8 Most Effective Exercises to Burn Belly Fat- (Lose Weight Smart)

8 Most Effective Exercises to Burn Belly Fat- (Lose Weight Smart)

Burn Belly Fat With The Most Effective Exercises

Belly fat is a common problem both for men and for women in their everyday life. It is very visible and it makes you feel bad and lacking confidence in yourself. Everybody dreams about waking up one morning without any stubborn belly fat that would just magically disappear in a dream, whether good or bad. This is not possible, as eliminating fat requires some effort. Exercising is the most effective way to achieve this goal and there are some exercises that you can practice at home. They are not very complicated either, thus here are The 8 Most Effective Exercises to Burn Stubborn Stomach Fat:

1. Aerobic


Aerobics is also one of the most effective ways of burning belly fat. Aerobic exercise is essential for reducing belly fat but most people really don’t understand what it really means. It is not jumping up and down with music, aerobic really means “with oxygen.” For fat to be burned oxygen has to be present, if it is not present then the activity is anaerobic. In order to burn belly fat effectively, you also have to do the most effective exercises to reduce belly fat.

2. Cardio Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

They are considered the best exercises to burn belly fat. Workouts like jogging & swimming aid in overall weight loss. They also increase the metabolic rate of your body and hence make the fat loss easier even when you are sleeping. On a regular basis, these exercises may be done for one hour daily. Given below are top 4 cardio exercises for burning the belly fat:

Elliptical trainer


For the people who can afford these machines, the elliptical trainer is a great way of burning calories. It further protects your joints from injuries caused by the impact activities.

Step Aerobics

It consists of an intense workout for your hips, legs, and buttocks.

Power walking

Brisk walking may not burn as many calories as are burnt by running, but it minimizes the damage to your joints that may be caused by the impact with the ground.

Rock Climbing

It burns an almost equal amount of calories as burnt through swimming. It needs special equipment and techniques. But it is great fun, especially when done with a partner.

These cardio exercises for burning belly fat may be incorporated with the acai berry diet. Acai berry gives wonderful results without starving you and it also does not have any side effects. This boosts the metabolic rate and serves as a great natural appetite suppressant. It further helps in burning the belly fat through its high fiber content.

Practice cardio exercises daily for around half an hour and you’ll be satisfied with the results. You can practice whatever you want: cycling, swimming, jogging or simply walking. If none of this is appealing to you, gather your friends together and play something in the open air, like tennis or basketball. Buy yourself a fitness ball as it also helps.

3. Breathing Exercise


You don’t need to work your body for this exercise. It makes use of your respiratory system. This exercise relaxes your mind and burns fat too. It can be difficult at first. After two days of doing it, you’ll get the hang of it. It can stress you at the beginning.

Inhale as much as you can. You will reach a point where you can’t take any more breath. You will feel a stinging sensation in your throat and tightening of your stomach muscles. Take in a little more for another two seconds and exhale all the air. Exhale it until your belly gets hard and your body craves oxygen.
Inhale and exhale the same way for another five to six times. Do this exercise once in the morning and once in the evening. Don’t do it inside your house. Do it in some place where you can get a lot of fresh air. This exercise will also increase your lifespan.

4. Yoga


Yoga is very popular because it improves your overall health condition. It is not complicated to practice it and there are some techniques with proven results in losing belly fat. Let me explain to you how to put them in practice. One of them is naukasana. You have to lie down and to raise both your legs and your upper part of the body at an angle of 30 degrees. Stay like this for half a minute and then repeat for ten times.

After some time of practice, you can do it for more than ten times. Make sure you breathe correctly while doing it. It works both your upper and your lower abdomen. After practicing naukasana, also practice ushtrasana. Place your hands on your knees and push your belly outwards. Maintain this position for 30 seconds and then repeat the exercise ten times. After you get used to doing it, do it for more than ten times.

While doing the above-mentioned exercises, also try using ab pro circle, a machine designed to help you burn belly fat and combine the exercises with a healthy diet for optimal results. This will help you stay focus and stay on track to reach your weight loss goals.

