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Yoga for Beginners 8 Simple Tips

Yoga for beginners is just a good practice which is centered on breath control, meditating, controlling the body, among other things. Though it might be somehow intimidating to begin, this is a healthy way of nourishing the mind, soul as well as the body. For most individuals, a normal yoga practice might be a hard thing to start. Our article talks about yoga for beginners – 8 simple important tips you should know and below are some of those tips:

1. Create a spot that is comfortable for the yoga practice

In case there is an extra room which you are ready to devote to your yoga, it is great. When you have the yoga mat being unrolled & out every other time is definitely inviting. Most individuals, however, prefer being much flexible & create some space once they need to practice. Get somewhere peaceful & quiet having enough space. Some empty wall piece might be handy also due to the fact that the wall becomes a good prop. In case you wish, it might be good & also helpful to have some good atmosphere with an incense stick or even a candle. Just be creative & get onto the mat. Create a comfortable space where you can enjoy the practice.

2. Get the yoga accessories


All that is you require is simply a yoga mat, a non-slip one is the best. The market for yoga mats is very huge but it could be worth to pay a little bit more in order to get a quality mat which will suit your needs & still last for a longer period of time. Blocks are usually a great addition though they might be replaced with things such as books & some other household items. A bolster can similarly be nice, but also a pillow stack & blankets can be used too.

Accessories & even the yoga mat are not necessarily prerequisite for practice: there are places where there are no yoga mats. You can still find a carpet where you can practice on. You should not have any excuses, all that you require is creativity.

3. Stay safe and avoid injury

This is among those tips that have no shortcuts. You should at all times watch the boundaries set for you & particularly be careful about those parts of your body that are vulnerable. These areas include the knees, neck, hips and the spine. In case you get some painful sensations, just adjust or even get out of your pose if at all it is possible. You should not force or even push.

Warm up the body well prior attempting some more advanced stretches, & keep checking in whether it feels well to be in such a pose. You should specifically be careful during the transitions between various poses or once you move in and out of a certain pose. This is because such moments can cause potential injury risk since we focus little on our alignment.

4. Select the yoga style or routine

Choose a style, certain use, a preferred duration for the class and a teacher. Search for a title which speaks directly to you & go for it. The manner in which you make your class fit for you is definitely practicing with complete awareness and with less resistance as you can. In case there exists some part which you don’t enjoy, just breathe through that part & observe what your reaction is. Remember that the manner in which you react on your mat reflects how you act in real life. In your life, you are also going to come across some situations that you do not enjoy & opt not to adjust or where you even become unable to adjust.

5. Ensure that you relax in Savasana

It is of great importance to give the body some time where it can relax fully in Savasana right after the yoga for beginners practice. Your nervous system requires time for assimilating the benefits that it has already gained as you were practicing. You might otherwise have a wired feeling after the yoga practice, particularly after some intense yoga lesson.

6. Practice yoga often


Practicing yoga even once in every week is of much benefit. Thrice a week is good, when done every day it becomes even better. It depends on whatever is going to work for you. In case you want to accomplish your goals, then it’s a good idea to set some goal where you can practice thrice a week, being capable of doing it & feeling much proud about it, as opposed to setting a goal where you practice daily and yet you feel bad about it. A failure feeling normally makes one skip practices most of the times. Therefore, you should be always honest, set some realistic goals, & later do what is achievable. A ten-minute practice is a practice still & it definitely counts.

7. Avoid comparing yourself to other people.

This can appear like a no-brainer at first, but it is certainly not. You have to constantly re-arrange yourself so that you can have all the focus on you & only you. What the yoga teacher who is in front of your class is doing has nothing to do with your life in whatever manner. He or she might fold in half just as a pretzel & later stand up on his or her hands. Enjoy those moments which you have as you progress. The point that you are currently is very crucial. It is the beginning of a good practice.

8. Enjoy the practice.

Avoid overdoing anything; in case you feel that you aren’t enjoying the yoga for beginners practice, you are definitely not going to keep it up. It is supposed to be a thing that you always appreciate doing. You can maybe attempt some other yoga styles or even change your teacher in case you feel as if yoga has started being a chore.


In case you can easily practice yoga thrice or even more every week, you are likely going to see some improvements in terms of flexibility, strength, quality of sleep, & the general well being. Everyone’s body is different, therefore this is definitely relative. Doing a starter yoga for beginners practice once or even twice every week is going to help you in maintaining things just as they appear, while you see some minor improvements with time. Just like anything that is related to fitness, as you dedicate so much time to it, then the more benefits that you are going to enjoy.

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