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Don’t let a tight schedule stand between you and your body fitness goals.

We don’t really have the whole day to hit the gym.

In fact, some people are so busy that they can only afford like an hour or less for working out.

Even if you had all the time, you don’t really need to hit the gym for the whole day.

An hour or less should be enough to burn that fat you want to cut off.

Finding the right work out to do should, therefore, be taken care of.

Here are a few 30-minute fat-burning workouts that will fit your busy schedule.

1. The barbell deadlift

You can do this in 10 sets each having 10 reps.

No rest should be taken between the reps.

This is a simple but worth it workout.

With your hands shoulder width apart, grab a barbell in a squatting position.

Keep the chest up and pull your shoulders towards the back and look straight to the wall ahead of you.

Lift up the bar and remember to keep your breathing relaxed.

What you should be focusing on in this workout is taking the weight down back to your feet and keeping the bar as close to your trunk as possible.

Lift the weight to your thigh level, hold your breath, pause and then return it slowly to the start position at your feet.

Be careful not to crush your feet with the barbell.

By the time the 30 minutes elapse, you will have burned more than enough calories.

2. Kettlebell swings


A crazy 30-minute fat-burning workout.

10 sets with 10 reps without rest will do.

Choose a kettlebell, around 16 to 32 kg and place it right ahead of you on the floor.

Stand next to it with your feet slightly spread apart (shoulder width).

Slowly bend your knees and grab the kettlebell tightly between both hands.

Keeping your back flat, pull the weight slowly between your legs to create a swing.

Be very careful with the kettlebell, it can be very detrimental if it hits your knees.

Push the hips forward and with zeal, pull the weight upwards to around shoulder height with your arms straight ahead of your trunk.

Return the weight to the start and repeat the swing.

I bet you can already feel the sweat dripping. 

3. Burpee workouts


Just like the kettlebell swings and the barbell deadlift, this workout is done in 10 sets with 10 reps each, making it a total of 100 reps.

There is no rest between the reps.

From an initial standing position, slowly squat down until your thighs get the right to the floor.

Kick your feet back to the best of your ability keeping both your arms extended.

Immediately when your limbs land, jump them back towards the hands and then make a leap into the air.

Immediately when you land, assume a squatting position and repeat this for the given sets and reps.

It may sound simple because no weights are involved, but trust me it may even work better than lifting weights.

4. Press-ups (diamond)

Press-ups aren’t just press-ups.

If you do the normal press-ups, you might spend the whole day in the gym without even feeling your biceps stretch an inch.

Diamond press-ups are the ultimate press-ups.

10 sets with 10 reps can be done very well in about 30 minutes.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 because all you have do is to get to a normal press-up position.

In this case, bring your arms together and shape your thumbs and index fingers into a diamond shape.

With your back straight and parallel to the floor, slowly lower your body till your chest is about an inch above the floor.

Push your chest back towards the top and repeat the reps to the end.

You can take 1-minute breaks between the sets and during those breaks, you can choose to do some repo skips.

This will be better for you.

5. Bent over barbell rows

For a maximum of 30 minutes, 10 sets with 10 reps each would be enough.

For this workout, there is a break between the sets.

However, this break should not be more than 90 seconds.

The barbell is grabbed tightly with your legs slightly apart.

Keep your legs a little bent, your back straight, and the upper body very straight as well.

In short, your upper body should appear to be forming perpendicular with the floor.

Lift the weight slowly upwards close to your chest, pause, hold your breath and then slowly lower it back to the initial position.

Take advantage of the breaks to catch some breath.

Make sure you don’t bend your back for this might lead to permanent injuries.

6. Single leg deadlift rows

This is a workout that is more recommended for women who are beginners in working out.

It’s done in 10 reps that are done for either side.

Grab a dumbbell, or even a kettlebell with your left hand and shift the weight into the right leg.

Bend your knee slightly and perform a slight hinge towards the front at your hips and allow the left foot to raise up straight, anterior to the hip.

Lower your trunk until it gets to a parallel position with the floor.

Do this until you feel your right hamstring stretch a bit.

Bend your left elbow towards the ceiling and bring the kettlebell close to the chest.

In the meantime, keep your belly drawn inwards towards your spine.

Extend the left arm back to a straight position and as you return to a standing position, keep your glutes engaged.

With that, you’ll be done with the first rep.

Repeat the same for 10 reps on both sides.


The goal of working out isn’t just really to burn fat.

We also work out to keep fit and achieve flexibility.

The above 30-minute fat-burning workouts can also be helpful if at all you want to gain a flexible body.

You should however be very careful not to injure yourself during working out.

If you chose to go to a gym, make a good choice and make sure the instructor is quite resourceful.

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