About iGrapez

It is no longer a cheap and easy choice to lead a
healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of misinformation and you only end up making
the wrong choices. Do you think the world cannot contain overweight and obesity
cases? The world can really do that but information has been misleading and
that is why, even with the topnotch health technology, we are grappling with weight-related

How about I tell you of a place where health
information is given a priority? A place where you will get accurate health information
and a team that is willing to walk with you every step of your healthy journey.
That place is iGrapez.

Coincidentally you are on our “About us page”. It
does not matter how you got here but it is a sure thing that you are in need of
sincere information about leading a healthy lifestyle. Well, you came to the
right place and you will leave a happy person; that one is a guarantee from us.

we offer

Of course, it is not your first time you are coming
to a health information website. Unfortunately, your experiences have been bad
since you have been misled, used and left without anything you can term as healthy
about your life. At iGrapez, we are changing that narrative. Just
to know how, here is what we are offering:

  • Answers
    to all kinds of health and fitness questions
    : it is obvious that
    you have countless questions on your health and fitness. The internet is awash
    with false and half-truth answers and that is why you never take an inch
    forward into a healthy and fit you. But we will put a stop to that and open the
    window into healthy lifestyle.

At iGrapez, we will truthfully
answer all of your questions. Right from why you need to lead a healthy
lifestyle to what choices you should be making for a better you. We are going
to be candid with; something other health information resources have never
thought of.

  • Reliable,
    useful and updated health and fitness information
    you can take to bank the kind of information we offer here. You can use it to
    make daily healthy choices. Forget about stale information that would be
    useless now; ours is updated information for modern lifestyle.

  • Motivational
    : leading a healthy lifestyle is not easy. It does
    not only take hard work but you will also need motivation to keep you going. Our
    specifically picked quotes will be a daily light in your journey to lead the
    best life you can possibly get on this planet.

  • Thought
    out health and fitness goals
    : it is one thing to
    set health and fitness goals and it is totally a different one to stick to
    them. We will not only help you set realistic healthy goals, we will help you
    achieve them. We will have tailor-made goals for you and a way to achieve each
    one of them. It will be an all win way for you right from the start to the end.

promises to you

  • We
    will walk with every step of your health and fitness journey
    availing health and fitness information is the easiest thing to do; anyone can
    do that. That is why we go an extra mile to walk with you and make you a team
    member. You probably know of the adage, “unity is strength”.

  • We
    will provide relevant and updated information
    : we cannot deny
    that there is a lot of misinformation about health and fitness. We cannot stop
    that since everyone has freedom to information. But we make sure of one thing;
    that you get sincere, useful, reliable and updated health and fitness

  • When
    the decision gets hard, we will help you make the right choice
    it is not easy to make the right lifestyle choices. There is so much
    distraction. When it comes to making the right decision about your health, we
    will be right there pointing you to the right path.

  • We
    will filter the information for you
    : the world is making
    the wrong lifestyle choices. We are getting fat by the day, lifestyle diseases are
    becoming worse and nobody seems to have an answer.

Fortunately, we do have the right
answer to stop the menace. With filtered information, it gets pretty easy to make
right choices for a healthy lifestyle. We do that for you. Information is power
and the right information is more than powerful. You will thank us later when
your lifestyle takes a good turn and your choices get better with each day.

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  • There
    Our mission
    is to see you lead a healthy life, make the right choices and
    be happy with who you are.

  • We
    will support you 24/7
    : it does not matter at what time you
    will need help with health and fitness information. We work around the clock to
    keep you informed and make the right decisions for your health and fitness. No other
    resource cares about your health than we do.

  • We
    are a winning team
    : we do not believe in impossibility. In
    fact, there is no word impossible in our dictionary. We are winners and we will
    make you a winner too. Your health deserves the best and we will make sure of
    that with the right information.


The world is exploding with all sort of health and
fitness information. You can hardly filter what is wrong and right. Since your
health is a no-joke affair, it is time you made a sound decision. Our information
at iGrapez is the silver bullet into cleaning your health house.
Since you have read our “about us page”; the choice is all yours. Outside
there, no other resource gives more weight to your health and fitness than us.
It is time you join the winning team. Join us today and let us help you walk
your journey to a healthy lifestyle. We will deliver on our every promise.