if you socialize.

This will encourage social meetings like hosting dinner with friends, attend different parties, and even doing exercises as a group.

This will regulate your eating habits and keep you away from stress which is a contributing factor to weight gain.

Adopt a habit of eating homemade meals


Many people have been surrounded by many affordable and convenient food options and find no time to cook a healthy meal at home.

Well, cooking can sometimes be time-consuming for those with a very busy schedule but did you know you can cook plenty of nutrient-dense meals and keep it in your freezer for more than a week?

It is important to make your own food because it is healthy.

You will be able to prepare the healthiest diet that will help you regulate your weight.

So, plan early and prepare your meals if you plan on losing weight.

Option for lighter lunch

Lunch is the only food which should give you a lot of energy since you’re going to stay active throughout the day.

This doesn’t mean you should consume foods with too many calories.

Too many calories than your body can burn in a day is the main cause of weight problems.

How about pack some home cooked lunch instead of rushing for unhealthy lunch in your favorite restaurant.

You will not only enable your body to stay healthy but also save some money.

Prepare a simple lunch which consists of green vegetable, salad, and some fruits.

Remember to include protein in every meal you take.

Make time for simple exercises

No matter how healthy your diet is, without exercise, you won’t get any good results.

It is, therefore important that you make time for regular exercises.

This will give you a positive impact on your body weight and keep you from diseases associated with too much body weight.

To do this, you can decide to walk home once in a while after work or in the morning.

Also, consider taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

If you get time, you can go for a morning jog or a group run.

Set a target that you want to meet to help you stay faithful to your fitness routine.

Limit alcohol intake


Alcohol is a big setback for anybody who’s trying to lose weight.

It contains too many calories than proteins, fats, or even carbohydrates.

These are empty calories because they come with no nutrients and no energy to help burn them.

Therefore, you need to limit your alcoholic intake to allow your body to burn calories without gaining unnecessary ones easily.

So, instead of passing by a bar to grab a bottle of beer, you can take the time to do some exercises at home.

Don’t be afraid to change

You should always be flexible in accepting several trials and changes in your weight loss journey.

If you don’t see any progress after several attempts, you should not give up.

You must accept the situation and try a different method.

Remember, every technique works differently for different people.

So, just because it worked for your friend doesn’t mean you must get the same results.

Try several techniques until you get to the one suitable for you.

Choose a diet that is appropriate for your body

Diet is a very important factor for your weight loss.

However, you must consider your health condition before adopting any diet changes.

If you’re not careful, the diet you choose may end up increasing your body weight instead of reducing it or even worse, interfere with your health.

Therefore, you need to figure out which diet is essential for your body health.

Talk to your doctor before commencing with any diet change or program.

Control your cravings for snacks

If you have a habit of eating snacks and desserts such as cakes and ice cream, you may find it hard to break away from such habits.

You need to remind yourself of your goal of weight loss whenever your taste buds demand these delicious treats.

They may be tasty in your mouth, but the effects they bring afterward are more than the fun you got while eating.

Keep snacks out of reach and always make sure you eat plenty or proteins because they’ll keep you full for longer and keep you from unnecessary snack cravings.


Weight loss is a long journey that involves a lot of sacrifices and lifestyle changes.

If you care about your health, you will not mind the challenges and stay true to healthy living habits.

So, try to adopt some of these tactics into your busy schedule so that you shave off the stubborn body fat.

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