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8 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that eight in every ten people experiences back pain at one point in their lives. This number is a huge one and demonstrates the extent of back pain in our society. Additionally, back pains are the leading cause of disability globally. That is a saddening fact but one that shows how important it is to do exercises that improve the health of your back. Yoga is known to be effective in alleviating back pain. The following are some eight yoga postures that experts recommend to combat back pain. 

1. The Cow Pose


To start us off on our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief is the cow pose. In this pose, you will have to get down on all fours. Ensure that you align your hips and knees at the same angle and do the same for your elbows, shoulders and wrists. Allow your belly to sink down without holding it in to allow better flow of air. You will then need to centre your head, and then slowly move it up from facing down and face straight. Stay in this position while taking in deep breaths till you feel the stretch. 

2. The Child’s Pose

This is the most common pose among all the 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief. It is targeted at stretching the muscles of the back torso to relieve back pain. To get into this position, ease on your fours and then spread the knees apart while ensuring the big toes touch each other. Then rest your bum on your heels and allow your torso to rests on your thighs. Once you have gotten into this position, next up is to bow down and touch the ground with your forehead. Draw your hands back to be side by side with your heels. Keep in this position for a minute.

3. The Forward Fold Half Way Pose

To get into this amazing pose, inhale and lift your breastbone. Stand on your mat with your legs apart and your hands to your waist. Slowly arch forward and gently go further down till your fingertips are in contact with the mat. Once you have touched the mat, hold for a while then lift your hands and place them on your shin then lift halfway up. Hold the position for a while then exhale as you rise up slowly to stand straight.

4. The Low Plank Pose


This pose makes it into our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain for its effectiveness in strengthening all the back muscles. This helps makes the back stronger and relieves pain. This pose can be achieved by first lying down flat on your tummy. Bring your hands together in a clasp straight below your face. Lift up your body with just your toes and supporting it on your shoulders. Pull your navel back in and press your thighs tight together. Doing this pose yields the best results if continued for at least forty-five seconds.

5. The Bridge Pose

Start off by lying flat on your back on a mat. Align your hands such that they are by the side of your thighs. Lift up your knees and spread them a little almost the width of your hip. Let your hands touch your heels on either side and then slowly lift your back, hips and chest. Hold in this position for half a minute and then lower your body back to the mat. This pose is most effective for the health of the spine. It helps to stretch it out and in the process relieving you of any back pain.

6. The Seated Foward Fold

Also known as the paschimottanasana, this is a long and effective stretch of the hamstring that is meant to bring relief to any back pain you may have. It is focused on the lower back mainly. For this pose, sit straight on your mat and spread out your legs full length in front of you. Inhale and lean forward to reach your big toes. Get to your toes and grab them tight while extending the stretch. Start exhaling slowly and hold this position for another 30 seconds. Release when you feel a tingle in your hamstring.

7. The Low Cobra Pose

This pose imitates the posture of a cobra when attacking hence the name. It is among the 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief because of its effectiveness at decreasing stiffness in your back. To get into this post, lie down flat on your tummy and draw your hands back to the length of your diaphragm. Ensure the fingers are pointing to the front. Use your toes to raise your heel slightly, and then spread your legs apart a few inches. Slowly lift your chest with your hands and lift your head up and look straight ahead. Ensure your thighs are pressed down tightly on the mat and your shoulders are drawn back a little.

8. The Supine Twist Pose

Wrapping up our list of 8 best yoga poses for back pain relief is the supine twist pose. This yoga pose is most effective for people who sit behind a desk the entire day. It is helpful in realigning the spine. To get into this pose, lie on the mat on your back and then spread out your hands to make a T. Bend your left knee and then place the left foot on your right knee. Drop the folded left knee to the right side of the body and in the process twist your spine and lower back. All this while, ensure that your shoulders remain flat on the floor. Breath in and out about eight times and then do the same on the other side of the body.

Done regularly, the above eight yoga poses will go a long way in helping you get rid of that persistent back pain you experience. However, if you are already receiving treatment for back pain, consult with your chiropractor to know whether it is safe for you to do yoga exercises.

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