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8 Tips to Lose Weight Really Fast

Various methods can be used to lose weight. However, if you`re on a tight deadline, say preparing for a wedding, you need methods that can work really fast. In this article below, we’ll look at 8 effective tips you can use to lose weight really fast.

Our tips entail diet selection, lifestyle changes, and exercises.

1. Choose a Low-Carb Diet


The first step towards losing weight really fast is curbing the triggers or rather the major causes for weight gain. One of the major causes is carbohydrates and

While it’s obvious that eating less on any diet will translate to fewer calories you burn hence rapid weight loss; dieting is not an effective weight loss method.
Ultimately one will be tempted into taking an excess of the sugars.

With a low-carb diet, however, even without factoring the calories you take, a low carb diet naturally causes you to want to eat less. Additionally, it has been
proven that sugars and starch tend to increase the appetite levels.

Therefore, a low carb diet is a sure-fire way of cutting weigh fast. With this diet, even though the calories count, you will not need counting them.

2. Only Eat when Hungry

Stunningly, you will be surprised by the number of people who eat because of habit, boredom, frustration or stress. This behavior is so ingrained in our minds that some of us have forgotten the feeling of physical hunger. In any case, if you`re hankering for a specific type of food/dish, then probably that is not hunger
but probably a desire or craving. Craving is contrary to real hunger where you do not discriminate anything that falls on your plate.

However, if you`re looking to lose weight really fast, we`re not recommending that you starve yourself to near-death; no, what we`re commending is that you
should learn to recognize signs of food cravings and desires. In a nutshell, only eat you’re your body needs foods but not wants food.

3. Do Not Skip Meals

There`s a weight loss misconception that advocates for skipping meals to lose weight. Regrettably, many individuals under DIY weight loss regime have
subscribed to this fallacy.

Allow us to debunk this myth to you; skipping your meals will not lead to rapid weight loss. See, skipping your meal or going for long without eating does
double-harm to your body. First, it slows down the rate of metabolism.

Secondly, it naturally prims your body for a binge eating for your next meal.

Therefore, you find yourself subconsciously eating more food than your regular portion to “compensate” for the skipped meal, which will naturally lead to
weight gain.

4. Eat Real Foods and Avoid Sugary Snacks


With our busy work schedule, it`s common to find people substituting “real food” for sugary snacks such as burgers and fries for their main meal.

In this sense, the real food we mean food that humans have traditionally been eating for thousands of years such as fish, veggies, fruits, butter and olive oils, as
opposed to cookies, chocolate bars, ice cream.

If you`re looking to lose weight fast, focus on quality foods and avoid most of the processed foods.

5. Avoid Beer

Have you wondered why beer is commonly referred to as “beer belly” or “liquid bread.”

Beer has diuretic properties, meaning that it is rapidly absorbed into the body. Being a by-product of starchy grains, it contains large quantities of carbs, which
when rapidly digested, they shut down the fat burning process. With the process shut, it naturally leads to weight gain.

If you can`t keep your hands off the bottle, other safer alternative that does not contain carbs or sugar includes; wine, hard liquor, and dry champagne.

6. Sleep More

Funnily, lack of adequate sleep has been associated with weight gain- and not because of the late-night munchies, but numerous studies have indicated that
having less than the stipulated 7 hours of sleep slows down your metabolism rate.

Aside from medical conditions, most cases of sleep deprivation are often stress-related. With increased stress level, your body releases cortisol-This hormone is
responsible for weight gain as it results in increased hunger feelings.

Therefore, if you`re looking for effective ways to lose your weight fast, you should consider ways to relieve or handle your stress levels and increase the number of sleeping hours.

7. Drink Plenty of Water

If you`re looking to cut your weight expeditiously, you should then consider drinking plenty of water and avoid any other fluids. Yes, fluids such as cola, fruit
smoothie or energy drinks contain large quantities of calories-some contain as high as 100% calories and only fill you up with nothing to show.
Additionally, other fluids might be rich in sodium and carb, tricking your body into retaining water, thus puffing you out.

See, water is natural and calorie-free, zero-sodium and zero-carbs, making it the perfect slim-fluid. Moreover, water is vital for removing the excess sodium in
the body. Strangely enough, water is also responsible for removing excess water and reduce bloating, which actually helps in jumpstarting your metabolism.

If drinking plain water feels bland and boring, you can source it from fruits such as cucumber, melons, and cranberries- all which have diuretic properties and
are rich in fiber content to keep you full always.

8. Exercise Wisely

I know you`re wondering why exercising came at the bottom of the list. This is because exercises are overrated, and nor all exercises are sure to have you lose
weight fast. In fact, you do not really need exercises to cut weight, but they are still recommended to keep your weight in check. Nonetheless, any exercise is
better than no exercise.

However, for the exercises to work, they need to be in conjunction with the rest of the tips. Ideally, ensure that you visit the gym at least thrice or four times a
week, and perform some light to moderate exercises.

By doing so, you will burn lots of calories and reduce slowing of your metabolism.

From the above tips, it`s evident that to lose weight really fast is not such a challenge as it seems. However, for the tips to work, you need to exercise
persistence. You should follow all the tips of the word to achieve your desired result.

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