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How to Use Golden Milk for Weight Loss

Golden Milk is a mixed drink whose main ingredient is turmeric. This spice is known in particular for its health-promoting properties. The turmeric in this drink possesses great fat burning properties and will increase your metabolism ; At the same time, these characteristics are enhanced by other ingredients such as warm spices: cinnamon and ginger. So in addition to losing weight, giving you energy, they will also keep you relaxed and without stress.

Benefits and how to prepare it

Golden milk has turmeric as an active ingredient, which is rich in nutrients and health properties . This spice comes from the root of a plant of the ginger family and others. It can be considered a superfood, but this is not new because in India it is an ingredient that has been used for thousands of years. In fact, turmeric is what gives curry that special color.

Turmeric contains curcumin, polyphelones that act in more than 150 therapeutic activities , in addition to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. The effects of curcumin are similar to those of cortisone , but the advantage is that it does not produce adverse or secondary reactions.

It is also considered as a natural antibiotic, able to prevent infections, improve circulation and fluidify mucus, so it is recommended especially for people suffering from constant colds, colds or weakness, among others.
Turmeric helps in:

Metabolic problems. Turmeric stimulates the metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant. In addition, the bile is activated and thus also improves the fat burning in the body.

Anyone who regularly incorporates turmeric into their diet will thus lower high blood pressure and lipid levels in the blood.

So you can lose weight with golden milk. Because in addition to the diet-friendly turmeric there are other ingredients, such as ginger, cinnamon, coconut oil and black pepper, that get your metabolism going. In addition, the golden milk has only about 100 calories. Of course, you should eat with a high vegetable and fruit content (preferably as much as possible raw) and integrate daily exercise in your everyday life. This is certainly not new to you. However, the golden milk can help you to lose weight.

This drink can help combat problems and ailments associated with arthritis and osteoarthritis, among other joint and muscle pain. It can also act as an analgesic, to lessen headaches and other ailments caused by stress.

The consumption of golden milk can also reverse the onset of Alzheimer’s disease as symptoms develop. It could also help prevent the cognitive decline that is associated with old age.

Other important benefits to take into account

• It has antioxidant, antiseptic and analgesic benefits.
• Strengthens the immune system and helps prevent diseases.
• It acts as a natural anticancer.
• It helps control cholesterol levels and prevents problems of arterial obstruction.
• It is good for digestive health.
• Acts as a purifying and detoxifying liver.
• It helps regulate metabolism and contributes to weight loss.
• It is good for reducing high blood pressure.
• Ideal for brain health and good memory.
• It acts positively on different skin problems.
• Help with neurological disorders.
• Reduces triglycerides .

This recipe also includes the benefits of pepper, which has an active ingredient called piperine , which facilitates the absorption of the rest of the active ingredients contained in the recipe, especially curcumin from turmeric.

Golden milk is also consumed as a beauty tonic, as it is relaxing, invigorating and helps prevent premature aging. It is recommended especially for hair health, as it helps prevent hair loss, fights dandruff and irritations on the scalp.

On the other hand, you can also consume it before going to sleep, since it helps to get a good night’s sleep.

From activating the metabolism to strengthening the defenses. In fact, golden milk is considered one of the healthiest drinks because it provides numerous arguments to be included in a healthy and balanced diet, although it is true that its taste can be slightly spicy. What are the benefits of drinking a glass of golden milk?

• It helps strengthen the immune system (low defenses make us more vulnerable to certain diseases).
• It helps to keep cholesterol levels balanced.
• Regulates triglyceride levels .
• It favors the digestion.
• It regulates metabolism and promotes weight loss.
• It has a detoxifying and purifying effect of the liver.
• It helps regulate high blood pressure.
• Strengthens memory.
• It calms the cough and relieves the catarrhal symptoms.

How to prepare it

We can prepare the golden milk at home by following a simple recipe. First you have to prepare the turmeric paste. To do this, add half a cup of turmeric powder and half a teaspoon of black pepper in boiling water. Mix well until you get a fine paste. Once ready, we reserve it. In a cup of vegetable milk (soy, rice milk …) add a tablespoon of the pasta and let it boil for a couple of minutes. After this time, remove from heat and let stand a few minutes before drinking. To sweeten its flavor a bit, we can add a splash of honey.

To prepare the golden milk we will take into account two simple steps, which will result in this healthy drink with multiple benefits for health.

Step 1. Prepare the turmeric paste


• Turmeric powder (30 g).
• teaspoon ground pepper (2.5 g).
• Filtered water (125 ml).


Put all the ingredients to heat in a small bowl to cook and stir well so that they are fully integrated. It should be done over medium heat , so it is necessary to stir frequently until obtaining a thick paste. Then let the mixture cool, pour it into a jar and store it in the refrigerator.

Step 2. Prepare the golden milk


• Almond milk (250 ml). We can also prepare it with hemp milk or coconut milk. You can use cow’s milk, but only if you are not lactose intolerant.
• Coconut oil (5 ml).
• ¼ teaspoon or more of turmeric paste (1.25 g).
• Honey.


Put all the ingredients, except honey, in a cooking pot. Heat to medium heat and constantly stir the mixture so that all the ingredients are well integrated before it starts to boil. When ready, add honey to taste and drink.

Golden milk must be taken freshly made and hot, so that it is much more comforting. Personally, I think you feel great at mid-afternoon or before going to sleep, especially on a cold night. You can adjust the level of sweetness to taste and also the amount of spices. 

You can drink this drink two or three times a day and you will notice all the benefits it can give you. You may also find it for sale already made, but here we leave the recipe to make this special drink yourself and thus be able to have it whenever you want. Now you just have to get the ingredients and start.

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