5. Running


Running is the easiest way to start burning belly fat. You require no special equipment, a pair of running shoe is all you need. Running is a super effective calorie burning exercise. This because it combines each and every muscle group into the movement. For the overweight and bad shaped, slight jogging or brisk walking works very well. However, your exercise has to range between 20 and 25 minutes. If you are brisk walking, you need to do it for 45 to 60 minutes.

6. Biking


Biking is also a very good option to burn Stomach fat. And you do it indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors. However, if burning belly fat is your main goal, it’s advisable to make use of a stationary bike. This is because people tend to slacken by using a regular bike. Always be attentive to your pulse and the calories amount that you burn. Your workout should range between 25 and 30 minutes. This exercise is supposed to be relatively intense.

7. Rowing machine

Rowing machines are very simple to use. They burn as many calories as running or cycling may do. Vigorous rowing increases your heart rate and helps in burning more calories. Rowing on an indoor rowing machine is one of the most effective workouts to burn belly fat. You can manage to burn more calories with rowing compared to jogging or biking. The problem with rowing is that it’s a sophisticated form of exercise and thus some people are not able to row for 15 to 20 minutes. However, if you want to burn belly fat at a fast rate, then your workout has to go for at least 20 minutes.

8. Hindu Pushup Variation

This exercise is a bodyweight exercise. It increases your endurance and strength. At the same time, it burns belly fat faster than any other exercise.
Keep your legs wide apart and your hands planted on the ground. Assume the position of the normal bomb-diver pushup. Tilt your head forward and incline your body.
Maintain that position. Don’t rise from that position. Hold that position for around ten to fifteen minutes. You will soon find out that it gets really difficult. If you can master this one exercise and do it for twenty minutes every day, you’ll get abs within two weeks.

Burpee Exercise – The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

Burpee Exercise – The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise

Burpee Exercise


With a charming name “burpee,” one doesn’t normally think it is an extraordinary exercise that will wrench up the power of your workout. However, following a couple of minutes of doing burpees, you will rapidly find that your particular bodyweight gives enough resistance to a genuine workout that will increase your fat loss and stamina at a considerably more quick pace.


Advantages of Burpees

Doing burpees diet and weight loss exercise is a body workout in each sense. They construct quality and perseverance, raise your heart rate and consume groups of calories, while likewise testing your adjust and co-appointment.

The assortment of developments included and muscles worked implies the advantages of burpees will be evident in your day to day life, as each physical test turns into that smidgen simpler to win.

What’s more, they should be possible anyplace (even at a house if you have understanding neighbors ground floor). You needn’t bother anyone with any impact, only a shed load of heart and coarseness to control through every rep. This is the reason why it’s great to perform Burpees and have great weight loss.


How To Do A Burpee


The great burpee is a four-point move. From a stand-up position, drop into a squat with your hands at the ground just before your feet. At that point put your feet back behind you, keeping the arms expanded thus you are in a raised board position. At this stage, the braver can toss a press-up in with the general mish-mash, which truly increases the difficulty.

In the fundamental burpee, you stay on the raised board and bounce your feet back towards your hands. At that point round off the move by jumping into the air with the arms straight above you. At that point do everything once more.


The 4 Burpee Workouts

Burpees can be joined into high-intensity exercise, utilized to warm up before different exercises or done again and again to go about as your whole workout.


100 Burpee Challenge

The 100 burpee challenge is a suitable method to approach the last mentioned: simply complete 100 as fast as possible. The initial 15 shouldn’t take substantially finished a moment, yet rest will take a great deal longer. Whenever under 10 min for full 100 is pretty darn impressive. When doing out an ordinary burpee all the body is included. The chest, abs, arms, shoulders and legs are altogether worked down. You begin including push-ups, unstable hops and weights then this turns into an extremely intense aggregate body workout.

Because the entire body is being utilized this truly wrenches up the force As we probably am aware high power exercises, for example, burpees are incredible for consuming fat because of impact of accelerating the digestion and making a more drawn out enduring “after-burn” after your workouts. Trust me if your attempting to lose fat begin adding burpees to your training.

Again it this level of force that makes the burpee exercise incredible for molding and perseverance. I move you to complete 20 burpees without rest and perceive how hard your blowing. Presently suppose you could complete 50 or even 100 of these straight off, how fit you would feel.

