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11 Best Vitamins for Women

We all know that vitamins are essential nutrients that the human body needs for functionality. Therefore, it is advisable to keep all the required vitamins in
check. Although it is possible to get all the vitamins for women from a nutrient-dense diet and careful food selection, women still experience a deficiency in
either one or two nutrient.

According to statistics, about 30 percent of the women are short of one or two vitamins, and the scary part is that the risk, increases with age. Thanks to the
supplemental multivitamins, today about 75 percent of women would likely develop vitamin deficiency if the supplements didn’t exist. With that in mind, it is
essential to understand the best vitamins for women to prevent a shortage and complications that they can cause. It can be a challenge to figure out what the best
vitamins for women are, and thus without further ado, I will proceed and provide the top 11 vitamins that women should take on a daily basis.

1. Vitamin D

Currently, women have joined the working class. The move is meant to keep up with the growing economy. However, the working lifestyle has interfered with
their vitamin D intake because they spend most of their time in an enclosed structure or covered in sunscreen. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for women as it
boosts the overall skeletal health. Also, this particular vitamin prevents mood disorders and hormone balance hence one should spend at least 15 minutes
outside on a daily basis for the better.

2. Biotin


We all know that women’s hair and skin complexion is a great treasure. The two can be used as a mark to define one’s beauty. However, most of us are not
aware of the vitamin behind the more extended and smoother hair or the spot-free skin which is biotin. The vitamin, also known as vitamin B7 assists in some
metabolic actions that fight off deficiencies affecting a woman’s hair, skin, and even nails. The vitamin can easily be acquired from eggs or avocado.

3. Antioxidant Vitamins (Vitamins A, C, and E)

These fat-soluble antioxidants are crucial in a woman’s body. They assist in fighting free radical damage, the primary cause of aging and other complications
related to the eyes, skin, and brain. For example, it is vitamin c that protects you from damages likely to be caused by environmental pollution and UV light.

4. The Bs


The B vitamins are also crucial to every woman out there. However, most people find it challenging to choose a B vitamin that can benefit them more. The B-2
helps in preventing sick headaches (migraines). There is B-12 that helps in boosting one’s mood and B-6 which assists with morning sicknesses during

5. CoQ10

Often, we find ourselves ignoring this vitamin because it is expensive. However, I can assure you that even with the cost, it is worth. The nutrient is crucial for
your brain functionalities as well as the heart. Besides, it is also helpful for women suffering from sick headaches (migraines).

6. Probiotics

Mostly, probiotics are known for the association with the intestinal tract. You probably know that they are responsible for keeping your gut healthy hence
ensuring that whole body function in the desired way. However, you probably didn’t know that when taken on a daily basis, they can help reduce colds in
women as well as clear their skin.

7. Vitamin K

Currently, heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S. among women. Did you know this vitamin is one of the few that play a significant role in
fighting heart complications? You probably didn’t have an idea. Recent studies have shown that women who consider taking vitamin K reduce the chances of a
cardiovascular attack.

Besides, vitamin K plays a significant role in building and maintaining bones, as well as control blood clotting. There are two types of vitamin K, and they are;
vitamin K1 which can easily be acquired from vegetables and vitamin K2 which is readily available in dairy products. Therefore the best way to fight the
deficiency is to include a lot of vegetables in your menu.

8. Folic Acid/ Folate


Folic acid is helpful when it comes to the human hair growth and as we all know every woman needs some good hair. However, the same folic acid is a one
most crucial vitamin that each woman should consider taking in plenty mainly when pregnant. The nutrient is vital for the baby development in the first
trimester. It helps in building the baby’s brain and spinal cord hence preventing congenital disabilities. Therefore, the vitamin deficiency is very dangerous
specifically for pregnant mothers.

9. Calcium

In the recent past, cases of older women undergoing osteoporosis have been on the rise. This event can be scary for the younger women. However, this should
not be a bother as with the right diet at the needed time one can escape the misery later. Consumption of calcium minimizes the chances of losing bone tissues
at old age among women. Studies have revealed that taking calcium, vitamin D along with magnesium can help in fighting cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

10. Fish Oil/ Omega 3s

Over and over again we have come across myths associated with the fish oil some of which are good and some which are scary. One tale that I find interesting
is that which says that the fish oil helps to lower cholesterol. However, I can ascertain you that it is just a myth, doctors prescribing the oil do so to work on a
different blood lipid called triglycerides which people confuse for their LDL and HDL cholesterol.

Omega-3s are highly needed in a woman’s body as they assist in the formation of a functional skin which I had stated earlier as a mark of beauty. Besides, the
fatty acids help in protecting the heart as well control your mood hence should be consumed on a daily basis. According to USA Today, the fish oils can help in
fighting psychopathy, a mental condition that is on the rise.

11. Magnesium

While many tend to neglect the magnesium intake because of low knowledge concerning what it has in offer, it remains one of the top minerals that each
woman should consider taking. Magnesium boosts the body’s biochemical processes. A deficiency in magnesium can be signified by leg cramps, insomnia,
anxiety, headaches, muscle spasms, and digestive issues. Therefore, it is advisable for women to take magnesium before retiring to bed.


A considerable number of women fall short of either one vitamin or two, and this mostly affects those in the older group. With the details about the top vitamins
that women should take, it will be easier to fight the deficiencies. You should also have in mind that factors such as underage, one’s economic status, and vegan
or vegetarian also impacts the scarcity.

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