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Regular workouts are the best way to help you burn extra calories, whether it is about reducing your body weight or promoting a healthier lifestyle.

Different workouts target different parts of the body and having proper information on them will definitely improve your workout experience.

Here are the twelve workouts that burn more calories than running.

1. Swimming

Swimming is an ideal workout for those looking for a full body workout without having to deal with sweat and joint pains.

Experts recommend swimming among adults and the elderly since the exercise puts less stress on joints and is a very good calorie burner.

Not talking about leisurely swimming, a swimming workout routine is highly intensive and, depending on the technique burns an average of four hundred calories in just thirty minutes.

There are plenty of techniques involved, which give you a wide range of alternatives and help in muscle recruitment and coordination.

Swimming affects areas such as the hands, legs and core muscles.

Resistance from ocean currents promotes more calories burned and is the best swimming workout.

A swimming instructor should always coordinate swimming activities regardless of your swimming ability.

2. Rope Jumping

Rope jumping is more of a workout than a playtime activity.

According to fitness trainers, you burn more calories on rope jumping as compared to running especially if you jump higher and faster.

A one fifty pound jumper burns an average of three hundred and fifty calories in thirty minutes on jumping alone.

Another advantage is that rope jumping requires minimal space and equipment since you only require a good rope, small room, and some jumping shoes.

Affected areas include the lower body muscles from the toes to the thighs and upper torso muscles such as the back, arm, and tummy.

Rope jumping ranks as the best value workout routine suitable for all ages.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and includes different short but intense workout procedures to help burn more calories, promote muscle growth and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Trainers recommend different routines that suit your body shape, weight and targets.

For instance, cardiovascular exercises combined with body strength boosting routines ensure calories burned during and after the workouts.

HIIT exercises require minimum equipment and space making them easy to perform.

A typical workout can take between ten to forty minutes with breaks in between.

A good high-intensity interval training should include exercises that affect chest, limb and core muscles.

Depending on the frequency and intensity of your workout, you will end up burning more calories than running.

4. Rowing

This is an ideal calorie burner and a good alternative to running.

Rowing includes both the legs and the back, which are some of the biggest muscle locations in the body.

Rowing continuously uses up muscles from the quads, glutes, hamstrings, triceps, and biceps.

Intensive rowing guarantees more calories burned compared to running with an average person burning an average of three hundred and fifty calories in thirty minutes.

Rowing can be either indoor or outdoor.

Outdoor rowing is ideal for those looking for harder conditions such as weather and alternating currents that generate resistance.

5. Rock climbing

Another full body exercise that engages all the primary muscles in the body.

Normally viewed as a fun past time activity, rock climbing can take place in specifically designed indoor rock climbing facilities or you can pack up for an adventure and get to climb actual rocks!

Depending on the intensity of the climb, an average person can burn an average of four hundred calories in a thirty-minute workout.

The activity engages the back, core and limb muscles all the way to the tips of fingers and toes.

Rock climbing improves balance and improves body strength with good mental benefits as well.

Trainers recommend this to young adults who may require controlling their body weight.

6. Cycling


Cycling is an enjoyable workout routine suitable for all ages and genders.

It is remarkably easy to learn and requires good balance and patience.

As a workout routine, cycling is intensive and a good calories burner.

Average cycling burns approximately six hundred calories per hour, which can change depending on the distance and intensity.

Cycling affects the lower limbs, arms, back and shoulder muscles.

If you are low on space and time, you can try out indoor cycling as well with the exercise guaranteed to heighten metabolic activities to a period of up to forty-eight hours.

For best results, it is best to combine intensive cycling reps with resting intervals.

7. Kettlebells

You may probably be wondering what these are, Kettlebells are weights made from either iron or steel and carry a handle on the top side, much like a kettle.

You swing the kettlebells back and forth and the shape and weight affect the core muscles more effectively than the barbell.

These muscles simultaneously work with the back and arm muscles and limb muscles.

This workout is a full body exercise that burns an approximate of twenty to twenty-five calories per minute.

To work with kettlebells you only require the bells and assistance of a good trainer.

One of the best workouts for running.

8. Burpees

In this time and age, you probably know burpees.

A burpee is a set of workouts done repeatedly, it includes squats, kicks, jumps, and pushups.

This workout is simple and easy to learn, it is also one of the best workouts compared to running.

You burn about six hundred calories per hour, these exercises are as intense as they get.

They involve all your major muscles ranging from the limbs to the head muscles.

An intensive burpee workout includes all the aspects of a good workout session.

This workout improves resistance, body muscle recruitment and overall body strength.

9. Battle Ropes

These are weighted ropes set up on a wall like surface; they increase body strength and cardio as well.

Working out with these ropes is intense because they target the core and upper body.

They utilize major muscles in the upper torso.

Fitness experts recommend complementing battle ropes with cycling to achieve a well-balanced body workout.

A suitable alternative to running, battle ropes have long been fitted in martial arts and football gym lockers but are now available mainstream.

They include techniques such as the wave, slam, grappler, circles all that target different body areas.

This high-intensity workout burns more calories than running and is a good way of stretching after an equally intense workout.

10. Lifting Weights


Lifting different weights is an intensive workout routine best suited for adults looking to add a little body weight and improving body strength and resistance.

Different weights vary the intensity of the routines.

The weights range from heavy bars to armrests and work best when done in coordination with a fitness expert.

They target muscles from the leg to the core and upper torso muscles, which include neck and shoulder muscles.

A good workout session burns approximately three hundred calories per hour.

Weights are easily attainable and are available at the local gym.

11. Boxing

Boxing is one of the best ways to burn calories!

On estimate, an average boxer burns an impressive seven hundred calories per hour.

Boxing involves the leg and arm muscles, which include both the biceps and triceps.

Boxing improves stamina and posture; it is a great way to keep fit suitable for all types of people.

12. Dancing

Dancing sessions burn four hundred calories per hour.

A very fun workout dancing improves body muscle coordination and is ideal for different ages and classes of people.

A session can range from simple to very intense and includes all body muscles.

Dancing is one of the best ways to become fit since it only requires the services of a dance instructor.

Consistent dancing shapes the body and tone.


Running is a good form of workout that helps you in many ways to keep fit.

But it’s not the only form of exercise that helps you burn calories.

Combining running with the other twelve forms of exercises helps you burn calories fast and keeps your body healthy and strong.

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