One last advantage is that they should be possible anyplace with no hardware needed-all you require is your body, a story and some assurance. When I am on vacation a couple of sets of burpees each other day is sufficient to stop me pressing on the pounds.


The Burpee Ladder

This burpee stepping stool is another approach to fabricate a workout around this ruler of all workouts. Begin with ten burpees, have a snappy rest, at that point complete nine, eight, etc. If you’re feeling courageous, do burpees, press-ups & sit-ups on each rung. It’s a bizarre inclination to see sit-ups as a much-needed reprieve.

Max Out

This dynamic workout will develop your resistance to the lactic acid unavoidably flooding the legs and assist increment your anaerobic execution for wellness support with an expansive scoop of fat-consuming advantages.

To begin with, discover your extreme set by doing the greatest number of burpees as you can before stopping. Decrease that number marginally, and perform 3 sets with a 30-second rest between. For instance, if your full set is twenty, rest for thirty sec at that point complete 15 for your working set, rest an additional 30 seconds, at that point rehash a further two times. Presently inhale, hard.


30-Day Burpee Challenge

An erratic insufficient? At that point attempt our one-month burpee challenge. The excellence of this training design is that it’s scaleable – it depends on your present wellness level, set up by the test on the very first day. That’s. Simple and brutal: challenge the hundred of Burpee if you dare. In the end, you will be in fantastic shape. And you will have the right to show off for completing the hundred of Burpee’s challenges!

This is a magnificent full body exercise as it works the chest, legs, arms and abs/center. There are approaches to make it difficult or simpler relying upon your wellness level. You can make it simpler by not including a pushup or hop or both. You can make it challenging by holding dumbbells all through or adding weight to your lower legs.

Despite the fact that including difficulty is intriguing, it isn’t important to make it compelling. However, if you need to make it as compelling as feasible for molding purposes if recommend the accompanying technique.

• Do burpees without weights.

• Try doing it without the size in the end and incorporate the push-up.

• Do whatever number you can as fast as you can in one moment.

• Rest for two minutes and rehash for an aggregate of 5 times.

You can add components to it to make it difficult or include sets as it ends up noticeably simpler. By following this succession, you are doing interim cardio training alongside quality training without the weights. Before the finish of the grouping, you will be winded.



Burpees offer a marvelous workout for the aggregate body with a base necessity for space. It’s actually one of the best things in life that are free!

10 Best Foods To Eat Before Exercising At The Gym

10 Best Foods To Eat Before Exercising At The Gym

Best Foods To Eat Before You Exercise


When it comes to fitness, it is not about the time you spend at the gym but doing it smart. Apart from the exercising, your lifestyle and mostly what you eat will undoubtedly impact on your fitness. Remember that we are what we eat. So eating the right food is an essential aspect of keeping fit. But a lot of information out there some which sound juicy but entirely wrong. Unfortunately, most people who are desperately looking to shed off weight listen to these lies. One of the biggest lies is about the when and what food to eat before and after exercising at the gym. It’s true there is plenty of information, but the conflicting ones about this topic we will demystify in this article. We are going to look at what to eat before you exercise at the gym.

But why is it important to eat before exercising at the gym? Well, there are numerous reasons. First, various research works have shown that whether you eat or don’t eat, your body will burn the same amount of fat. But exercising regularly on an empty stomach is dangerous since it can cause muscle loss. When your body cannot get protein from the liver and the kidney, it draws them from the muscles: that’s how muscle loss comes about. But this does not allow you to eat anything you come across. You should eat the right food to fuel you through the intense exercising session.

So what should you eat before you exercise at the gym? Well, the snack or meal of choice should contain protein and carbohydrates. We have rounded up 10 best food to eat before training at the gym. These are foods that will help you get the best out of your fitness program:

1. Brown Rice, Chicken, & Vegetable


It might sound confusing to many especially with the inclusion of chicken which many refers to as junk food. You should know that chicken is white meat and highly encouraged compared to mutton, beef, and pork. This combination gives your body lean protein, complex carbohydrates and the amino acids that promote metabolism in the muscles. It’s also important to add that amino acids slow energy release from the source to allow you exercise for longer. Consume this meal around 2-3 hours prior workout for better results.

