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24 Hour Fast for Weight Loss

Many people are starting to see the connection between a 24 hour fast and
weight loss and are experiencing all the benefits of losing weight in a
healthy and natural way. It’s even been said that intermittent fasting
can help you live longer, as it improves insulin resistance which is the
biggest catalyst for many health factors, including weight loss and
muscle building; anti-aging and disease prevention.

What is 24 hour fast for weight loss exactly?

The process involves you developing an eating cycle that follows an “eat, stop, eat” approach. Basically, you’re allowed to eat whatever you like for the first 24
hour period (seriously), followed by a fasting period which is supposed to cover the next 24 hours, never forgetting to get the basics like water. After that, you
This is a more natural way of eating and was probably the way cavemen would eat. Think about it – they would probably eat a huge meal when they caught an
animal one day, followed by a period of “downtime” until they could hunt again the next. In the interim, their natural defenses would prepare them for a period
of starvation, increasing their metabolism to give them the energy to look for food. It’s the body’s way of protecting itself.

How do 24 hour fast for weight loss work?

Unlike crash diets (otherwise known as fad diets), this type of fasting doesn’t require you to go without food for days on end. It just takes advantage of that
window of opportunity that comes roughly 24 hours after your last meal to help burn those calories, not to mention the money you’ll save on groceries or the
various health benefits that go along with it like lower blood pressure and, most important of all, effective weight loss.

Here are the main 24 hour fast for weight loss benefits that stand out the most:

– Detoxification


 Detoxing is one of the most important fasting benefits of all. As you fast, undergoes a self-cleaning process, when freed from constant food processing. This allows it to wipe out your body toxins accumulated during heavy lunches or quick fast-food meals. And after that, you feel just great!

– Developing Patience

Most people tend to overlook this enormous fasting benefit. Unfortunately, most of us actually lack this important quality, not only
during diets but mostly in everyday life. You see, patience comes from self-control, and this one is like a muscle: the more you train it, the stronger it gets. So,
along with other fasting benefits, you also become stronger mentally!

These fasting benefits are just the general ones. The truth is, apart from these ones, every person experiences his own benefits from the process of fasting
because every one of us is unique. And definitely, each one of us deserves to be in the shape that he or she wants to be!

Is it safe to 24 hour fast for weight loss?

The biggest two issues people have, or think they have when going on an intermittent fasting program are energy issues and hunger issues. If you decide to
postpone or cancel your breakfast and have experienced in the past those times when you have, you may remember how that lack of food led to low energy levels. They can only imagine how hungry and miserable they’ll be until that first meal of the day. And that may be the case for a while.

But we humans are both stuck in a routine, but if we can break those habits we are also very adaptable. This means that if you can get past those painful times
when our bodies break from past routines until it can adopt a new routine, there is a good chance you will be greatly rewarded. This short period of time will not
cause any harm to a healthy person, but if a person has blood sugar regulation issues, hypoglycemia or diabetic issues they should certainly consult with their
dietician or doctor. But for a healthy person, it actually takes our bodies about 84 hours of fasting before our glucose levels fall to dangerous levels.

How to effectively 24 hour fast for weight loss

Don’t make your fast too long or too short

An ideal fast length for weight-loss and health benefits is between 16 and 24 hours depending on age, experience and exact goals. Any less than this won’t
really give you the results you want (remember you are already fasting for 10-12 hours overnight) and any longer than this is simply unnecessary and can be
harder to adapt to.

Drink a lot of water when fasting

This type of weight loss will, on the other hand, assist you to detoxify your body and let it function more efficiently. In order to help this process, you should
increase your water intake. The best way to do this has a glass/bottle of water with you at all times so that you can sip regularly.

Break your fast with a healthy meal


The first thing you eat after a fat should be a healthy meal. Apart from the obvious benefits of eating healthy food, this also leaves less space for eating junk.
Given that you might only have 8 hours to eat your daily food, filling up on the good stuff first is always a good option.

Time your food around your workouts

It goes without saying that working out should be part of any healthy eating plan. The centerpiece of your training efforts should be weight-training or
bodyweight training. Try to eat most of your food in the period immediately after your workout. In this way, your body will be more likely to use these calories
to rebuild and repair rather than be stocked as fat.

Don’t sweat the details

One of the real benefits of this method of fasting for weight loss is that it is not necessary to count calories or grams of macronutrients. This can be a pain and makes diets difficult to stick to. Follow principles and the details will take care of themselves for 24 hour fast for weight loss.

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