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Vitamins for Women

Women often do not get enough vitamins. Vitamins for women usually include those with extra iron as women tend to develop anemia more so than men as
well as relief for menstrual symptoms as well as osteoporosis. All human beings need vitamins to live and vitamins are found in just about every food we eat.
However, many of us do not consume the right types of foods and cheat our bodies out of the vitamins needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


This is absolutely essential for growing children as well as women. It promotes strong bones and teeth as well as reduces the risk for osteoporosis.
Many physicians advise women to take calcium supplements to prevent this crippling disease.

Vitamin D


Vitamin D, which is found in calcium, also reduces the risk of getting hypertension and aids in blood clotting. Women who are pregnant should also be taking calcium supplements or getting enough calcium in their diets.

Folic Acid


Vitamins for women include folic acid which is recommended for women who are thinking about becoming pregnant. Folic Acid is found in Vitamin B-12 and
is proven to reduce the risk of birth defects as well as premature births.

B Vitamins

Most of the B vitamins, including B-12, have proven to be effective in combating depression and high blood pressure and can usually be found in green vegetables. Broccoli is one that is high in this vitamin, although women who are pregnant will usually be advised to take a supplement.


Vitamins for women who are pregnant usually include a multivitamin that contains nutrients that will replace those given to the growing baby. In addition to
multivitamin supplements, women who are pregnant often experience anaemia and are given Iron supplements as well to try to combat the fatigue.



Many women experience morning sickness when carrying a child. This is often part of the pregnancy process and drugs given in the past have proven disastrous
when it comes to preventing morning sickness. Ginger, however, is known to combat nausea and is a natural and effective way for a pregnant woman to
alleviate nausea that often accompanies pregnancy.

Vitamin A

This is also proven to reduce birth defects when taken by pregnant women. It is a valuable vitamin for women as it also boosts the immune
system and maintains healthy skin. Vitamin A can be found in dark orange produce such as carrots as well as in dark green vegetables such as broccoli. Vitamin
A has also been found to boost bone health.

Women who are pregnant or are thinking of becoming pregnant should consult with their doctor before taking any vitamins for women supplement. Taking too
much of some vitamins can result in toxicity and may have adverse effects on pregnancy

Vitamin E

Women who want to keep their skin looking good will benefit from Vitamin E. Vitamin E is also useful during pregnancy and is known to reduce the
possibility of birth defects. It also helps with anaemia and depression, two common side effects of pregnancy. In addition to the amazing benefits for skin health
, Vitamin E is also proven to prevent high blood pressure and improves memory. Some in the medical field are suggesting that Vitamin E can stave off
Alzheimer’s disease, an illness that affects both men and women.


Vitamins for women who are pregnant may also include Chromium which is used to regulate blood sugar. Many women develop gestational diabetes when
pregnant and this vitamin can help with this condition, although your doctor will also most likely prescribe insulin shots. Gestational diabetes is a serious
condition but can be avoided by keeping your weight down and consuming Chromium prior to getting pregnant. Chromium is found in whole grains, orange
juice, oysters, and chicken.

Black Cohosh


Vitamins for women who are experiencing menopause are many. Black Cohosh is one of the most popular as it is said to control hot flashes that accompany
menopause. There are side effects to this vitamin supplement, however, that include headaches and stomach problems. It is also not recommended for women
who may be pregnant or who have a history of breast disease. If you are experiencing symptoms of menopause, speak to your doctor about natural vitamins for
women that can alleviate your symptoms. While many doctors will prefer to prescribe hormone replacement therapy, remember that you are in charge of your
own health. Menopause is a natural condition and can be treated naturally with the proper vitamins for women.

Places You Can Buy Them

Vitamins for women are clearly available as multivitamins as well as supplements. You can purchase vitamins for women in most drug stores, health food
stores and online. While multivitamin supplements will do no harm, consult your physician prior to taking an extra supplement, particularly if you are pregnant,
thinking about becoming pregnant or are in the stages of menopause.

As you age, you still need vitamins to help live a full life. Women who are older tend to have issues with their bones and muscles. To keep their
metabolism up and to keep the bones strong, you have to have vitamins. So how do you get vitamins? One way is by eating healthy foods. Make sure that you
are eating right and that you keep your body active by walking or doing some light exercises. The other way is by taking supplements.


Most women will call supplements vitamins, but the truth is, that they don’t have as many vitamins in them as you think. When it comes to supplements, you
will find that the benefits sound great, but some have so many fillers that you may not be getting the nutrients that you think.

Supplements are to help encourage health awareness, but they are not medication. Before you begin to take supplements, you should consult your doctor. Make
sure that your doctor knows that you are thinking about taking supplements and ask them if there would be a problem if you did. There are certain medical
conditions and medications that cannot be mixed with certain supplements.

They say right on the bottle that they cannot treat, diagnose, or even help any medical condition that you have or may think that you have. They cannot cure a
disease they only promote health awareness. You will find that vitamin supplements have serious unwanted effects on people. You cannot take them before
surgery and these supplements contain vitamins that you would not normally get from your food. They have a higher rate of the vitamin in them and have
vitamin levels higher than found in food.

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