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8 Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercising

Losing weight and becoming a healthier person is always on the top of everybody’s New Year’s resolutions list. However, with busy schedules and expensive gym memberships, fitness quickly falls to the bottom of our list. But, there are some solutions to help you shed the pounds without going to the gym or exercising period. Here are 8 ways you can lose weight without exercising.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Drinking water is one of the easiest ways to help you lose weight without exercising. By drinking water, you are filling yourself up and when you go to eat,
your appetite won’t be as big, and you won’t eat as much because you’re already full off water. Drink 17 ounces (a regular-sized water bottle) when
you first wake up and then drink one an hour and a half before each meal. You can even push yourself to lose more weight by eliminating all sugar and calorie-filled drinks from your diet completely.

2. Sleep


If you are a super busy person then you know how hard a good night’s rest is to come by but, did you know that if you got more sleep, it could affect your
appetite? When you are sleeping, the proteins that help to regulate your appetite and stress levels come alive to help everything continue to flow the right way.
When you are not getting enough sleep, these proteins are being disturbed which can cause you to crave more of the unhealthy foods instead of the healthy
ones. So, try to catch up on some rest and watch the pounds shed without one lick of exercise.

3. Portion Control

We all know that when we are trying to eat healthier, portion control is something we have to watch. We are so used to eating larger sized meals that when it’s
time to eat better, it’s hard not to crave more. But, portion control is one of the ways you can lose weight without exercise. You can still eat the things that you
love, just cut back on how much you eat. If you normally eat 2 tacos on taco night, cut back to just 1 and incorporate a healthy snack and water to help keep you
full. Simple as that.

4. Eat Foods High in Fiber


When you eat foods that are high in fiber, it can help you to feel fuller for a longer period of time. It can also help reduce your food intake. You can find fiber in foods such as beans, oats, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges, and flax seeds. These are all easy finds at the grocery store so, no need to worry about trying to find some complicated ingredients so you can get started on your weight loss journey. Fiber can also help you have more bowel movements if you normally get
constipated or just don’t go a lot. By having more bowel movements, you can easily shed pounds, too!

5. Hide Unhealthy Snacks

When you have your unhealthy snacks in a place that is easily accessible, it makes you want to eat more of it. So, if you hide them somewhere out of sight, you
are less likely to think about it and in turn, less likely to eat that particular snack. When you have these snacks where you can see them, you will most likely
have increased hunger and cravings which would cause you to eat more and more of that particular snack. However, if you keep healthy snacks out on your
countertop, you will be more inclined to eat them instead of the candy you have hidden. This is another easy way to lose weight without exercising.

6. Slow Down

Chewing slowly has been proven to help you lose weight without exercising. When you chew fast, your brain doesn’t have enough time to process that you are
full. However, when you chew slowly and thoroughly, your brain will be able to tell you when your stomach has had enough. If you eat fast, you have a very
high chance of becoming obese because you will be inclined to eat more. A habit to help you slow down while chewing is to count how many times you chew.
This gives your brain plenty of time to process everything that’s going on in your body.

7. Plating

The way you plate your food can be a super helpful way if you are trying to lose weight without actually exercising. Using smaller plates can help you eat less
because it will make your portions look bigger than what they are. Today, dinner plates are way bigger than what they used to be which makes people want to
eat more and more. You could also serve your healthy meals on larger plates so, you can eat more of the healthy food and then plate your unhealthy food on a
smaller plate so you only eat a small amount of the unhealthy food.

8. No Distractions

The last, but not least, a method to help you lose weight without exercising is to eat without any electronic distractions. Often, if we eat while looking at our
phones or watching TV, we will come across food advertisements or our friends will post pictures of their food while they’re out to eat. This can cause you to
want to eat more just because you are already eating and their food looks good, too.

Also, if you are distracted, you are more likely to get distracted or lose count of how much you have actually eaten. If you eliminate all distractions while you eat, it allows you to focus more on your bodily intake and your brain can actually tell you when your stomach is full. If you don’t pay attention, you are more likely to consume way more calories which will later affect your overall weight gain. So, make sure that you pay attention to how much you’re eating because it is another way to lose weight without exercising.

All of these methods are tried and true and will help you to lose weight without going to the gym or try to squeeze in a workout session when we know we do n’t have the time. Hopefully, you try it and it will work for you!

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