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Most people consider losing weight as a big task for them.

However, this isn’t the case.

Losing a few pounds doesn’t mean you strain a lot.

It doesn’t mean you change all your diet or your daily workload.

The morning routine is the basement for your weight loss.

The following 11 Simple morning habits for ultimate weight-loss success will positively eliminate your weight loss worries and will lead you to a healthier life.

1. Practice eating high protein breakfast


Breakfast is an important meal to consider every day.

Whatever you consume in the mornings is set as a base for your day.

A morning meal will set your satisfactory level until lunch time or it will decide whether you will run to the vendor prior to your mid-morning snack.

High-protein breakfast aids in crave-cutting and weight loss.

Studies show that in most women, high-protein breakfast reduces cravings which occur after meals as compared to the normal breakfast.

It is continuous to suggest that, high protein breakfast reduces fat gain, hunger, and daily intake when compared to normal protein breakfast.

2. Weigh yourself every morning

Determining your weight each morning before breaking your daily activities effectively increases your motives and also improves your self-control.

Those who weigh themselves frequently in the morning have high chances of losing around 13 pounds more as compared to those who often weigh themselves less.

Studies continue to prove that adults who daily weigh themselves in the morning have a high potential of losing an average of 4.4 kg (9.7 pounds) in a two years period.

Those who weigh themselves once in every month gains 2.1 kg (4.6 pounds).

Frequent morning weighing improves restraint as compared to those who stopped weighing which is affected by increased calorie intake.

This also decreases self-discipline.

Try to weigh yourself every morning after your bath and prior to any meal intake.

This also helps in determining your weight fluctuations and taking the best measure.

3. Drink water


Consuming two glasses of water every morning increases weight loss.

Water increases your calories burnt and energy expenditure.

Taking fluids aids in high metabolic rates and a study shows that over-weighed women have higher chances of losing around an extra 4.4 pounds of weight per year when they take a lot of water in morning hours.

Drinking water reduces food intake and appetite in most individuals.

Older adults, on the other hand, reduce the number of calories intake during breakfast — this frequent drinking of water assists in weight loss.

Morning water intake makes you stay hydrated hence a great booster for weight loss under minimal effort.

4. Get Some Sun

You can practice opening curtains early in the morning to allow sunlight to enter your room.

You should also spend  a few minutes outside the room to access the sunlight each morning.

These kick-start your weight loss on a high note.

Exposure to moderate light or ultraviolet radiation aids in suppressing weight gain after a high-fat morning intake.

Morning sunlight exposure is a rich source of vitamin D.

This vitamin gain plays an important role in weight loss and reduces weight gain.

As per the study, overweight individuals who take vitamin D supplements every morning reduces a lot of weight yearly as compared to those with insufficient vitamin D in their blood.

Older women have high chances of weight loss under Vitamin D gain.

The time took under sunlight exposure mainly depends mostly on the place of your location and your skin type.

But being exposed to sunlight for 10 to 15 minutes is essential for your weight loss.

5. Involve yourself to some physical exercise


Frequent morning exercises boost weight loss.

Increased aerobic exercise in overweight women also assists in weight loss.

Study compared individuals who engage in morning physical activities to those who engage in the activity in afternoon hours and concluded that morning individuals lost a lot more weight.

Morning exercise helps to keep a steady blood sugar level in the body.

Low blood sugar may result in negative results in your body such as excessive hunger.

Individuals with diabetes control their blood sugar level through morning exercise.

6. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness practice involves focusing on present moments which brings awareness towards your feelings and thoughts.

Mindfulness practice assists in the enhancement of weight loss and healthy eating habits promotion.

Study shows that mindfulness practice reduces obesity and increases weight loss.

Mindfulness practice can be achieved through spending some few minutes in a space full of calmness and having a sensational connection.

7. Longer Sleep


Getting into your bed earlier and waking up a bit late helps to increase your weight loss.

Depressed sleep may lead to increased appetite.

This result in increased cravings and hunger especially for high-calorie and high-carb foods.

Sleep restriction increases calorie intake as per the study.

Apart from eating well, an established healthy sleep schedule plays an important role in weight loss.

8. Pack Your Lunch

Set aside time in the morning to prepare your lunchtime meals.

Rather than purchasing your lunch meals in cafes, morning meal preparation in our homes is better for our health.

As per the study, home-prepared meals are healthier.

It is of a high-quality diet and also reduces the risk of increased body fat.

Study shows that those who eat home prepared food frequently per week have high chances of reducing their body weight.

Hence, it is more advisable if you are working and you can’t find the time for preparing your lunchtime meals is to prepare them early in the morning.

9. Commute to Your Work Place

Daily driving to your workplace isn’t that healthy.

Though it seems to be a comfortable life but expensive to your health.

Study shows that walking, cycling or taking a public mean of transportation plays a bigger role in weight loss hence reducing the risk of weight gain.

Studies continue to prove that those people who commute by car gain more weight as compared to non-car commuters.

It also proves that individuals who cycle, walk or take public means of transport or any other active mean of transport have low body mass index as compared to those under private transport means. 

10. Track Your morning Intake

Have your morning food diary close to you for tracking your eating habits.

This keeps you accountable and assists in boosting your weight loss.

Study shows that those individuals who track or monitor their diets lost a lot more weight than those who did not.

It also shows that women who track their diets improve their long-term weight loss management.

Try to use various Apps to track your diet or even just take a paper and a pen to write what you consume in order to be well informed on your daily diet.

11. Avoid reading most news in the morning

Some breaking news in morning hours has a serious effect on our health.

They may cause stress and long-term stress has an impact on your health.

Long-term stress triggers the hormones that are in charge of calories saving.

This long-term effect cannot even be treated by eating less.

The only effective treatment is avoiding daily stress.


A few morning changes increase your weight loss.

Morning health behaviors make you start your day on the right foot and a successful day end.

A healthy lifestyle is determined with your daily practice and your diets.

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