2. Bananas


Banana is more than just a mere fruit. It is an excellent source of the natural sugar, simple carbohydrates, and potassium. Do you that bananas provide more energy than caffeine? Well, that’s how rich in energy this fruit is. The main advantages of eating a banana before a workout is boosting the level of glycogen in the body. This increases the blood sugar, which is needed by the body for energy during the training session. Since potassium is stored in the body for a limited period, we recommend that you eat this fruit at least round 30 minutes to an hour prior workout.

3. Greek Yogurt, Dried Fruits, and Berries


Since you need food that’s high in both sugar and calories, dried fruits will be an excellent choice. Although they are discouraged during dieting, they can be consumed in measured quantity to provide you with simple sugar. So you should take berries and some granola to help fuel your workout. Greek yogurt on the hand provides the body with adequate proteins to prevent muscle loss. To get the best out of this combination, consume it 1- 1.5 hours a day.

4. Whole Fruit smoothie


One of the main reasons why fruits are recommended is because they provide simple sugar easily digested by the body. Having a whole fruit smoothie before will do the trick for high-intensity training. Whirling together banana, flax seeds, almond milk, peanut butter, and oats. Alternatively, go with avocado, almond milk, frozen blueberries, and banana. These two recipes will do great.

5. Porridge and Oatmeal


It is the ultimate pre-work food combination! The food an excellent source of soluble fiber, Beta-glucan, and it also contains complex carbohydrates. By just consuming oat 2 hours prior workout you’ll be able to go throughout the training session without feeling hungry. You can better the combo by adding protein to your porridge. That way, you will feed your body with muscle protecting amino acids.

6. Sweet Potato and Wholegrain Bread


This is another combination that’s not rich in nutrients but also easy to prepare. They are excellent sources of complex carbohydrates that works very well when consumed 2-3 hours before a workout. It’s the kind of food that will fuel your workout for longer since they are an ideal source of slow releasing energy.

7. Low fat Cheese and Dried Apricots


In this case, cottage cheese widely used for various reasons. First, it contains healthy amounts of whey and casein proteins. These are essential proteins for high-intensity exercises. Casein protein can fuel your muscles for hours since it is slow to digest protein. On the other hand, whey is a muscle building protein that also helps to burn fat. Apricots bring carbs properties with its low fat and fiber that keep the belly bloated.

8. Omelette


For your fitness to program to be successful, a lot of proteins is required to build the muscles. Omelets made using egg whites, and whole egg is great source of proteins and amino acids. The snack should be taken at least 2-3 hours prior workout to protect the muscle from catabolism. The nutrients will also enhance your muscle growth.

9. Apple and Peanut Butter


Apple and peanut butter is another combination that is rich in simple carbohydrates. You just need to slice apple wedges and enjoy them with a small spread of peanut butter. It is recommended that you consume the combination at least 30 minutes prior workout.

10. Homemade Protein Bars


Last but not the least- homemade protein bars! They are super easy to make. Since they are homemade, you can control the content. If you want to make bars high in carbohydrates and protein, you have the control. Likewise, you can make low in carbohydrates and high in protein. The beauty of this food is that you can try numerous recipes out there.

What To Eat After Your Gym Exercise

What To Eat After Your Gym Exercise

Meals for Your Post- Workout

So you hit the gym hard, gained ground on your whole sets, and you’re good to go to get your after-exercise dinner in. Devouring protein subsequent to having a work out is extremely essential to make your muscle tissues the energy they have to recuperate and get greater. Obviously, you could pick strong food as well, yet a water meal is best after an expansive quality preparing period.

So why a condensed food? Since your whole body can without much of a stretch ingest the sustenance less demanding and speedier! It is critical for you to acquire the two proteins and starches straight into your entire body soon after your exercise as your body is inside a catabolic state and separating your muscles bunches for energy. The prior you get sustenance into your body the speedier your body can change into an anabolic status and start muscle improvement yet again.

If, you need to have your after-exercise feast close to 30 minutes after your instructional course wraps up. It is anything but difficult to acquire a whey protein think to shake alongside you to the gym and place it in the locker zone after you’re done with your weight preparing exercise.

