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Top 10 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises for Women

The best way to lose weight by working out is to start low and work your way to the top. In this case, cardio training, strength training and flexibility training are regarded to be the best workouts for someone trying to lose weight. Kettlebells are therefore the perfect choice to archive all these.

They are basically bells that take the shape of a small bowling ball but have been fitted with a handle. Most women will usually start with small weights of about 16kg which is okay for beginners.

For the different types of workouts, you can do, the following is a list of Top 10 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises for Women that will deliver:

1. The kettlebell swing (Russian)


This is a great beginner exercise that targets the legs, back, shoulders, glutes, and the hips. Doing a perfect swing is really easy. Stand straight, grab one kettlebell with your two hands and with the palms facing down and arms to the front of the trunk. Once in this position, perform slow hip drives to the back while bending your knees slightly.

However, you should not bend too low for this not a squat. In a slow swift motion, move your hips forward and at the same time swinging the kettlebell. In the whole time, keep you’re the gut and the core busy. Lower the kettlebell down between your legs to create a swing. Repeat this swing for about 15 cycles. You’re ready to rock the Russian way!

2. Single-arm swing

For a beginner woman, this would be perfect. The good thing about it is that you can still do it even after you advance to the intermediate level. The main targets of this workout are shoulders, glutes, hips, and the back. This is similar to the Russian swing. The only minor difference is that unlike in the two hand swing, in this workout you use a single hand to swing the weight.

For best results, make sure that the free hand is also kept in sway to help create more momentum. Switch the weight to the other hand once it gets behind your legs. This helps in a balanced workout. Repeat this for about 12 times for each arm. This workout delivers.

3. Two-arm kettlebell workout 

This is a quite intense workout that brings about a lot of flexibility. It aims at shoulders, the back, and arms. It works well for both beginners and intermediate trainers. In this case, each arm grabs a kettlebell (sounds like lots of fun, right?), place the kettlebells in front of your feet and bend your knees slightly.

Bend over and grab the two kettlebells and lift them towards the belly, with your elbows close to the trunk and the back upright. Lower the kettlebells slowly and repeat this for about 15 times. For a beginner, a maximum of 15 reps is enough. I bet you feel like a champ already. 

4. Chest-loaded kettlebell swing 

This is done for about 15 reps that will give you the flexibility that you never had. Stand with your feet slightly apart. About one foot apart. Hold the kettlebell and pull it towards your lower belly and draw your shoulders together.

Composure is important. You can take a deep breath and fix your eyes on a spot on the floor, far from your feet. Bend your hips slightly towards the back until you feel your hamstrings stretch. Extend the hips and squeeze the glutes as you tuck your tailbone locking out.

By the end of 15 reps, trust me you will feel much different. 

5. Shoulder halo kettlebell workout

Do 8 reps in both directions for this workout. With the kettlebell horns placed upside down, it should be able to face upwards. Stand with your feet slightly separated and fix your feet firmly on the floor. Draw the ribs downwards and slowly start moving the kettlebell in a round motion around the head.

You should be careful not to change your posture and avoid bending your trunk in any way. You don’t want to hit your head with the kettlebell so be very careful. Make complete circles around the head and after every rep, change the direction. 

6. The hip halo kettlebell workout 

For each direction, 8 reps of this workout will do. The body remains in the same posture just as in the shoulder halo above. However, in this case, the kettlebell is held by its handle. The best length to hold the kettlebell is around arm’s length. Make slow circles around the hips. Keep switching the kettlebell from arm to arm and perfume the eight reps in a single direction and afterward, switch and repeat in the other direction. Be careful with the kettlebell.

7. Around the legs kettlebell workout

For two directions, 5 reps should be enough for a beginner woman. It is similar to the hip halo just that for this case, the weight is moved around the knee. During this workout, hips are bent towards the back and the weight is moved around a knee at a time. Stay confident and pull down your ribs. Do the five complete reps and once you’re done, switch the limbs and repeat the same for five reps. 

8. Squat and press single arm kettlebell workout 

At shoulder level, hold the kettlebell using one hand. Tuck the elbow in such a way that the forearm remains in a vertical posture. This will stretch the biceps. For beginners, don’t pick a really heavy kettlebell. Slowly perform squats all the way down for around 8 reps. Switch the weight and repeat the reps.

9. Bent over kettlebell rows 

Hold two kettlebells firmly and stand in a straight position. Hinge towards the front till your trunk gets parallel or slightly above the trunk. Drive your elbows towards the back and at the same time restrain your blades from moving. Pull the weights towards your elbows until you feel like the shoulders are almost touching. Retract the weights and repeat the same for around 8 reps. This improves flexibility to very high levels. 

10. Goblet squats 


This mainly targets the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. You don’t need a professional to do these squats. With the elbows tucked in, hold the kettlebell against your chest. Stand with your two feet positioned slightly wider than your shoulder blades. Do slow squats for up to 12 reps. It would be better if the squats are done in sets, maybe 3 or 4. When you feel the biceps tire, don’t force yourself into it because after all, you’re a beginner.

Working out isn’t just something you wake up and start doing. It needs a strategy, proper planning and needs a lot of time to achieve results. For women beginners, the best way is to start with light workouts. The above Top 10 Beginner Kettlebell Exercises for Women is a comprehensive guide to you if you look forward to starting working out. Apart from working out, remember to stay healthy for the best results.

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