Efficient recommendation: I, as a rule, secure the enormous tubs of whey protein powder. I get a container of mineral water, store 1/2 of it over, and channel 2 scoops of proteins in. Give it a shake and after that, it’s set up to go. From that point forward, I’m ready to convey it to the gym with me, swallow it down quickly after my work out, and after that toss it in the waste. That is 1 less thing I have to bear alongside me – and one less “jug” I have to clean.

Precisely How Much Proteins Do You Need Just after Your Regular Workout?

You ought to get 1.5 – 2 grams of proteins for each – pound of body weight. Some examination demonstrates that your framework can’t use more noteworthy than 20 – 30 grams of proteins at one sitting. Yet, there hasn’t been adequate inquiring about to make that contention 100% authentic. All jocks still take in 40 – 60 grams of proteins after an instructional meeting. I trust that it is greatly improved to bear on the top of the line and take more than you’ll require rather than insufficient. In case you’re attempting to make muscles you don’t want to squander a decent work out by essentially not providing your entire body a sufficient measure of what it truly needs. Thus it requests protein!

Presently we have managed the motivation behind why it’s essential to get proteins following your activity schedule, the amount you should take, the different sorts of protein, and what you should search for when you’re looking. Put this data and actualities to great utilize and start taking a proteins well being supplement after each exercise and you’ll begin to grow up speedier.

The advantages of a post-exercise feast are critical to the quantity of results you will see after every exercise. Not just that, your energy store depends on this post-exercise supper. With the end goal for muscles to begin to repair the harm done amid an exercise and mend significantly speedier, they require supplements. The planning and sort of supplements should be perfect. People can regularly build their caloric admission on days of extraordinary preparing without worrying. It is just when you have recently played out an enormous exercise and don’t eat anything after your instructional course that you have the motivation to stress. Who needs to go to the gym and give it their everything, while just getting a little level of the outcomes back? You are correct, nobody. If you are a part at one of my wellbeing clubs then you have positively heard your mentor reveal to you a million times – you should make certain that you are getting sufficient nourishment to bolster your starving muscles when an exercise session.

There are reasons why diverse individuals get distinctive outcomes from their activity schedules. There are the individuals who exercise frequently and get incredible outcomes, at that point, there are the individuals who exercise regularly and get least outcomes for their endeavors. What numerous need to figure out how to appreciate is that an extraordinary post-exercise feast is a business, as usual, forgetting the assumption that you are attempting to the satchel. Everything relies on what you eat, and when.

The best sort of dinner to eat after an exercise session will be something that is like what you ordinarily eat, with the exception of the way that it may require a couple of more grams of protein. Starches are likewise a fundamental piece of awesome recuperation after a furious exercise. Sugars will reestablish your glycogen levels and help to begin revamping the muscles. For best outcomes, let your post-exercise dinner be somewhere in the range of 400 to 750 calories. The best fats to expand are those high in omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats. One doesn’t have to hold up any more drawn out than up to an hour and a half to eat after an unbearable exercise. Your body needs refueling as quickly as time permits so you might have the capacity to receive greatest potential rewards of the majority of your diligent work.

A portion of the foods that you may consider for your post-exercise supper may incorporate the accompanying:

– Tuna


– Salmon


– Grilled Chicken


– Baby spinach


– Broccoli


– Wheat toast


– Peanut butter


– Dark chocolate (as a nibble notwithstanding your supper)


– Olive oil (to use for cooking or in a serving of mixed greens or on a sandwich)


– Turkey


– Shrimp


– Whole wheat saltines


– Yogurt with blueberries


– Eggs


You may join any of the 14 recorded for most extreme exercise recuperation. Keep in mind forget that you have to fuse a pre-exercise supper too for the energy that you will require amid work out. Remain hydrated too, tasting on water for whatever is left of the day. My customers realize that normal, little dinners are ideal. You may likewise need to advise yourself that eating each 2 to 3 hours on particularly unpleasant days at the gym might be required for the ideal development of the muscle tissue. Working out is sufficiently hard; don’t squander it by murdering your metabolism. Make sure to give your body back the energy it merits toward the finish of each exercise.